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Above and Beyond, anthology, K. Korossy and C. Kancel, 1996 (gen)
“Above and Beyond” by C. Kancel
“Aftermath, pt. 1” by Kaye
“Belgian Carrots” by G. Fitts
"Boys Will Be Boys” by S. Davies
“Deadly Substitutions” by M. Kleinsmith
“I Think I’ll Keep My Day Job” by B. K. Jackson
“Little Boy Lost” by C. Kancel
“Medicine of Life, The” by K. H. Korossy
“Once Partners, Always Partners” by C. Kancel
“Paying Dues” by K. H. Korossy
“Quietus” by L. LoCicero
“Say That Again” by M. Farina
“Show Must Go On, The” by S. Davies
“Sigh of Relief, A” by S. Davies
“Surprise, Surprise” by K. H. Korossy
“Two Against the World” by G. Fitts
“Undercurrents” by K. H. Korossy
“Vigil” by K. H. Korossy
“What If” by G. M. Cupp
Adult Situations 2, anthology, Markalaine Press, 1987 (slash) multi-fandom
“Somewhere in the Night” by J. Chabot
other content: Pros (5), Black Sheep Squadron, Battlestar Galactica, Robin/Sherwood (2), Miami Vice (2), Hardcastle/McCormick, ST/TOS (3), Equalizer, Blake's 7, UNCLE (2)
Adult Situations 4, anthology, Markalaine Press, 1990 (slash) multi-fandom
“Aries/Virgo" by C. Collins
"Candle in the Wind" by J. Chabot
other content: Pros (2), Pros/Lethal Weapon, Wild/West, Wizards/Warriors, Miami Vice (2), Airworf, ST/TOS, A-Team, Knightrider, Robin of Sherwood (2) V-The Series
Adventures of a Chelonian in Collaboration with a Cayman
see: Tagging Along
Adventures Plus 1, anthology PUBLISHER YEAR (gen) multi-fandom
unknown SH story
unknown SH and Knight Rider crossover
other content: ST:TOS, Knight Rider, Here Comes the Brides, Knight Rider/DW
Airwaves 3, anthology, AAA Press/B. Callagher, 1985 (gen) multi-fandom
"Everyone Knows It's Hard to Be Alone This Time of the Year" by unknown author
"Friends or Foes" by P. Franklin, a SH and A-Team crossover
other content: Pros, A-Team/Master, Blake's7/A-Team, Dr. Who/ST/TOS, A-Team/Battlestar Galactica, Blake's 7, Simon and Simon
Airwaves 5, anthology, AAA Press/B. Callagher, 1986 (gen) multi-fandom
“Torino” by A. Wigmore
other content: Robin of Sherwood, Ma, Airwolf
Airwaves 7, anthology, AAA Press/B. Callagher, 1987 (gen) multi-fandom
unknown story
other content: Sapphire and Steel, A-Team, Hill Street Blues, Strontium Dogs, AD2000, I Dream of Jeannie, Knight Rider
Airwaves 23, anthology, AAA Press/B. Callagher, 1992 (gen) multi-fandom
unknown story
other content: Miami Vice, ST:TNG
Airwaves 38, anthology, AAA Press/B. Callagher, 1995 (gen) multi-fandom
unknown story
other content: Logan's Run, Planet of the Apes, Dr. Who
Airwaves Multi-Media Special 2, New Leaf Press, YEAR (gen) multi-fandom
"Friends or Foes?" by P. Franklin, a SH and A-Team crossover
other content: Simon & Simon, V, Master/Airwolf, A-Team, The Master/Knight Rider, Equalizer, Hill St. Blues
Airwaves Multi-Media Special 5, New Leaf Press, YEAR (gen) multi-fandom
an unknown novella
other content: Quantum Leap/Baywatch, Garrison's Gorillas/Time Tunnel, Lovejoy, Robin of Sherwood, Arthur of the Britons, A-Team, Wizards and Warriors
All Our World In Us, pass-around novella, Dargelos, no date (slash)
Awakenings 1, anthology, Markate Press/M. McChesney, 1995 (slash) mulitmedia
“Notes on a Pillow” by K. McChesney
“Rainy Days and Birthdays” by K. McChesney
other content: UNCLE (6), Young Guns 2, Wild West, Blake's 7 (2), Miami Vice, Quantum Leap, New Teen Titans Deep Space 9, Alien Nation, Voyage to the Bottom, Wiseguy (2)
Awakenings 2, anthology, Markate Press/M. McChesney, 1996 (slash) mulitmedia
"Foreshadowing" by K. McChesney, poem?
