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If the author's name wasn't a single word or an obvious nickname, I included the first initial of the author's first name and the author's entire last name.

More information about an author's name can often easily be found on publisher's/agent's websites, the authors' own websites and archives.

See: the zines themselves

“Take It Out in Trade” (slash) by P. Smith (Code 7, 4)
“Take It To the Limit” (slash) by Chameleon (Code 7, 4)
"Take Two Partners" (gen) by P. Wilshe (Shining Through)
"Taken to the Cleaners" (slash) by T. Davis (Tagging Along, Renascence)
"Taking it Slow" (slash) by Dawnwind (Sharecon 2006)
"Tale of the Rampant Rodent" (gen) by T. Davis/C. J. Lorane/Vg (Mind if I Join Ya?)
“Talisman, The” (slash) by Dargelos (Code 7, 2)
“Talk Dirty to Me Some More” (slash) by Flamingo (Fix 17)
“Talk Dirty to Me” (slash) by Glow/G. Sandy (Fix 17)
"Talk Show" (gen) by P. Smith (Syndizine)
“Talkin' Dirty Pool” (slash) by Flamingo and G. Sandy (Cold Pizza/Butterfly Bones)
“Talkin’ Dirty Bingo and Cheap Toupees” (slash) by Flamingo (Sharecon 2002)
“Talkin’ Dirty Movies” (slash) by Glow (Barely Legal)
“Tandem” (slash) by Paula W. and Hutchrules3 (VP Chronicles 1, Shining On)
“Targets” (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
"Targets" (slash) by S. Problem (Virtual Season 6)
"Taste of Revenge" (?) by (?) (Taste of Revenge)
"Taste of Silence" (gen) by M. Kleinsmith (zine?)
“Teacher’s Pet” (slash) by Tam K. (VP Chronicles 5)
“Tearing Down Walls” (gen) by A. Wilson (Fix 10, Collected Fix)
"Teething Troubles" (slash) by L. Harding (Three Eleven) poem
"Tell Me" (slash) by J. M. Holland (Wanna Share 1)
“Tell Me Nine Truths” (slash) by Lucy (Leave a Light on For Me)
"Tell Me Something I Don't Know" (slash) by J. E. Ginty (Whaddaya Mean/Kisser)
"Temporary Guest" (gen) by Constance Collins (Wanna Share 2)
“Tempus Fugit” (gen) by R. C. Kwong (Better Together)
"Ten Commandments" (gen) by S. Stuart (Ten-Thirteen 1)
"Ten Twenty Times" (slash) by Anonymous (Phonebooth)
“Tender Me to Sleep” (slash) by P. Massie (Code 7, 3) poem
“Tequila Sunrise” (slash) by R. LaSalle (Tales From the Tomato)
“Territorial Boundaries” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Of Dreams/Schemes 16)
“Terry: The Meeting” (slash) by Constance Collins (Penal Code 2)
“Terry” (gen) by M. Rawn (Zebra Three 4)
“Test of Commitment” (slash) by C. Maier (Commitment)
“Test of Faith” (slash) by J. M. Holland (Fix 6)
"Testing" (gen) by P. Wilshe (Shining Through)
"Thanks Be To" (slash) by P. Charles (Lifeline/Decade/Sweet Revenge)
"Thanksgiving” (gen) by P. Wilshe (Shining Through)
“Thanksgiving a la Starsky” (slash) by CC and Marcy (VP Chronicles 5)
"Thanksgiving Day” (slash) by Belle Eyre (Code 7, 4)
“That Thing You Do with Your Mouth” (slash) by M. Heddy (Dreamers)
“That Voice” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Frienz, Black Bean Soup)
“That Which Doesn’t Kill Us” (slash) by A. Bradley (Dance With the Devil)
“That's Rock and Roll” (slash) by P. Wilshe (VP Chronicles 1, Shining On)
“That’s What Friends Are For” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (That/What/Friends 1)
“That’s What Partners Do” (gen) by J. Reitz (Seasoned Timber 1)
