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Journey for Hanna, novella, T. Smith, not dated (gen)
Judge and Jury, novella, J. Ellicott, not dated (gen)
Just the Two of Us, contents of three mini-zines from 1980-81, S. J. Ferriday, compiled 1982 (gen)
"All I Can Give; Years and Years" by S. A. Hartwick
"Assassin, The" by S. J. Ferriday
"Ballad for Starsky and Hutch" by L. Merryweather, poem
"Birthday, The" by L. Merryweather
"Corridors of Mystery" by S. J. Ferriday
"For David" by L. Merryweather, poem
"Legend of Starsky and Hutch" by S. Briner, poem
"Me and Thee" by N. M. Vowles, poem
"Memo to Detectives Starsky & Hutchinson" by N. M. Vowles
"Double Image" by S. J. Ferriday
"Out On An Ocean Wave" by S. J. Ferriday
"Time and Trust" by L. Merryweather
"Untitled" by S. P. Schultz, poem
"What is a StarskyHutch?" by N. M. Vowles
"Years and Years by S. A. Hartwick, poem
L.A. Knights 1, anthology, Agent With Style, YEAR ("pre-slash") all SH and Nick Knight crossovers
"Allies" by B. N. Fish
"Choices" by B. N. Fish
"Gettin' There" by B. N. Fish
"Instincts" by B. N. Fish
"Judge and Jury" by J. Ellicott
"Lessons" by B. N. Fish
"Meetings" by B. N. Fish
"Presentations" by B. N. Fish
"Secrets" by B. N. Fish
"Summons" by B. N. Fish
"Timeline" by B. N. Fish
L.A. Knights 2, single author, B.N Fish, Agent With Style, 2003 (slash) all SH and Nick Knight crossovers
"Changes" by B. N. Fish
"Decision" by B. N. Fish
"Gimme Shelter" by B. N. Fish
"Revelations" by B. N. Fish
"Starsky's Turn" by B. N. Fish
"Timeline" by B. N. Fish
L.A. Vespers 1, anthology, D. Barry/The Parasite Press, 1979 (gen)
"Bitter Taste of Reality" by K. McElvain
"Chase, The" by J. Mancinelli
“Case Pending” by D. Barry, poem
“Dobey Litany” by R. Roe, poem
“Epilogue” by D. Barry
“In Living Every Day” by D. Barry
"In Shades of Love" by K. McElvain, poem
“L.A. Vespers” by J. Aumerle, poem
"Life Savings" by J. Aumerle, poem
“Marksman” by J. Aumerle, poem
“Nekked Time” by R. Roe
“Present Company” by D. Barry, poem
“Qualifications” by D. Barry, poem
“Regrets” by M. Kelly, poem
“Sense of Duty” by T. White
“So, Who’s Dead?” by R. Roe
“Untitled Poem” by B. Storey, poem
“Welcome Home” by K. McElvain
“What’s In a Name?” by D. Barry, poem
“Who Was That Masked Man?” by R. Roe
“Words” by E. Corbin, poem
“Write Me a Christmas Story, Raye” by R. Roe
L.A. Vespers 2, anthology, D. Barry/The Parasite Press, 1982 (gen)
“Any Minor World” by M. Rawn, poem
"Apprehensions Resolved” by C. Newsome, poem
“Butler Did It, The” by R. Roe
“Changes” by S. Passman, poem
"Coda" by D. Barry, poem
"Coign of Vantage" by D. Barry
“Except for You” by P. Massie, poem
"Fairy Tales" by S. Wyllie
“Going Forward” by S. Passman, poem
"He Ain't Heavy, He's My City" by Doughnyn
“Heaven Can Wait, Can’t It?” by Katherine Robertson
"Honor Thy Father" by J. Aumerle
“Hung With Velvet” by The Mink
“Hutch’s Lament” by R. Roe, poem
"If I Were a Carpenter" by K. McElvain
"Ilium" by C. D. Rice
"In Defense of Vanessa, or Was It Nancy?” by M. Raunch
“Last Link” by D. Barry, poem
"Night Before Christmas" by J. Maricevic
"Octogenarian Two" by R. Roe
“Payment in Kind” by M. Rawn
“Portent” by Katherine Robertson
“Squire” by M. Rawn, poem
“Starsky’s Lament” by R. Roe, poem
“Summer’s Ending” by J. Mancinelli
“Truth or Dare” by G. Gordon
“Untitled Poem” by G. Gordon, poem
“Untitled Poem” by D. Barry, poem
“Vanessa” by K. McElvain, poem
“Waiting” by D. Barry, poem
“Warrior and the Priest” by P. Massie
“What the Doormouse Said" by J. Aumerle, poem
“What??!” by T. Adams, poem
“What’s New?” by K. McElvain