other content: Forever Knight/Highlander, Wild Wild West (3), Deep Space 9, Quantum Leap, Hunt for Red October, Houston Knights (2), Wiseguy, Highlander
Awakenings 3, anthology, Markate Press/M. McChesney, 1997 (slash) multi-fandom
“Lost and Found” by E. Cochrane
other content: Pros, Sentinel, Voyager, Thirtysomething, Deep Space Nine/Forever Knight, Wild Wild West, Star Wars, UNCLE/Wild Wild West, Hank and Buster, War of the Worlds, Due South, Blake's 7
Awakenings 5, anthology, Markate Press/M. McChesney, 1998 (slash) multi-fandom
“Prophecy, The” by J. P. Walker
other content: Pros (3), Due South, Pros/ST:TOS, Highlander (2), Battlestar Galactica, Xena, Sherlock Holmes, Due South, Real Ghostbusters, MacGyver, UNCLE (3), Stargate, Blake's 7
Back to Back, anthology, Idiot Triplets Press, 2005 (slash)
“Baby, You Can Drive My Car” by J. Hutchinson
“Fix Remixed, The” by M. Butterfly
“It’s All in the Game” by M. L. Fisher
“Lifewatch” by L. McGee
“Paint It Gray” by M. Logan
“Silver Bells” by K. L. Workman
“Triangle” by T. Kyle
“Who Do You Trust?” by J. Hutchinson
Barely Legal, anthology, Light & Shadow Press, 2006 (slash)
“Bay City Five-O” by Emrys
“Bottle of Beer, a Can of Shaving Cream and Thee, A” by K. Moonshine
"Canario” by K. Moonshine
“Clothes Make the Man” by Chimera
“Listen to the Silence” by Cyanne
“Planes, Trains and Torinos” by Tiger Tyger
“Return of the Killer Tomato” by K. Moonshine
“Talkin’ Dirty Movies” by Glow
Bedroom Eyes 1, anthology, Secret Pleasures Press/Requiem, 2002 (slash) multi-fandom
“Life With Hutch—Staying Alive” by Lutra Cana
“Preordained” by Lutra Cana
other content: Pros (2), SG-1 (2),Witchblade, 13th Warrior, Sentinel (4), Cast Away, Lord of the Rings, UNCLE, Due South, Highlander, Hard Core Logo
Bedtime Stories 1, anthology, AMC Press, 2001, (slash) multi-fandom
“Undercover Operations” by M. Caitlen
other content: Sentinel, Queer As Folks, Phantom Menace
Best Little Valentine Zine in Texas, anthology, WHIPS OF HOUSTON, 1984 (slash) multi-fandom
"Love Knots" by Pamela, SH and Magnum, P.I. crossover
"Visiting Ours" by Lezlie
"Valentine Tales" by emh
"Heart of My Heart" by Barb
"The One and Only All-Purpose Battery-Operated Valentine Vignette Flowchart" by Paula Smith
"I Write the Songs" by T.M.
other content: Professionals, Magnum PI, Blake's 7, Battlestar Galactica, Barb Lewis/ Grasshopper Kane, Riptide
Best of Enigma: Starsky and Hutch, anthology, Blue Jay Press, 1985 (gen)
“Full Circle” by A. Flegg
“Gimme a Bite” by S. Meek
“In a Strange Land” by P. Dale
“Revenge” by Stuartsky
“Wish You Were Here” by S. Stuart
Better Together, anthology, K. H. Korossy/Agent With Style, 1997 (gen)
"48 Hours of Sweat and Pain” by K. H. Korossy
“Aftermath, pt. 2” by Kaye
“And So It Goes” by R. C. Kwong
“Better Together” by C. Kancel
"Christmas Surprises” by M. Kleinsmith
“Comfort” by M. Farina
“Connection, The” by J. Rietz
“Dark Waters” by R. C. Kwong
“Fiend, The” by C. Rancourt
“Forgive Us Our Trespasses” by C. Rancourt
“Gift, The” by M. Kleinsmith
“My Best Friend” by D. Perna
“One the Inside at Last” by C. Kancel
“Perspective” by A. Wilson
“Process” by K. H. Korossy
“Reverse Process” by K. H. Korossy
“Sea Games” by D. Skyler
“Sight Restored” by S. K. Davies
“Tempus Fugit” by R. C. Kwong
“Thou Shall Not Covet” by M. Kleinsmith
“Two Men and a Baby” by K. H. Korossy
“Venom” by M. Schainblatt
“Waking to a Nightmare” by J. Essenburg
“Winning” by M. Schainblatt
Between Friends, anthologies, letterzines, E. Hauptman, (1984-1985)
unknown stories
Bird of Paradise, novella, G. Galasso, Athantor Press, 1990 (slash)
Black Bean Soup, anthologies, letterzines, 1997-99 (gen)
not a complete list
“He Said, He Said” by K. H. Korossy
“Little Things, The” by K. H. Korossy
“That Voice” by K. H. Korossy
“When It's All Just Too Much” by K. H. Korossy
Black Ops 7, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 2002 (gen) multi-fandom
“Tiger by the Tail” by L. Gill
other content: Equalizer, Lethal Weapon/War of the Worlds, Sting Ray, Walker Texas (2), JAG, Swift Justice, Soldier of Fortune, Quantum Leap, Space Above, Poltergiest, Sentinel (2), Dark Angel/UNCLE, War of the Worlds
Blond Blintz Bulletin, anthology, Otter Limits Press, 1979 (gen)
“Bound Blintz” by Susan