"Then We Can Be Heroes" (slash) by G. Galasso (Then We Can Be Heroes)
“Theories of Convergence” by thayln (slash) note: online title is "Epiphany Series"(Blood and Destiny)
“Therapy, The” (slash) by Annie (Love Story 3)
“Therapy” (slash) by K. James (Dark Fantasies 1)
“There Are Times” (gen) by K. Masoner (Half You, Half Me 1)
"There For Me" (gen) by M. D. Brown (Lifeline/Decade/Sweet Revenge)
“There's No Place Like” (gen) by C. Rancourt (Compadres 7)
“They Also Serve” (gen) by J. Aumerle (Zebra Three 3) poem
“They Fucked With Their Guns On” (slash) by D. A. Marsh (VP Chronicles 4)
“They Went Thataway” (slash) by J. Nye (Code 7, 3)
“Thicker Than Blood” (slash) by Linda M. (Dreamers)
"Thief" (slash) by S. A. Hartwick (Three Eleven) poem
“Thin, Blue Line, The” (slash) by M. Christian (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans I)
"Things Hidden" (slash) by Castalia (Overtures) SH and Velvet Goldmine crossover
“Thirty Minutes” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 9, Ouch! 19)
"Thirty-Nine" (slash) by P. Wilshe (Shining On) )
“This I Know” (slash) by J. Chabot (In Your Eyes)
"This Kind of Life" (gen) by Vg/T. Davis/C. J. Lorane (Mind if I Join Ya?)
“This Kiss” (slash) by P. Massie (Waddya Mean/Kisser) poem
“This Reminds Me of a Movie I Saw Once” (slash) by Blue Starsky (Dangerous Lives/Visions 1)
"This Time" (slash) by Rae (Timeless 2)
“This Time Last Year” (slash) by Lutra Cana (Fix 20)
"Thorne Affair, The" (slash) by C. Lynn and S. Giraud (Paladin 1) SH and MUNCLE crossover
“Those Who Believe” (slash) by J. P. Walker (Frienz: a SH Letter Zine)
“Thou Shall Not Covet” (gen) by M. Kleinsmith (Better Together)
“Thousand Words Is Not Enough” (slash) by Jennifer C. (Sharecon 2002)
“Thousandth Man, The” (gen) by S. Lovett (The Thousandth Man)
“Three Senryu for Sweet Revenge” (slash) by Dargelos (Code 7 3)
"Three Shots” (gen) by Cheryl T. (VP Times 2)
"Three Steps to Heaven" (slash) by L. Martin and S. Doyle (Fix 18)
“Thresholds” (slash) by Rosemary (Sharecon 2002)
“Through Love’s Eyes” (slash) by L. Starsky/Peruvian Gypsy (…Turned to Fire) poem
“Through the Eyes of Science” (slash) by E. Lowry (In Your Eyes)
“Through” (slash) by T. Kyle (Dreamers)
"Thunder and the Rain, The" (slash) by V. Dawson (Three Eleven, Thunder and the Rain)
“Thunderstorm by Candlelight” (slash) by R. LaSalle (Tales From the Tomato)
“Ticking Clock, The” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 8, Small Circle/Friends 11)
"Tidal River" (slash) by C. Cloudesley (It's Love, Cap'n)
“Tie Me Up, Time Me Down” (slash) by R. LaSalle (Tales From the Tomato)
"Tiger by the Tail" (slash) by G. Holt (Starsky and Hutch Special Slash Collection, Compadres 9)
“Tiger by the Tale” (gen) by L. Gill (SH Special Gen 5, Black Ops 7)
”Till the Sun Breaks Down” (slash) by Rae (Like Water, Like Fire)
"Time and Trust" (gen) by L. Merryweather (Just the Two of Us)
“Time for Change" (slash) by C. Frost (Playfellows 1)
"Time for Easy is Over" (slash) by Blue Starsky (Virtual Season 6)
“Time It Was” (slash) by Dargelos (Code 7, 3)
“Time of Truth" (slash) by Robbie (Dyad: The Vampire Stories 1)
"Time to Grow, A" (gen) by T. Wright (Casa Cabrillo)
"Time to Laugh, A?" (gen) by A. Pots (Celebration)
"Time to Remember" (gen) by Chameleon (Mind if I Join Ya?)
