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Gaslight, novella, S. David and V. Wells, Agent With Style, 2002 (gen)
"Gaslight" -- novella
Gift From the Past, novella, Marij, The Nut Hatch Press, 2002, (gen)
Goliath, by S. Lovett, Lovett, 1986 (gen)
“Goliath” -- novella
Good Guys Wear Fangs 1, anthology, M. A. McKinnon, 1992 (gen) multi-fandom
“Choices” by B. N. Fish, SH and Forever Knight crossover
“Instincts” by B. N. Fish, SH and Forever Knight crossover
other content: QL/Jack Fleming, original, MacGyver, Stingray, Columbo, Nick Knight, To Die For II, Due South
Good Guys Wear Fangs 3, anthology, M. A. McKinnon, 1993 (gen) multi-fandom
a Starsky & Hutch/Original Universe: Morgan's World, title and author unknown
other content: Forever Knight, Forever Knight/Highlander, original fiction, Miami Vice, Miami Vice/Forever Knight, Wiseguy
Good Guys Wear Fangs 5, anthology, M.A. McKinnon, YEAR (gen) multi-fandom
“Allies” by B. N. Fish, SH and Forever Knight crossover
“Presentation” by B. N. Fish, SH and Forever Knight crossover
other content:
Graven Images, novella, J. Aumerle, D. Barry 1981 (gen)
Gunther's Revenge, novella, S. Soliste/Bradl, Pacific Fruit Express, 1982 (slash)
HP, letterzines, YEAR (gen) multi-fandom
unknown stories
other content: #10 = Hardcastle, Magnum PI, #13 = Hardcastle
Half You, Half Me 1, anthology, L. Walk and C. Maier, 1982 (gen)
"Aftershocks” by L. Cribb and C. Maier
“Ballad in My Key” by L. Cribb, poem
“Frenzy” by L. Cribb, poem
"Homecoming” by L. Cribb and C. Maier
“I’m Not Junior Anymore” by L. Cribb
“Impressions on an Early Morn” by T. W. Karle
"Last Streetlight, The” by L. S. Tucker
“On the Other Hand” by C. Newsome
“Reciprocation” by L. Cribb, poem
“Snow Wars” by B. Patton
“There Are Times” by K. Masoner
“Trademark” by C. Maier
“Whom Death Could Not Part” by K. Masoner
other contents: Star Trek
Half You, Half Me 2, anthology, L. Walk and C. Maier, 1987 (gen)
"Alone Never Again” by L. Starsky
"And, If That Moment" by P. Massie
"And Lost Again" by S. Goodall
"Brothers" by K. Wallace
"Full Moon" by C. Jenkins
"Gunsong" by J. Chabot, poem
"Hour Before Midnight, The" by C. Bryson
"No More Tap Dancing" by L. C. Walk, poem
"Rendezvous" by L. Jones
"Retrospective" by L. McGee
“Sweet Dreams” by S. Burchfield
"Sweet Revenge, Act One, Addendum" by T. W. Karle, poem
"Way We Work, The" by J. Chabot, poem
"Unicorn in the Rain" by J. Chabot, poem
"Reflections" (gen) by Cheryl M.