“Ghost Cries” by D. J. Ulch and D. Wilkerson
“Greater Love” by D. C. Black
“His Brother’s Keeper” by S. Passman
"Special Chemistry" by M. Hale and H. P. Benedict
“Right of Passage” by T. White
“Special Chemistry” by M. Hale and H. P. Benedict
“Stakeout” by S. Passman
Blood and Destiny, anthology, Kassidy, 2006 (gen and slash)
“Big Deal” by M. Logan (slash)
"Big Front" by M. Logan (slash)
“Big Tip-Off, The” by M. Logan (slash)
"Diet and Excercise" by Nik (britwizz) (slash)
“Draw the Line” by Kassidy (slash)
"Exactly the Contents of One" by D. Gray/Dorian (slash)
"Feeling Big" by M. Logan (slash)
"Heat” by Black Wingedbird (gen)
"In Fire and Blood" by Kaye (slash)
“Life on Mars” by Kassidy (slash)
“Novena” by Susan (slash)
“Outcast” by Cynatnite (gen)
"Real" by Salieri (slash)
“Riding the Loa” by Cassandra (slash)
“Road Trip” by Audrey (slash)
“Rules of Engagement” by Susan (slash)
"Simon Says" by Salieri (slash)
“Theories of Convergence” by thayln (slash) note: online title is "Epiphany Series"
“Timepiece” by thayln (slash)
“Trouble With Normal” by Salieri (gen)
“Vous Deux” by Cassandra (slash)
"Welcome to the Bigs" by M. Logan (slash)
“World Full of Jokers, A” by Verlaine (slash)
Blue Eyes and Blue Jeans 1, anthology, Idiot Triplets Press, 1995 (slash)
“Best Friend” by T. Kyle
“Everybody Hurts” by M. Christian
“Golden Boy” by M. L. Fisher
“Milestone” by E. Levin
“Need” by L. Starsky
“Night Reflections” by L. Cody
“Question” by E. Ross
"Rose, The” by L. Dhenson
“Shadow Boxer” by Jane
“Starsky and Hutchinson are Dead” by MRK
“Uncharted Wilderness” by M. Millard
“Water and Flame” by L. Dhenson, poem
“When Gravity Fails” by L. McGee
Blue Eyes and Blue Jeans 2, anthology, Idiot Triplets Press, 1996 (slash)
“Dream a Little Dream” by E. Levin
“Happy Birthday to You” by Flamingo
“Insurance Noire” by E. B. Marshall
“Journal Entry” by T. Wells
“Last to Know, The” by T. Wells
“Midnight Ramblings and Morning Musings by L. Clardy
“Moment in the Greenhouse” by L. Dhenson, poem
“Night and Day” by L. Dhenson, poem
“Nuts” by L. Cody
“Pearls Beyond Price” by C. Bell
“Presents Under the Tree” by T. Wells
“Salt Point, The” by I. Ortiz
“Show and Tell”by I. Ortiz
“Triple XXX-tremity” by F. Folay
“Waltz Me Again” by G. Fitts
“Why I Live at the Best Western” by M. L. Fisher
Bonaventure, anthology, T. Beckett and C. Powers, Esperanza Press, 1990 (gen and slash)
“Arcturus Rising” by T. Beckett and C. Powers
“Back to ‘Bama” by B. Barr
“Come, Fly With Me” by P. Charles
“Counterfeit” by B. Barr
“Eastward—Look, The Land is Bright” by Belle Eyre
“Elsewhere our Dreams Began” by J. Mancinelli
“Fiery Red Torino, The” by E. Mueller
“First Day of the Rest of Your Life” by T. Davis
“Hiatus” by A. Penn
“Hope” by P. Massie
“I Think He Knows” by J. Chabot
“I’ll Take Manhattan” by M. Farina
“Jowett Place, The” by J. Ripley
“Letter to a Mother, A” by Katherine Robertson
“Lifetime” by P. Massie
“Lines on Loss” by L. Bright
“Lucky and the Strong, The” by T. Davis
“Lunch Break” by T. Davis
“Man Who Said Yes to Life, The” by F. Adams
“Mornings of Our Lives” by T. Davis
“Most Quiet Need” by T. Davis
“Night Before Christmas, The” by MRK
“Night Ward” by B. Barr
“POV” by J. Chabot
“Ramon’s Revenge” by T. Davis
“Responding” by T. Davis
“Roses” by M. J. Bonds
“Safety Net”” by L. Starsky
“Snarl-Up on Wilshire” by T. Davis
“Sundance and Butch” by MRK
“Sweet Dreams, Rosie Malone” by R. Alderson
“Tooth Fairy” by L. Hansford
“Ulterior Motive” by Judith
“Under Warranty” by M. D. Brown
“Vanessa’s Song” by M. Kelly
“Very Special Day, A” by S. Crispin
Bond, The, anthology, Cabrillo State Press, 2003 (gen)
"Back Room, The” by TibbieB
“Bond, The” by Brit, poem
"Endless Knight, The" by Brit
"Faith and Hope" by Linda B.
"I'm Still Here" by Brit, poem
"Massive Damage" by Brit, poem,
"Not To Yield" by Linda B.
“Now and Forever” by Brit, poem
“Picking Up the Pieces” by TibbieB
“Regret” by Brit, poem
“Some Kind of Justice” by Linda B.
“Storm, The” by Brit
“Too Close to Home” by TibbieB
“Too Quiet” by Linda B, poem
“Wounded” by Brit, poem
Bond 2: Unbroken, The, anthology, Cabrillo State Press, 2004 (gen)
"1961” by Brit
"Burden of Guilt” by TibbieB
“Making a Difference” by The Blintz
“More Questions Than Answers” by Linda B.
Unbroken” by Brit, poem
“Waiting” by Linda B.