“Timeless” (slash) by Flamingo (Timeless)
“Timeline” (gen) by B. N. Fish (L.A. Nights 1)
“Timeline” (slash) by B. N. Fish (L.A. Nights 2)
“Timepiece” (slash) by Thayln (Blood and Destiny)
"Tincture of Time" (gen) by S. David (Cabrillo Con 2005)
“Tip of the Hat, A” (slash) by S. Beck (Boys in Blue)
"To a Convalescent" (gen) by R. Kurz (The Striped Tomato)
"To Bear Witness" (slash) by Keri T. (Virtual Season 6)
"To Hutch on His Birthday" (gen) by B. Barr (Celebration)
"To Know" (slash) by E. Morris (Fix 1)
“To Protect and Serve” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Small Circle/Friends 1, SH Special Gen 1)
“To Protect and Serve” (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
“To Share a Life, You Gotta Start Somewhere” (gen) by Jennifer C. (Sharecon 2006)
"To the Soul" (slash) by L. Dhenson (Fix 16
“Toddler Troubles” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Closer Than a Brother)
"Together" (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
“Together Again For the First Time” (gen) by P. M. White and P. A. Kerrigan (Me and Thee 1)
"Together at Last" (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
"Togetherness" (slash) by M. L. Millard (Satrynalia 2)
"Togetherness" (slash) by Constance Collins (Sharecon 2004)
“Tomato Red” (gen) by Linda B. (The Bond 3: To Protect and Serve)
“Tomb, The” (gen) by K. Gaitely (Zebra Three 5)
“Tombstone Blues” (gen) by M. Rawn (Zebra Three 4)
“Tomorrow” (gen) by L. S. Tucker (Partners, Padnahz)
"Tomorrow and Tomorrow" (gen) by M. Hale and D. Wilkerson (Celebration)
"Too Close To Home” (gen) by TibbieB (The Bond)
“Too Close to the Ground” (gen) by Sandi (Intermission 2)
"Too Quiet" (gen) by Linda B. (The Bond)
"Tooth Fairy" (gen) by L. Hansford (Bonaventure)
“Top Secret” (slash) by C. J. Hayes (Cold Pizza/Butterfly Bones)
“Top Secret” (slash) by Anonymous (Phonebooth)
“Torino” (gen) by A. Wigmore (Airwaves 5)
“Torn” (slash) by M. Logan (Torn)
“Total Eclipse of the Heart” (slash) by Flamingo (Total Eclipse of the Heart)
“Touch” (slash) by L. Doty (Don’t Give Up On Us, Baby)
"Touch" (gen) by P. Massie (Renascence)
"Touch of Class, A" (slash) by Candy Apple (Virtual Season 5, 1)
"Touch Me" (slash) by M. Ward (Three Eleven) poem
“Touching” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Cabrillo Con 2005)
“Touching Warm” (slash) by S. David and V. Wells (VP Chronicles 2)
“Tough Love” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (That's/What/Friends 6)
"Tower of Strength" (gen) by S. A. Hartwick (Don't Give Up on Us 2)
“Trademark” (gen) by C. Maier (Half You, Half Me 1)
“Trails in the Dark” (slash) by S. Problem (Cold Pizza/Butterfly Bones)
“Transgression” (slash) by L. Cribb (Who/What/How You Know It)
“Transitions” (slash) by Suze777 (A Fairy Tale Life)
"Transparent" (slash) by J. Sapphire (Dangerous Lives/Visions 4)
“Trap Dancing” (slash) by I. Ortiz (Still the One)
"Trapped in Ice" (slash) by J. Chabot (Trace Elements)
“Trapdoor, The” (gen) by L. A. Pinn (Seasoned Timber 2)
"Travels to Tintern" (gen) by Chameleon (Renascence)
“Treat Me Like a Lady” (slash) by KimberlyRDR (Love Story 3)
“Triangle” (slash) by T. Kyle (Back to Back)
“Tribble Toons” (gen) by B. Howard (Half You, Half Me 1)
“Trick of the Light” (slash) by G. Smith (VP Chronicles 8)
“Triple XXX-Tremity” (slash) by Fee Folay (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans 2)
