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This is "Starsky and Hutch" fan fiction online and tagged by category/subject.

It is not a recommendation page, it is not a discussion page, it is not a list of fiction with a set of tags. It is a list of tags with a set of fiction.

This site houses both gen and slash, and they are clearly labeled. This information comes from information provided by the author.

There aren't any ratings or warnings here. If you are unsure if a story is for you, read the writer's warnings either directly at the link provided or figure out how to investigate the author's web page.

SOME TAGS, BY DEFINITION, WILL BE SPOILERS. It is assumed that by searching for a story by a tag, the reader is already looking for a certain category of fiction. For example: If the reader delves into, MISTAKEN DEATH, that reader can be fairly assured Starsky and/or Hutch aren't actually dead, just resting. For actual death, the reader can go to DEATH STORIES, but again, that's a spoiler, too. The tags are very clear so don't come crying to me later read accordingly.

The stories tagged here are from my memory, your suggestions, recs I find online, from the author's own description.

There is some overlap with certain subjects. For example: a story about Hutch's father will appear under HUTCH'S FAMILY, or it can overlap with HUTCH'S PAST. Stories that feature a character who appears in fiction can also be found in more than one place. For example: Gillian is both a character and an episode, and depending on the circumstances of the story, can be found in GILLIAN-CHAR and GILLIAN-EP.

Keep in mind: This project is meant to be fun, nothing more, nothing less.


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