Bond 3: Protect and Serve, The, anthology, Cabrillo State Press, 2005 (gen)
“Close Doesn’t Count” by Linda B.
"Coming to Terms” by TibbieB.
“Common Ground” by Linda B.
“Dahn Tu” by The Blintz
“Should Have Known” by Linda B.
“Tomato Red” by Linda B.
“Unread Letter, The” by The Blintz
Bound and Determined anthology, Light & Shadow Press, 2002 (slash) multi-fandom
“Bottle of Beer, Can of Shaving Cream and Thee, A” by K. Moonshine
other content: Star Wars, SG-1 (2), SW:TPM, Sentinel
Boys in Blue, anthology, Sierra Ten Press, 2008 (gen and slash)
“Ages of a Day, The” by L. McEwan (slash)
“Boys in Blue” by M. Logan (slash)
“Degrees of Separation” by Pepper Ckua (slash)
“Easy Riding” by Silver Chipmunk (slash)
“Flying Lessons” by Susan
“Game of Chess” by jat sapphire (slash)
“Good Deal, A” by Karen B. (gen)
“I Saw You” by Barrie, poem (slash)
“Jasmine” by M. L. Fisher
“Long Walk Down a Short Dirt Road” by Flamingo
“Origins” by S. Beck (slash)
“Partners and Wives” by Sparkle731 (gen)
“Summer of ‘71” by KimberlyFDR (slash) SH and Harry/Johnny crossover
“Surviving the Titanic” by Dawnwind (slash)
“Tip of the Hat, A” by S. Beck (slash)
“Why I Became a Detective…” by Hutchlover (slash)
Brotherhood 3, anthology, Pyramids Press/JJJJunky and Gemini, 2007, (gen) multi-fandom
“Price of Cars in '77, The" by K. H. Korossy
other content: Lord of the Rings, Stargate SG-1 (3), Firefly, Mag 7/Stargate, Supernatural (3), Angel, Stargate Atlantis (2), Numb3rs (2), NCIS, Mag 7
Brotherhood 5, anthology, Pyramids Press/JJJJunky and Gemini, 2009, (gen) multi-fandom
"Slings and Arrows" by K. H. Korossy
other content: Lord of the rings, SG-1 (3), Mag 7, Firefly, Supernatural (3), Mag7/SG-1, Angel, Numb3rs (2), NCIS, Stargate Atlantis
Buddies: A Collection of Media Art 1958-2001, W. Oddsson, LRHBalzer/Lone Monkey Publications, 2009 (gen), multi-fandom
three SH artworks
other content: War of the Worlds, Voyage to the Bottom, Mod Squad, Wild West, Highlander (3), Red Dwarf, Pros (9), Sentinel (18), Star Wars, X-Files, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Nash Bridges (6), UNCLE (18), Zena
By My Side 1, anthology, Tria Demens Press/W. Myers, 2001 (gen) multi-fandom, 112 pages
“Safe Places” by K. H. Korossy
other content: UNCLE, Real Ghostbusters, SG-1, Pros, Mag 7
By My Side 2, anthology, Tria Demens Press/W. Myers, 2004 (gen) multi-fandom, 162 pages
“Flashback” by K. H. Korossy
“Ledges” by K. H. Korossy
other content: ST:TOS, Real Ghostbusters, Mag 7, Beastmaster, Andromeda, Hawaii Five-O
By My Side 3, anthology, Tria Demens Press/W. Myers, 2005 (gen) multi-fandom, 110 pages
“Never a Bad Time” by K. H. Korossy
other content: ST:TOS, Real Ghostbusters, Mag 7, Hawaii Five-0, Beastmaster, Andromeda
Cabrillo Con Zine, anthology, 2005 (gen)
"American Band, An" by TibbieB
“Bedtime Story, The” by Londonmaid
"First, Do No Harm" by The Blintz
"In My Partner's Eyes" by Linda B.
"Left Behind" by Brit
“Seven Days” (gen) by Deb SP
“Tincture of Time” by S. David
“Touching” by K. H. Korossy
“What Starsky and Hutch Have Learned” by Flamingo
“When You Care Enough” by Alisa
Cabrillo Con Zine, anthology, 2007 (gen)
"One Step at a Time" by Linda B.
"Life in Normal" by Madison
"Reason Behind the Rhyme" by E-Pony
"Candy Cane" by Bobbie Barkley
"Flight to Redemption" by TibbieB
"Blue" by the Blintz
"Merl" by Brit
"Meltdown" by Starsky's Strut
Casa Cabrillo, anthology, T. A. Wright, 1980 (gen)
“Back Alley” by R. Alderson, poem
“Beginnings” by M. Kelly
“Body ‘n Fender Blues” by L. L. Walter
“Broken Faith” by J. Lindner
“Cold Turkey” by L. Bartlett
“Goodbye” by R. Kurz
”Grim Fairy Tale, A” by W. W. Trent
“Letter, The” by T. White (Casa Cabrillo)
“Still the Same” by M. Rawn
“Striking a Balance” by C. Newsome, poem
“Time to Grow, A” by T. Wright
“Waiting Game, The” by J. Mancinelli
"Work, Work, Work!" by Katherine Robertson
Celebration: an Anthology Zine Remembering a Decade of Starsky and Hutch, T. Davis, 1985 (gen)
“All Along the Watchtower” by D. Barry, poem
“Ballad” by S. Soliste, poem
“Blindfold” by S. A. Hartwick
“By Order of Committee” by L. Cribb
“Cost of the Cure, The” by B. Kelsey
“Debt-Free is Death” by P. Massie, poem
“Demonstrated to Death” by J. L. Nye and P. Smith
“Designer Look” by T. Davis
“Encore” by S. Lovett
“Enter McCoy” by T. Davis
“Festival of Lights” by B. Barr
“Glass Face in the Rain” by J. Chabot, poem
“Heart of the Matter, The” by S. Crispin
“ICU” by T. Beckett, poem
“If Morning Breaks” by J. Chabot, poem
“If Only…” by D. Warner, poem
“It Takes All Kinds” by L. Starsky
“Journey’s End” by J. Mancinelli
“Legend Lives On, The” by ?