“Trouble With Normal” (gen) by Salieri (Blood and Destiny)
“Trouble With Stakeouts, The” (slash) by Flamingo (Sharecon 2000)
"Troubled Water" (slash) by D. L. Perns (Troubled Water)
“Truman's Place” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 5, Small Circle/Friends 7)
"Trust" (gen) by S. A. Hartwick (Investigation Files) poem
"Truth" (slash) by L. Dhenson (Fix 15)
“Truth Games" (slash) by T. Kyle (Fruit Cocktail 4)
“Truth Comes Out, The” (slash) by K. A. Michaels (VP Chronicles 8)
"Truth is Out There, The" (gen) J. Mancinelli (Renascence)
"Truth or Dare" (gen) by G. Gordon (L.A. Vespers 2)
"Truth or Dare" (slash) by E. Morris (Whaddaya Mean/Kisser)
"Try Again, And" (gen) by T. Davis/C. J. Lorane (Adventures/Chelonian)
“Turned to Fire” (slash) by Pat M. (…Turned to Fire) poem
"Twas a Night in December" (gen) by L. J. Ouellette (That's/What/Friends 8)
“'Twas the Week Before Christmas” (gen) by L. Starsky/Peruvian Gypsy (SH Special Gen 1, Yule Tide 1)
"Twilight” (slash) by J. Walkswithwind (Fix 19)
"Two Against the World” (gen) by G. J. Fitts (Above and Beyond)
"Two Hearts, One Fire" (slash) by Constance Collins (It's Love, Cap'n)
“Two Men and a Baby” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Better Together)
"Two of a Kind" (slash) by T. Kyle (TLC)
"Two Shades of Doubt" (gen) by L. Bright (Shadowplay)
"Two Virgins" (slash) by L. Bright (No Pants/Badge/Gun)
"Turkey Day" (gen) by P.Wilshe (Shining Through)
"Ulterior Motive" (gen) by Judith (Bonaventure)
"Unbalanced Love" (gen) by M. Kleinsmith (That's/What/Friends 3)
“Uncharted Wilderness” (slash) by MLM/M. M. Millard (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans I)
"Under" (gen) by Salieri (Blood and Destiny)
“Under the Bridge” (slash) by Verlaine (Dangerous Lives/Visions 4)
"Under Warranty" (gen) by M. D. Brown (Bonaventure, Wanna Share 1)
"Undercover Cop" (slash) by unknown author (Tagging Along)
“Undercurrents” (gen) by I. West (Like Water, Like Fire)
“Undercurrents” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Above and Beyond)
"Unfinished Song" (slash) by J. Chabot (Moonlight and Mists)
“Unfolding, An” (slash) by Jennifer C. (VP Chronicles 8)
“Unforgettable Hello” (slash) by MysticWhim and Hutchlover (With/Help/Friends)
“Unforgivable” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 6, Compadres 22)
“Unicorn in the Rain” (gen) by J. Chabot (Half You, Half Me 2) poem
“Unopened Doors” (slash) by E. Anderson (Unopened Doors)
“Unread Letter, The” (gen) by The Blintz (The Bond 3: To Protect and Serve)
"Unresolved Domestic Squabble" (slash) by L. Starsky (On the Edge 1)
“Unseen Boundaries" (slash) by K. L. Workman (Unseen Boundaries)
"Unspoken" (slash) by M. J. Bonds/A. Valentine (No Pants/Badge/Gun)
“Untouchable” (slash) by J. Celliers (Dangerous Lives/Visions 3)
“Untangled: Clandestine Report 101” (slash) by Constance Collins (Fix 11)
“Until the Stars Grow Cold (slash) by T. Kyle (The Lucky/Strong)
"Untitled" (gen) by S. P. Schultz (Just the Two of Us) poem
"Untitled Adventure, An: In One Hundred and Eighteen Pages (slash) by G. Galasso (Untitled Adventure)
"Unveiling" (slash) by L. Dhenson (Fix 17)
"Up the Amazon" (slash) by J. L. Nye (Three Eleven)
“Upon Midnight” (slash) by L. Dhenson (Cross the Line)
"Unresolved Domestic Squabble" (slash) by L. Starsky (Over the Edge 1) poem?