“White Knight Revisited” by M. Kelly
“With Intent” by D. Barry, poem
Late Night 1, anthology, The Rafferty Press, 1985 (gen) multi-media
"Never Again" by D. C. Black
a unknown filk
other content: Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, MASH, Greatest American Hero, Voyage to the Bottom
Leave a Light on for Me, by E. Hauptman and L. Doty, Doty and Hauptman, 2002 (slash)
“Cover Me” by Blue Starsky
“Every Little Kiss” by Cyanne
"First Time, The” by J. Walker
“Home Again” by Kathy
“Just Because” by Lucy
“Tell Me Nine Truths” by Lucy
“What’s This?” by Lucy
Liaisons 2, anthology, Up the Rebels Press/Arellanes, 1993 (slash) multi-fandom
“Baker’s Man” by DVS (SH and Man From Uncle crossover)
other content: Pros (4), UNCLE (2), Blake's 7 (4), James bond, Wizards and Warriors, Zorro, Voyage to the Bottom, LA Law, Lovejoy, Alias Smith
Lifeline: A Decade of Sweet Revenge, anthology, Jenny Brown Enterprises, 1989 (gen and slash)
“Alley Cat” by P. Massie, (gen)
“Blintzes” by B. L. Barr (gen)
“Blue Dark Hunger” by J. Celliers (slash)
“Brother in Arms” by L. Bright (gen)
"Changes” by C. Maier (slash)
“Coming Home” by G. Burke (slash)
“Could Have Been” by Anne Nonna Mouse (slash)
“Could’ve Been” by L. Blaisch, poem (gen)
“Different Kind of Pain, A” by L. Cribb Walk (slash)
"Don't Cry Down My Back, Baby, You Might Rust My Spurs" by MRK (gen)
“Happily Ever After” by J. M. Holland (slash)
“Lifewatch” by L. McGee (slash)
“Magnificent Six” by Katherine Robertson (gen)
“Necklace, The” by M. Hartsell (slash)
“Nexus” by M. Decker (gen)
“Prima Facie” by T. Beckett and C. Powers (gen)
“Progression” by S. Burchfield (gen)
“Quiet Night In?” by E. Mueller (gen)
“Red-Letter Day” by Belle Eyre (slash)
“Shaman” by P. Massie, (gen) poem
“Sweet Comfort” by M. J. Bonds (slash)
“Sweet Refrain” by M. J. Bonds (gen)
“Sweet Revenge: Two Scenes” by M. Farina (gen)
“Thanks Be To” by P. Charles (slash)
“There for Me” by M. D. Brown (gen)
“Woman’s Touch, A” by D. L. Hicks (slash)
Like Water, Like Fire, anthology, Kassidy, 2005 (gen and slash)
"Blue Haze” ” by Kassidy (slash)
"Broken Glass” by Lola (gen)
“Comes the Flood” by M. Logan (slash)
"In the Dying Light” by Kassidy (slash)
"Like Water, Like Fire” by Verlaine and Kassidy (slash) poem
"Merry, Merry” by Verlaine (gen)
"Mushroom Cloud” by Wuemsel (gen)
“Smallest Sound, The” by Rae (slash)
"Sweet Revenge” by SuzTM (slash)
”Till the Sun Breaks Down” by Rae (slash)
“Undercurrents” by I. West (gen)
"What If” by Verlaine (slash)
“White Rabbit" by M. Logan (slash)
Lions and Tigers and Zines, Oh My 4, anthology, A. Hupe/P. Kennedy/New Leaf Press, YEAR (gen) multi-fandom
“Flood, The” by A. M. Walker
"Long Day, The" by A. M. Walker
other content: ALF, Jake & Fatman, Shadow, Batman, Highlander, Equalizer, Real Ghostbusters, X-Files
Lions and Tigers and Zines, Oh My 6, anthology, A. Hupe/P. Kennedy/New Leaf Press, YEAR (gen) multi-fandom
other content:
Little Bit of Cyn, A, single author, by Cynthia, Agent With Style, 2004 (slash)
"Fine Resolution, A"
"Rare Portraits"
Long Road Home, novella, R. Marracino, 1984 (gen)
Love Story 1, A, anthology, AngelWings Press, 2001 (slash)
“Brick Walls” by Lutra Cana, poem
“In the Shadow of Death” by Candy Apple
“Knocking” by Lutra Cana, poem
“Love and Thou” by Shorts
“Seduction” by Lilith Faire
“Set and Match” by Candy Apple
Love Story 2, A anthology, Devious Developments, 2004 (slash)
“Afternoon Delight” by A. Harper
“Birthday Gift, The” by N. Harrington
“Capture” by Belladonna
“Choosing the Gift” by N. Harrington
“Come Back To Me” by K. L. Workman
“Days and Nights” by K. L. Workman