“Losing Touch" by T. White and S. Passman
“Narcotic Charm” by D. Sontag, poem
“Night at the Movies, A” by B. Barr
“No Raincoat Required” by K. Wallace
“Nocturne” by T. Beckett
“Partner, A” by P. Massie
“Partners” by B. G. Deer
“Partners” by B. Kelsey
“Scoresheet” by S. Soliste
“Skybound Blues” by M. J. Bonds
“Slip-Sliding Away” by C. Bryson
“Something to Go On” by P. Massie
“Sound of Silence, The” by T. Davis
“Time to Laugh, A” by A. Potts
“Tomorrow and Tomorrow” by M. Hale and D. Wilkerson
“Walk on the Wild Side, A” by M. Kelly
“We Are Responding” by C. Ripley
“What Partners Are For” by J. Maricevic
“What War Still Wages” by L. Cribb
Chicken Soup for the Hutchinson Soul: a Cookbook by KimberlyFDR and Moondroplette, Piecontinental, 2006
Chronicles of a Chelonian
see Tagging Along
Closer Than a Brother, anthology, K. H. Korossy, 1998 (gen)
“Growing Up” by M. Schainblatt
“Home Team” by D. Skyler
“Man's Best Friend” by M. Kleinsmith
“Matter of Doubt” by M. Kleinsmith
“Other Side, The” by K. H. Korossy
“Sanctuary” by J. Reitz
“Sketch Pad” by M. Farina
“Sustenance” by G. M. Cupp
“Toddler Troubles” by K. H. Korossy
Coda by T. White, Agent With Style, 1985 (gen)
“Coda” -- novella
Code 7, 1, anthology, PS/Karen B., 1981 (slash)
“Afterward” by Anonymous
“Butterfly Bush, The” by Anonymous/A. Rogers
“Classics Reclassified, The” by Anonymous
“Dandelion” by Anonymous
“Desideratum” by Anonymous, poem
“Eperdu” by Anonymous
“Fighter Still Remains, The” by Anonymous
“Hour Before Dawn” by Anonymous
“Into Your Hands” by Anonymous
“Lucifer Descending” by Anonymous, poem
“My Blue Heaven” by Anonymous
“Only Truth I Know, The” by Anonymous
“Quiet Night In” by Anonymous/E. Mueller
“Recompense” by Anonymous
“Requiem” by Anonymous
“Sirocco” by Anonymous, poem
“Souvenirs” by Anonymous/V. Dawson
“Storm” by Anonymous
“White Lies” by Anonymous
Code 7, 2, anthology, Bound in Leather/Karen B., 1982 (slash)
"Buried Treasure” by J. Clissold
“Changes Impending” by A. Holt
“Cost of Love” by A. Rogers
“Fine Madness” by R. Alderson, poem
“Hutch’s Puppy” by M. Lee
“Inheritance” by R. Alderson, poem
“Moon Glow” by D. Lawrence
“Night of the Living Dead” by P. Smith, poem
“One Left Behind, The” by A. Rogers
“One Side Blind” by J. Chabot, poem
“Prince of Thieves” by J. Wilson, poem
“Pussywillows, Cat Tails” by F. Adams
“Renegades” by J. Wilson, poem
“Secret Ingredient” by S. Soliste
“Secrets” by T. Beckett
“Snap Decision” by C. Stewart
“Talisman, The” by F. Adams
“Water and the Wine, The” by C. Powers, poem
Code 7, 3, anthology, Bound in Leather/Karen B., 1984 (slash)
“At Your Own Risk” by L. Harding, poem
“Babe” by Ima Fool, poem
"Circle’s End” by S. Chapman
“Consummatum Est” by T. Beckett
“Cookie Monster” by L. Ames
"Crying For the Moon" by F. Adams
“Crying in the Rain” by R. Wynters
“Death by Water, a Tale of Faery” by F. Adams
“Ebb Tide” (slash) by S. Ferguson
“Enchanter’s Nightshade” by T. Beckett
“God Bless the Child” by F. Adams
“I’ll See You In My Dreams” by K. Wallace
“Lonely People” by R. Clifford
“My Sturdy, Tawny Mount” by P. Massie, poem
“Night Patrol” by F. Adams, poem
“Quietus” by J. Chabot, poem
“Revelations” by R. Clifford
“So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done” by A. Hall
“Tender Me to Sleep” by P. Massie, poem
“They Went Thataway” by J. Nye
“Three Senryu for Sweet Revenge” by F. Adams
“Time It Was” by F. Adams
“Vintage Years, The” by L. Harding, poem
“Whisper” by F. Adams, poem
Code 7, 4, anthology, Bound in Leather/Karen B., 1987 (slash)
“Beginning to See the Light” by J. Chabot, poem
“Best I Can, The” by M. J. Bonds
"Blinded by the Light” by Katherine Robertson
“Delivered to Thee” by L. Starsky
“Fata Obstant” by L. Harding
“Fine Storm, A” by S. Lovett
“Foster Child of Silence and Slow Time” by S. Lovett
“Friend and Lover” by J. Chabot, poem
“House of Cards” by T. Beckett
“It Was a Dark and Stormy Night” by S. Lovett
“Scales of Just-as-Good” by P. Smith and J. Nye
“Somewhere in the Night” by B. L. Barr
“Starsky: Book of Revelations” by Chameleon
“Summer ‘61/Winter ‘82” by L. Harding, poem
“Take It Out in Trade” by P. Smith
“Take It to the Limit” by Chameleon
“Thanksgiving Day” by Belle Eyre