“Vacation" (slash) by S. A. Hartwick (Fix 3)
"Valentine Tales" (slash) by emh (Best Little Valentine)
"Valley of the Shadow" (slash) by J. Chabot (Three Eleven) poem
“Vanessa “(gen) by S. Passman (Me and Thee 1)
"Vanessa" (gen) by K. McElvain (L.A. Vespers 2)
"Vanessa's Song" (gen) by Katherine Robertson (Bonaventure)
"Veil, The" (slash) by E.Murdock (Virtual Season 6)
“Vegas Downer" (gen) by L. Bartlett (Me and Thee 2)
“Velvet Chains” (slash) by Tam K. (VP Chronicles 4)
"Velvet Fire" (slash) by unknown author
"Velvet Forever" (slash) by S. A. Hartwick (Pushin' the Odds) poem
“Velveteen Hutch, The” (slash) by S. Bond (…Turned to Fire)
“Vendetta” (slash) by L. Cribb and C. Maier (The Conspiracy)
"Vendetta Revisited” (gen) by M. Kleinsmith (That’s/What/Friends 6)
"Vengeance is Mine" (gen) by E. Busch/Striped Tomato (Vengeance is Mine)
“Venom” (gen) by M. Schainblatt (Better Together)
“Veritas” (slash) by M. Logan (VP Chronicles 7)
"Vermont Avenue" (gen) by S. Soliste (Vermont Avenue)
"Versailles" (slash) by P. Massie (Strokes)
“Very Good Tradition, A” (slash) by M. Logan (VP Chronicles 8)
"Very Special Day, A" (gen) by S. Crispin (Bonaventure)
"Victoria Don't Live Here Anymore" (slash) by Lutra Cana (Virtual Season 6)
"Vietnam" (gen) by T. Ruggles (VP Times 1)
"View From Russian Hill, The" (gen) by M. Lewtan (Doubleplay) (a Dirty Harry and SH crossover)
View to a Kill, A" (slash) by Merricat (Dangerous Lives/Visions 3)SH and Wiseguy crossover
“Vigil” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Above and Beyond)
"Vigil's End" (slash) by R. Singer (Fix 17)
"Vino De Casa" (slash) by Blue Starsky (Fix 19)
“Vintage Years” (slash) by L. Harding (Code 7, 3) poem
“Violations” (slash) by E. Burke Marshall (The Lucky/Strong)
“Violets, Rings, and Things of Spring” (slash) by A. Rogers (Collected/Alexis Rogers)
”Virgin in These Woods” (slash) by Rosemary and P. Rose (Trace Elements)
“Visit, The” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Seasoned Timber 1)
"Visiting Hour" (gen) by J. Chabot (Shadowplay) poem
"Visiting Ours" (slash) by Lezlie (Best Little Valentine)
“Voices in the Dark” (slash) by Lutra Cana (Don’t Give Up On Us, Baby)
"Voices Interrupted" (slash) by P. Wilshe (Shining On) )
“Vous Deux” (slash) by Cassandra (Blood and Destiny)
“Wading in da Nile” (slash) by Dawnwind (VP Chronicles 8)
"Waiting" (gen) by S. Wyllie (Pushin' the Odds) poem
“Waiting” (gen) by Linda B. (The Bond 3: To Protect and Serve)
“Waiting Game, The” (gen) by Hutchie Girl (You and I)
"Waiting Game, The" (gen) by J. Mancinelli (Casa Cabrillo)
“Waiting Room” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 2, Ouch! 6)
"Wake Me With the Morning Light, And" (gen) by T. Kyle (Renascence)
“Waking to a Nightmare” (gen) by J. Essenburg (Better Together)