“Do I Really Have to Wear A Tie?” by N. Harrington
“Dreamcatcher” by Cynthia
“Exclusive” by N. Harrington
"Hard to Say I'm Sorry” by N. Harrington
“Release” by Belladonna
“Sanctuary” by Shorts
Love Story 3, A anthology, Requiem Press, 2008 (slash)
“Chain Reaction” by Annie
“Leave the Light On” by Annie
“Like Chinese Whispers” by Lyn
“Pain Management” by Lyn
“Picking Up the Pieces” by Annie
“Second Chance” by Annie
“Therapy” by Annie
“Treat Me Like a Lady” by KimberlyFDR
“Winner Takes All, The” by Monika
Love Story 4, A anthology, Requiem Press, 2008 (slash)
"Last Night of a New Day, The" by Dawnwind
"Only the Strong Survive" by Sparkle731
"We Speak German" by Monika
Love Story 5, A, anthology, Requiem Press, 2010 (slash)
"Down With the Ship" by sparkle731
"Call It Instinct" by Bast
"When the Time is Right" by Monika
Lucky and the Strong, The, anthology, Idiot Triplets Press, 1993 (slash)
“Company You Keep, The” by L. McGee
“Decorated for Death: Not Skin Deep” by P. Charles
“Decorated for Death: The Sixth Seal” by T. Beckett
“Echoes of Fear” by L. Pfeffer
“Epitaph” by M. Christian, poem
“Forever” by L. McGee
“Great Ending, A’ by L. Bright
“Into the Sunset” by MRK, poem
“Ken’s Friend” by T. Davis
"Milestone on a Long, Long Trip" by BARAVAN (Kath Moonshine)
“Officer Friendly” by MRK
“Requiem for Vanessa” by T. Kyle
“Right to Touch, The” by M. Millard
“Shadows” by L. Starsky
“Until the Stars Grow Cold” by T. Kyle
“Violations” by E. B. Marshall, poem
“You’re in My Heart” by P. Talbott
Magnetism, anthology, PUBLISHER YEAR (slash) multi-fandom
"Coffin For Starsky" by S. Carter
"Jingle Bells" by S. Fetter
"In Whom We Trust" by K. Simon
"Old Gun, An" by K. Simon
other content: Pros, ST:TOS, Harry and Johnny, Knight Rider, UFO
Me ‘n Thee Times 1-4, letterzine, letterzines, anthologies, Viv Gibbons, 1999 (gen)
“Do I Really Have to Wear A Tie?” (slash) by N. Harrington
"Those Who Believe" (slash) by Jatona
other unknown stories
Me and Thee, single author, Cherokee Girl, Secret Pleasures Press, 2002 (slash)
“Betrayed: The Kira Aftermath”
“Dear Abby”
“First Kiss, The”
“Haunting, The”
“Hello Again, My Friend”
“Home is Where the Heart Is”
“Love of a Lifetime”
"Love of Me and Thee: Hutch”, poem
“Love of Me and Thee: Starsky”
“Love the World Away”
“One Love”
“Satin Sheets”
“Season of Miracles”
“Stranger, The”
“To Protect and Serve”
“Together at Last”
“Watching You”
“With This Ring”
“Words Finally Spoken and a Love Finally Shared”
“Words Left Unspoken”
“Words of Love”
Me and Thee 1, anthology, J. Maricevic, 1979 (gen)
"Berserker, The" by J. Lindner
"Dearly Beloved" by M. Rawn
"Desk Thoughts" by L. Haldeman, poem
"Just Desserts" by L. Bartlett
"Long Night" by S. Passman, poem
"Murder Ward, Missing Scene" by L. Bartlett
"Opposites" by M. Thomas, poem
"Ruins" by D. C. Black
"Spaghetti Murder One" by J. Maricevic
"Together Again for the First Time" by P. M. White and P. A. Kerrigan
"Vanessa" by S. Passman, poem
"Welcome to My Morning" by P. M. White, poem
Me and Thee 2, anthology, J. Maricevec, 1981 (gen)
“Checkmate” by J. Lindner
“Have a Happy” by L. Bartlett
“Haven” by D. C. Black, poem
“Inside Looking In” by S. Passman, poem
“Inside Looking Out” by S. Passman, poem
“Lament of a Lady Cop on a Part Time Assignment” by A. A. McConell, poem
“Nature of Promises, The” by A. McConnell
“Never Go Drinking With Starsky” by S. Nichols
“Quest of the White Knight, The” by B. Howard
“Riders on the Storm” by Black and Maricevic
“Season for Living” by S. Passman, poem
“Spaghetti Murder Two” by D. C. Black
“Surviving the Life” by P. M. White, poem