“White Wolf” by P. Massie
“Winter” by L. Bright
Cold Pizza and Butterfly Bones, anthology, Magic Bag Press, 1997 (slash)
“Act of Passion” by I. Ortiz, poem
“April Fool’s Day” by C. Apple
“Blood Brothers” by M. Kleinsmith
“Don’t Cry, Mother” by L. Dhenson, poem
“Dreamscapes” by I. Ortiz
“Drought” by PFL
“Flickering Out” by S. Cameron
“Freeze” by C. J. Hayes
“Razor’s Edge” by F. Folay
“Scenic Route” by Aramis
“Talkin' Dirty Pool” by G. Sandy and Flamingo
“Top Secret” by C. J. Hayes
“Trails in the Dark” by S. Problem
Collected Starsky and Hutch Stories of Alexis Rogers, single author, A. Rogers, E. M. Hauptman 1996 (slash)
“After the Ping Pong Bounced” by A. Rogers and Lorane
“Before the Beginning” by A. Rogers
“Butterfly Bush, The” by A. Rogers
“Cost of Love” by A. Rogers
“February 2nd” by A. Rogers
“Fifty-Five Cents” by A. Rogers
“Handful of Sand, A” by A. Rogers
“Harold C.” by A. Rogers
“Hour Before Dawn” by A. Rogers
“I Don’t Take Sugar in My Songs” by A. Rogers
“Instant of Death, The” by A. Rogers
“It's a Dog's Life” by A. Rogers
“Moral Murder” by A. Rogers
“Saucy” by A. Rogers
"Some Days the Dragon Wins" by A. Rogers
“Starsky’s Law” by A. Rogers
“Violets, Rings, and Things of Spring” by A. Rogers
Comfort Zone 1, anthology, Tea and Biscuit/Ecto Press, 2002 (gen) multi-fandom
“No Man is an Island” by K. H. Korossy
other content: Real Ghostbusters (2), Stargate SG-1 (2), Equalizer, Touched by an Angel, Stargate SG-1/Shadow Chasers
Comfort Zone 2, anthology, Tea and Biscuit/Ecto Press, 2003 (gen) multi-fandom
"Company" by K. H. Korossy
other content: Emergency, Sentinel (2), Real Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Houston Knights, Stargate: SG-1 (2), Rat Patrol
Commitment, by C. Maier and L. Walk, C. Maier, 1988 (slash)
“Lifetime Lover” by C. Maier
“My Road Less Traveled” by L. Walk
“Test of Commitment” by C. Maier
Compadres 1, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 1992 (gen) multi-fandom
“Final Encounter” by A. Wilson
other content: Young Rider, Alias Smith (2), Bordertown, War of the Worlds, Real Ghostbuster, Batman/Tians, Bill/Ted's Excellent, Matt Houston, Wise Guy, Hardcastle and McCormick, Pros
Compadres 4, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 1993 (gen) multi-fandom
"From the Heart” by M. L. Millard
“Season of Miracles” by L. Pfeffer
"Sharing” by M. L. Millard
other content: Combat, Dirty Dozen, Hawaii Five-O, Pros, Magnum PI, Hardcastle, Houston Knights, Lethal Weapon 2, Lethal Weapon (2), Stingray, UNCLE, MacGyver
Compadres 7, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 1994 (gen) multi-fandom
“There’s No Place Like” by C. Rancourt
other content: Real Ghostbusters, Houston Knights (2), Wiseguy, Roy Rogers, Gunsmoke, Dirty Dozen/Hogen's Heroes, War of the Worlds/Dirty Dozen
Compadres 9, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 1994 (gen) multi-fandom
"Tiger by the Tail" by G. Holt
"Commitment" (slash) by M. L. Millard
other content: Riptide, Wiseguy, Houston Knights, Forever Knight, Real Ghostbusters, War of the Worlds
Compadres 10, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 1996 (gen) multi-fandom
“Breaching the Wall” by L. Pfeffer
other content: Riptide, Houston Knights, Jake and the Fatman, Walker Texas, Counterstrike/Manimal, War of the Worlds, Quantum Leap, Babylon 5, ST:VOY, Counterstrike
Compadres 12, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 1997 (gen) multi-fandom
“List, The” by K. H. Korossy
other content: UNCLE/Prisoner, Emergency, Magnum PI, Street Justice, Hardcastle, Burning Zone, Sentinel, Real Ghostbusters/Sentinel, War of the Worlds, Alien Nation, Quantum Leap, Voyager/Alias Smith/Bill and Ted's
Compadres 13, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 1998 (gen) multi-fandom
“Exactly Like You” by PJDR Ford (SH and Planet of the Apes crossover)
other content: Lost in Space, War of the Worlds, Walker Texas, Stargate SG-1, Real Ghostbusters
Compadres 14, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 1998 (gen) multi-fandom
"Six-Year Itch" by K. H. Korossy
other content: UNCLE, Houston Knights, Riptide/Real Ghostbusters, Lethal Weapon, X-Files, Soldier of Fortune, Sentinel