"Walk on the Wild Side, A (gen) by Katherine Robertson (Celebration)
"Walls" (gen) by Delaineh (Pushin' the Odds) poem
"Walls" (gen) by S. Williston (Shadowplay)
“Walls of Glass” (slash) by (Heart and Soul 1)
“Waltz Me Again” (slash) by G. F. Fitts (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans 2)
“Want I Never Knew, A” (slash) by Lutra Cana (Love Story 1)
"Wanted: Two Good Men" (gen) by D. Morgan (Rodilla Project)
“Warrior of the Past” (slash) by C. Frost (Heart and Soul 5)
"Warrior and the Priest, The" (gen) by P. Massie (L.A. Vespers 2)
“Washed Away” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Seasoned Timber 3)
“Watching You” (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
"Watching You" (slash) by A. Flegg (Three Eleven) poem
“Water and Flame” (slash) by L. Dhenson (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans I)
“Water and the Wine, The” (slash) by C. Power (Code 7, 2) poem
"Water is Wide, The" (slash) by V. Dawson (The Water is Wide)
“Waterfall" (slash) by C. Frost (Playfellows 6)
"Watson Caper" (?) by L. Jones (Ruff Cutz 1)
“Way We Work, The” (gen) by J. Chabot (Half You, Half Me 2)
"We Are Responding" (gen) by T. Davis/C. J. Lorane (Adventures/Chelonian)
"We Are Responding" (gen) by C. Ripley (Celebration)
“We Couldn’t Stop Her’ Department, The” (gen) by Just a Twitter (Zebra Three 1)
"We Speak German" (slash) by Monika (Love Story 4)
“Wedding, The” (slash) by Aramis (Sharecon 2000)
“Week, The” (slash) by Nightbird/K. A. Michaels (VP Chronicles 2)
“Week 1980, The” (slash) by K. A. Michaels (VP Chronicles 4)
"Welcome Home" (gen) by K. McElvain (L.A. Vespers 1)
“Welcome to My Morning”(gen) by P. M. White (Me and Thee 1)
"Welcome to the Bigs" (slash) by M. Logan (Blood and Destiny)
"Whaddayamean..." (gen) by E. Mueller (Shadowplay) poem
"What!!?" (gen) by T. Adams (L.A. Vespers 2)
“What a Difference a Night Makes” (slash) by DMS (When Lightning Strikes)
"What Can I Say?" (?) by P. Massie (Ruff Cutz 1)
"What Do You See When You Look At Me?: Starsky-1981 (slash) by KimberlyFDR (Snapshots)
"What Does It Take?" (gen) by K. H. Korossy (House Blend 2)
"What Ever Happened To?" (slash) by B. Barr (Whaddaya Mean/Kisser)
"What Happened?" (slash) by M. J. Bonds/A. Valentine (Moonlight and Mists)
“What If” (gen) by G. M. Cupp (Above and Beyond)
"What If” (slash) by Verlaine (Like Water, Like Fire) follow directions at bottom of page
"What If" (gen) by J. Chabot (Double Play)
"What is a StarskyHutch?" (gen) by L.Merryweather (Just the Two of Us) poem
"What Partners Are For" (gen) by J. Maricevic (Celebration)
"What Starsky and Hutch Have Learned" (gen) by Flamingo (Cabrillo Con 2005)
“What Survives Is Gold” (slash) by J. Sapphire (Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions 1)