other contents: Star Trek
Heart and Soul 1, by C. Frost and S. Bond, 1994 (slash)
"Hero” by C. Frost
“Hour of Separation” by S. Bond
"Just Love” (slash) by C. Frost
"Lying in Wait” by C. Frost
“Sacred Place” by C. Frost
“Walls of Glass” by C. Frost
Heart and Soul 2, by C. Frost, 1995 (gen and slash)
“Compassion’s Heart” by C. Frost (slash)
"General, The” by C. Frost (slash)
"Keep It Precious” by C. Frost (slash)
“Packages" by C. Frost (slash)
“Reflections of a Microbiologist” by C. Frost (gen)
Heart and Soul 3, by C. Frost, 1996 (slash)
"Greek” by C. Frost
"Jenni” by C. Frost
“Promises Kept” by C. Frost
“Romeo and Juliet” by C. Frost
“Spoils of War” by C. Frost
Heart and Soul 4, by C. Frost, 1997 (slash)
“Butch and Sundance” by C. Frost
"Girlfriend” ” by C. Frost
“Heart Knows, The” by C. Frost
"Sink or Swim” by C. Frost
Heart and Soul 5, by C. Frost, 1999 (slash)
"Ma’s House” by C. Frost
“Sanctuary” by C. Frost
“Sin and Prejudice” by C. Frost
“Warrior of the Past” by C. Frost
Heart and Soul 6, by C. Frost, 1999 (slash)
"Adventure” by C. Frost
“Question of Merit, A” by C. Frost
“Sexperts” by C. Frost
Heatwave, novella, Syn Ferguson, 1987 (slash)
"Heatwave" -- novella
Hidden Secrets, Broken Hearts, anthology, E. Hauptman and L. Doty, 2004 (slash)
"Failure to Communicate, A” by D. A. Marsh
"Home is Where the Heart Is” by D. A. Marsh
“Hoosegow” by K. Windrain
“Lay the Ghosts to Rest” by Lucy
“Out” by Lucy
“Quiet Look Back” by A. Bradley
Home for the Holidays, novella, Striped Tomato/E. Busch, Busch, 1995 (gen)
“Home for the Holidays” -- novella
Homecoming, see: Vermont Avenue
Hopscotch, novella, T. White, White, 1979 (gen)
“Hopscotch” -- novella
Horizontal Mosaic 12, anthology, Blackfly Press, 2006 (slash) multi-fandom
"Ruffled Emotions" by Angelise
other content: Once a Thief (2), Without a Trace, Airwolf, Stargate Atlantis, Lord of the Rings (2), Demon Under Glass
House Blend 1, anthology, Agent With Style, 2000 (gen) multi-fandom
“I Called Your Name” by K. Steuer
“Life is a Two-Way Street” by K. Steuer
other content: Highlander/MacGyver, Sentinel/Real Ghostbusters, Wiseguy/Highlander, Wiseguy, Macgyver, Buffy, Buffy/Highlander/Pros, Due South
House Blend 2, anthology, Agent With Style, 2004 (gen) multi-fandom
“Success” by K. H. Korossy
"What Does It Take?" by K. H. Korossy
other content: Here Come the Brides, Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Galactica, Shadow Chasers, Hardcastle
Hutch and Me Get It On a Whole Lot, published for SHareCon, 2002 (slash)
“Big Lummox and the Big Lug, The” by Blue Starsky
"Friendship" by Melodi R.
“Hot Honky-Tonk Sex” by Dosflores
“How Hutch Saved the World As We Know It” by Rosemary
“Hutch and Me Get It On a Whole Lot: the Kitchen” by jat sapphire
“Jealousy” by M. Ray
"King Kong” by Melodi R., poem
“Me and Hutch Get It On a Whole Lot” (slash) by Alleycat
“Pompeii Chili and a Six Pack of Beer” by Linda C., poem
"Stakeout" by M. Ray, poem
“Starsky Replaces Ann Landers” by Flamingo
"Starsky's Story Notes" by E. Lowry
“What’s Red White and Blue All Over” by Lilith Faire and Lutra Cana
“Wheels On the Bus” by Jadis
“Wisdom of Starsky” by Flamingo
If Love is Real: Addiction, novella, Flamingo, In Person Press, 1999 (slash)
“If Love is Real: Addiction” -- novella
If Their Mothers Only Knew 1, anthology, New Leaf Productions, 1993 (slash) multi-fandom
"Where It All Began" by J. P. Walker, poem
other content: Pros (2), Equalizer (4), Alien Nation, Princess Bride, UNCLE (5), Blake's 7
In Your Eyes, anthology, Idiot Triplets Press, 2003 (slash)
“As Soon as Forever is Through” by M. L. Fisher
“Blond Like the Sun” by J. Chabot, poem
“Hey, Starsk!” by J. Chabot, poem
"House Full of Memories, A” by K. L. Workman
“In the Shelter of Your Arms” by T. Kyle
“Life is a Highway” by Cyanne