Compadres 15, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 1999 (gen) multi-fandom
“Support System” by K. H. Korossy and M. Farina
other content: Simon and Simon, Real Ghostbusters, Shadow Chasers, Due South
Compadres 16, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 1999 (gen) multi-fandom
“One of Those Days” by K. H. Korossy and Maria Farina
other content: Garrison's Gorillas (2), Simon and Simon, Shadow Chasers, Due South, Soldier of Fortune (2)
Compadres 17, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 2000 (gen) multi-fandom
“For Better or For Worse” by K. H. Korossy
other content: Alias Smith (2), Shadow Chasers/Tomorrow People, Highlander, Stargate SG-1/Master, Highlander
Compadres 18, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 2000 (gen) multi-fandom
“Far From Home” by K. H. Korossy
other content: Mag 7 (4), Alias Smith, Alias Smith/Wildside, Houston Knights, JAG, West Wing (3), Soldier of Fortune, Shadow Chasers, Real Ghostbusters, Farscape
Compadres 19, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 2001 (gen) multi-fandom
“Starting Over” by K. H. Korossy
other content: Mag 7 (4), Alias Smith (2), JAG, West Wing (2), Soldier of Fortune, War of the Worlds, Real Ghostbusters/Gargoyles, Andromeda
Compadres 20 anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 2001 (gen) multi-fandom
“Partnerships”by K. H. Korossy
other content: Mag 7 (2), Lancer, Alias Smith, Chrisholms, Acapulco HEAT, Soldier of Fortune, Adventures Jules Verne/JAG, Poltergeist, Real Ghostbusters/Galaxy Quest, Forever Knight (2), Adventures of Jules Verne/Robin of Sherwood, Adventures of Jules Verne, Farscape
Compadres 21, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 2002 (gen) multi-fandom
“Home” by K. H. Korossy
other content: Hercules, Alias Smith, Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, War of the Worlds, Forever Knight, Poltergeist, Soldier of Fortune, Lost in Space
Compadres 22, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 2003 (gen) multi-fandom
“Unforgivable” by K. H. Korossy
other content: Alias Smith, Mag 7, UNCLE, Planet of the Apes, Stargate SG-1, Andromeda
Compadres 23, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 2003 (gen) multi-fandom
“Redux” by K. H. Korossy
other content: Alias Smith (2), Miami Vice, Forever Knight, Witchblade, Real Ghostbusters, Now and Again/Beauty Beast
Compadres 24, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 2004 (gen) multi-fandom
“In Black and White” by K. H. Korossy
other content: Equalizer (2), Riptide, Due South/Providence, Pensacola, Soldier of Fortune/Special Ops Force, X-Files, Master/Beauty Beast, Return of the King, Witchblade/Charmed, Tremors
Compadres 25, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 2004 (gen) multi-fandom
“Going Fishing” by K. H. Korossy
other content: Pros, Return of the King, A-Team, Riptide, ST:TNG, Real Ghostbusters
Compadres 26, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 2005 (gen) multi-fandom
“Lies My Partner Saw Through” by K. H. Korossy
other content: Rat Patrol, Horatio Hornblower, Equalizer (2), X-Files (3), Riptide (2), Pensecola, She Spies
Compadres 27, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, YEAR (gen) multi-fandom
"Not So Fragile a Thing" by K. A. Korossy
other content: Real Ghostbusters, Lord of the Rings, Riptide (2), Mag 7
Compadres 28, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 2006 (gen) multi-fandom
“Shibboleth” by K. H. Korossy
other content: Remington Steele, Riptide (2), Miami Vice, She Spies/Scarecrow, House/Kung Fu, Lord of the Rings, Stargate SG-1, Enterprise, ST:NG, Gargoyles
Compadres 29, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 2007 (gen) multi-fandom
“Mystery Game” by J. I. Collins, SH and Murder She Wrote crossover
“Not Just on the News" by K. H. Korossy
other content: Gargoyles (Macdonald), Hawaii (Tarlan), Lord of the Rings (Paulson), Counterstrike, Crossing Jordan, Supernatural, Monk/Enterprise
Compadres 30, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 2007 (gen) multi-fandom
“Deep Waters” by K. H. Korossy
other content: Get Smart, Lord of the Rings, Hawaii, Riptide, Robin of Sherwood, Star Trek: Voyager, Space: Above and Beyond, Pirates of the Caribbean/Lord of the Rings