“Survival” by L. S. Tucker, poem
“Vegas Downer” by L. Bartlett, poem
Memories: Con Zine, anthology, C. Maier and K. Masoner, 1999 (gen)
unknown stories
Mind Enslaver by N. F. Casad, Intertwined Press, 1993 (gen)
includes a poem, "Alone" by L. Starsky
Mind If I Join Ya?, anthology, Vg Publishing, 2004 (gen)
“Confidant, The” by T. Davis
“Declaration of Independence” by T. Davis
“Enchanted Evening” by T. Davis
“Future Tense” by D. and K. Ny
“Home Comforts” by T. Davis
“Lucky Break” by T. Davis
“Mind if I Join Ya?” by Vg, poem
“Mister Fixit” by T. Davis
“Point of View” by Shelmfair
“Resolution” by Vg, poem
“Shield Series” by T. Davis
“Tale of the Rampant Rodent” by T. Davis
“This Kind of Life” by Vg
“Time to Remember” by Chameleon
Mixed Doubles, letterzines, YEAR (CATEGORY) they run about 50 pages each
unknown content
Mixed Media Ruth Kurz, PUBLISHER YEAR (slash) multi-media
SH and others crossed with crossed with Harry and Johnny
other content: Yellow Rose, Vas and Dex, Hardcastle, Simon and Simon, ST:TOS, Hunter, Miami Vice, Remington Steele, Airwolf, Pros, Pros/Remington Steele, Martin Shaw
Mixed Metaphors: Return of the Magnificent Two, novella, R. Roe, 1982 (gen) multi-fandom
other content: Star Trek crossed with SH, Rockford Files, Ironside, McMillan and Wife, Barney Miller, Quincy, McCloud
Mobile Ghettos 1, anthology, Entwhistle & Duck, 1985 (slash) multi-fandom
“Cultural Exchanges Affair, The” by E. L. Marion
“Distant Shores” by M. Lee
“Substitute” by S. A. Hartwick
other content: UNCLE (2), Pros (2), TJ Hooker
Mobile Ghettos 2 anthology, Entwhistle & Duck, 1987 (slash) multi-fandom
“Homecoming” by M. Lee
“Pickin’ Up the Pieces” by M. Athens
other content: UNCLE, Pros
Moonlight and Mists, anthology, L. Cribb, 1985 (slash) art and poems
“Aftermath, The” by L. Cribb, art
“Anniversary” by P. Massie, art
“Because” by C. Maier, poem
“Bitter/Sweet” by L. Harding, art
“Champion, The” by L. Cribb, art
“Conscience” by A. Talley, art
“Don’t” by unknown author, poem
“Double Vision” by J. Chabot, art
“Emergency” by A. Talley, poem
“Final Rest” by L. Cribb, art
“For a Crying Child” by C. Maier, art
“Full Circle” by C. Maier, poem
“Jericho” by P. Massie, art
“Little Girl Lost” by L. Cribb, art
“Nature Lovers” by M. J. Bonds, poem
“One Day Will I Have Wished” by P. Massie, art
“Other, The” by J. Chabot, art
“Papa Theodore” by L. Cribb, poem
“Phoenix” by S. A. Hartwick, poem
“Risk” by L. Starsky, art
“Road to Damascus” by J. Chabot
“Silent Praise” by L. Cribb, art
“Status Quo” by Teleny, art
“Sunrise” by L. Cribb, art
“Surrogate” by L. Cribb, art
“Symbiosis” by Belle Eyre, art
“Unfinished Song” by J. Chabot, art
“What Then?” by L. Starsky, art
“Where Did Your Child Go?” by L. Cribb, art
“White Knight” by A. Talley, art
“Why Belle?” by L. Cribb, art
“You and Me” by L. Cribb, art
Mourning: Tribute Anthology Zine, anthology, AllGen Press/Secret Pleasures Press, 2001 (gen) multi-fandom
“Kaddish” by K. H. Korossy
other content: SG-1, Sentinel, Batman, Highlander, Invisible Man, UNCLE, Pros, Real Ghostbusters, Mag 7, Dr. Who, Starman, Seven Days
Murder on San Carmelitas, novella, L. Bright, Amapola Press, 1986 (slash)
Murder on San Carmelitas: Special 10th Year Anniversary Edition, novella, L. Bright, In Person Press, 1996 (slash)
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys, novella, T. White, Agent With Style, 1980 (gen)
“My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys” -- novella
My Lover, My Hero, novella, A. Searle, Flamingo, 2003 (slash)


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