“Meteor Showers” by Lutra Cana
“Only Time Will Tell” by M. LeFey
“Solar Eclipse” by Lutra Cana
“Sweetest Revenge, The” by L. McGee
“This I Know” by J. Chabot, poem
“Through the Eyes of Science” by E. Lowry
“When Time Stands Still” by M. LeFey and Jadis
Indigo Boys 1, anthology, In Person Press, 1994 (slash) multi-fandom
“Celebration” by T. Kyle
“Hopeless Ways of Fools" ” by Rosemary
“Lonesome Time, The: Clandestine Report #208” by MRK
other content: Quantum Leap, Highlander, Pros (2), UNCLE, Fugitive
Indigo Boys 2, anthology, In Person Press, 1995 (slash) multi-fandom
“Fireside Interlude" by Rosemary
“Magic: Clandestine Report, #204” by MRK
“Noel’s Story” by K. Brown and K. New
“Worth Untested” by L. Starsky
other content: Quantum Leap, UNCLE (2), Twin Peaks, Highlander, Fugitive
Indigo Boys 3, anthology, In Person Press, 1995 (slash) multi-fandom
“Return of the Huntress” by V. Racklyft
other content: Quantum Leap (2), Walker Texas, UNCLE, Wiseguy
Indigo Boys 4, anthology, In Person Press, 1996 (slash) multi-fandom
“If Love is Real: Vanessa” by Flamingo
other content: Sentinel, UNCLE, Chief, Thunderheart, Wild West, Wiseguy (2)
Indigo Boys 5, anthology, In Person Press, 1998 (slash) multi-fandom
"Perfect Way to Spend a Rainy Sunday" by K. McChesney
other content: Sentinel, Wiseguy, My Favorite Martian, Highlander/MD, Lost Boys, In and Out
Indigo Boys 6, anthology, In Person Press, 2000 (slash), multi-fandom
“Flamingo’s Police Complaint” by Flamingo SH crossed with Homicide, X-Files, Miami Vice and Sentinel
"Line and Sinker" by Lasha
other content: Pros/Alex-Tris, Wiseguy, Buffy, Sentinel/Chief, Dogma, Outsiders, Sentinel (2), Fugitive
Indigo Stories of Starsky and Hutch, The, anthology, In Person press, 1998 (slash)
“Celebration” by T. Kyle
Fireside Interlude" by Rosemary
“If Love is Real: Vanessa” by Flamingo
"Lonesome Time: Clandestine Report 208 by MRK
"Magic: Clandestine Report 204" by MRK
“Noel’s Story” by K. Brown and K. New
“Perfect Way to Spend a Rainy Sunday” by K. McChesney
“Return of the Huntress” by V. Racklyft
“Worth Untested” by L. Starsky
Interludes, by E. Anderson, Agent With Style, 2004 (slash)
“Down on My Knees”
“Helping Hand, A”
“Just Another Day in Bay City”
Intermission 1, anthology, Magic Carpet Press/S. Chapman, YEAR (gen) mulit-media
"Giant Steps" by Sandi
“Killing Ground, The, part 1” (slash) by T. Beckett, complete online
other unknown content:
Intermission 2, anthology, Magic Carpet Press/S. Chapman, 1985 (gen)
“Against the World” by L. Starsky
"Cloud Nine" by Lyndy and Tiger
"Family" by S. A. Hartwick, poem
"In the Rough" by S. A. Hartwick, poem
“Killing Ground, The, part 2” (slash) by T. Beckett, complete online
“Severance” by J. Birch
"To Vanessa" by D. Warner, poem
“Too Close to the Ground" by Sandi
“White Knight” by T. Beckett
“Young Blood” by L. Harding
Investigation Files, anthology, Totally Television Press/C. Mason, 1987 (gen), multi-fandom,
"More Than Brothers" (gen) by C. Mason, poem
"Nightmares" (gen) by C. Mason, poem
"Trust" (gen) by S. A. Hartwick , poem
other unknown content:
It's Love, Cap'n, anthology, Extortion Press, 1991 (slash)
“Blinded by the Truth” by L. Starsky
“Bruised Hearts” by L. Harris, poem
“Descry!” by E. Lowry
“Eye of the Storm” by T. Kyle
“Favor, The” by S. A. Hartwick
"Fever Pitch: Clandestine Report 104" by MRK
“Hostage Heart, The” by M. J. Bonds
“Kidnapped” by P. Charles
“Letters Home” by E. E. Rochon
“Reincarnations” by J. Morgenstern
“Tidal River” by C. Cloudesley
"Two Hearts, One Fire" by MRK
“Winter Wonderland” by Belle Eyre
It's Raining Men 3, anthology, AngelWings Press, 2002 (slash) multi-fandom
"It's a Blonde" by Shorts
other content: SG-1, Voyage to the Bottom, Tombstone, Quantum Leap, X-Files, Mag 7, Pros


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