Compadres 31, anthology, Neon Rainbow Press, 2008 (gen) multi-fandom
"Self-Destruct" by K. H. Korossy
other content: SG-1, Riptide, Supernatural, CSI, Lost
Concupiscence 1, anthology, Manacles Press, 1991 (slash) multi-fandom
"Rich Man, Poor Man" by MRK
other content: Pros (5), Blake's 7, Wiseguy (2), General Hospital, Star Wars, ST:TNG
Concupiscence 4, anthology, Manacles Press, 1995 (slash) multi-fandom
“Snapshots” by M. Dawn
other content: Pros, Blake's 7, Wiseguy, Eroica, Buckaroo Banzai
Conspiracy, by L. Cribb and C. Maier, 1981 (gen)
“Hail, Hail the Gang’s All Dead” by C. Maier and L. Cribb
"Synthesis" by C. Maier and L. Cribb
"Vendetta" by C. Maier and L. Cribb
Constricted by Plot, anthology, ConStrict con zine, Sian, 2008 (slash) multi-fandom
"Love in a Different Place" by L. McEwan, SH and Star Wars crossover
other content: Batman Begins, Stargate/Live Free Die Hard, Star Wars:TPM/Beauty Beast, Stargate Atlantis/Dr. Who, Supernatural/Power Rangers (2), Batman Begins, Star Wars:TPM (2), Sharpe/Alatriste, Prison Break, Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Heroes/Superman, Stargate Atlantis
Constricted by Plot, anthology, ConStrict con zine, Sian, 2009 (gen and slash) multi-fandom
"In Her Eyes" by L. McEwan
other content: Stargate Atlantis, Leverage, ST:Reboot, Merlin, SW:TPM/Angels Demons/Lamb/James Bond/Batman/RPF:Neeson-McGregor, ST:TPM
Convicted, novella, M. J. Bonds, In Person Press, 1995 (slash)
Copkiller, novella, T. White, T. White, 1979 (gen)
“Copkiller” -- novella
Cops and Robbers and Spies... Oh My, anthology, PUBLISHER, YEAR (gen) multi-fandom
“Dirtball Bath Time” by D. Hutt-Stopper
“Whose Child is This?” by D. Delamere/K-L. Higley
other content: Avengers, Airwolf, UNCLE, Hardcastle, Magnum PI, Simon and Simon/Indiana Jones, Devlin Conn, Pros, Simon and Simon, TJ Hooker, Adderly, Airwolf/Miami Vice, Stingray, Riptide, Remington Steele, Knight Rider
Cops Need Love, Too, anthology, M. J. Bonds, YEAR (slash) multi-fandom?
"Four Out of Five" by M. LeFey
other unknown content:
Credit List, resource, K. Hunter, 1981 CATEGORY
Cross My Heart 12, anthology, Nut Hatch Collective, 1995 (slash) multi-fandom
"When in Rome" by B. Jones, SH and Pros crossover
other content: Pros (5)
Cross the Line, anthology, Idiot Triplets Press, 1997 (slash)
“Bathrooms I Have Known” by M. L. Fisher
"Canario” by D. Dolars
“Double Feature” by S. Problem
“Even Tighter Closet, An” by Rosemary
“Heart Can’t Lie, The” by J. Taylor
"If Love is Real: Helen" by Flamingo
“Intercourse” by L. Dhenson, poem
“Perchance to Dream” by T. Kyle
“Rivulets After the Rain” by L. Dhenson, poem
“Upon Reflection” by L. Dhenson, poem
Cross-Currents, anthology, MKASHEF Enterprises/D. Blacque, 1996 (slash) multi-fandom
“Owls and Angels” by Robbie, SH and Twin Peaks crossover
other content: Highlander/Forever Knight, Professionals/Remington Steele, Miami Vice/Blake's 7, Thunderheart/Wolfen/Dances With Wolves (2), Highlander/War of the Worlds, Miami Vice/21 Jump Street, Batman Forever/Lois & Clark (2), Miami Vice/Beauty & the Beast, It Takes a Thief/Remington Steele, Lost Boys/Young Guns/The First Power
Crossfire by L. Bartlett, 1979 (gen)
Crystal Blue Persuasion, anthology, Asbestos Press, 1997 (slash)
“Crystal Blue Persuasion” by Flamingo
“Eclipse" by Rosmary
“Firestorm” M. M. Millard
“Impulse” by L. Dhenson, poem
“Lost Weekend” by T. Kyle
“Metamorphosis Revisited” by I. Ortiz, poem
“Serenade Silence” by L. Dhenson, poem
“Solace” by G. Sandy
“Thirteenth Hour” by L. Dhenson, poem
Cucumbers and Crisco, anthology, not dated (slash)
“Assignment No. 1” by Anonymous
“Big Bust” by Anonymous
“Butterfly” by Anonymous
“Good, the Bad and the Guppy, The” by Anonymous
“How to Write an S/H Story” by Anonymous
“Manwich is a Meal, A” by Anonymous, poem
“Old-Fashioned Christmas” by Anonymous
“Private Party in 209” by Anonymous
“Renewal” by Anonymous, poem
“Saucy” by Anonymous
“Sugar Free” by Anonymous
“Without Regret” by Anonymous, poem
“Xmas Every Night” by Anonymous
“You’re Not Even a Good Kisser” by Anonymous


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