"What the Doormouse Said" (gen) by J. Aumerle (L.A. Vespers 2)
“What the Storm Shall Bring” (slash) by Cherokeegirl (What the Storm Shall Bring)
"What Then?" (slash) by L. Starsky/Peruvian Gypsy (Moonlight and Mists)
“What War Still Wages” (gen) by Lucy (Celebration)
“What Yes Means” (slash) by C. Frost (VP Chronicles 2)
“What’s a Partner For?” (slash) by Rosemary (Trace Elements)
"What's a Zebrathree?" (slash) by D. E. Brendel (Whaddaya Mean/Kisser, What's a Zebra Three)
"What's In a Name?" (gen) by D. Barry (L.A. Vespers 1)
"What's New?" (gen) by K. McElvain (L.A. Vespers 2)
“What’s Red White and Blue All Over” (slash) by Lilith Faire, Lutra Cana (Hutch/Me/Get/Whole Lot)
“What’s This?” (slash) by Lucy (Leave a Light on For Me)
“Wheels On the Bus” (slash) by Jadis (Hutch and Me Get It On a Whole Lot)
“When All Else Fails” (gen) by D. Barry (Zebra Three 4)
“When Gravity Fails” (slash) by Linda M. (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans I)
“When Half-Gods Go...” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 2, Ouch! 8)
"When I Look at You" (slash) by M. Bonds (Down to Earth) song lyrics
“When I Was Sheriff of Beavertooth County” (slash) by M. L. Fisher (When Lightning Strikes)
"When in Rome" (slash) by B. Jones, a SH and Pros crossover (Cross My Heart 12, Firesigns/Other Stories)
“When It's All Just Too Much” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Black Bean Soup)
“When Knighthood Was in Bloom” (gen) by S. Burchfield/E. Lowry (Fix 10, Fix Collected)
"When Looks Can Kill" (slash) by Keri T. (Virtual Season 5, 2)
"When She Cries" (gen) by M. Lenon (When She Cries)
“When Time Stands Still” (slash) by M. LeFey and Jadis (In Your Eyes)
"When You Care Enough" (gen) by A. (Cabrillo Con 2005)
"Where Did Your Child Go?" (slash) by L. Cribb (Moonlight and Mists)
"Where It All Began" (slash) by J. P. Walker (If Their Mothers Only Knew 1) poem
"Where Would You Be Without Me?" (gen) by M. Hartsell (Wanna Share 2)
“Whisper” (slash) by Dargelos (Code 7, 3) poem
"Whisper My Name" (slash) by M. Bonds (Down to Earth) song lyrics
"Whispers From the Shadows" (slash) by L. Starsky/Peruvian Gypsy (Fruit Cocktail Again)
"White” (slash) by L. McEwan (Sharecon 2008)
“White Feather" (slash) by Katherine Robertson (Nightlight 2)
“White Knight” (gen) by T. Beckett (TLC, Intermission 2)
"White Knight" (slash) by A. Talley (Moonlight and Mists)
"White Knight, The" (?) by ? (Ruff Cutz 1)
"White Knight" (slash) by T. Becket (TLC)
"White Knight Revisited, The" (gen) by Katherine Robertson (L.A. Vespers 2)
"White Knight Revisited" (gen) by J. Wagner (Shadowplay) poem
"White Knight's Lady" (gen) by J. Mancinelli (Ten-Thirteen 2)
"White Knight's Lament, The" (slash) by G. Barnes (Nightlight 1)
"White Knight's Pledge, The" (slash) by G. Barnes (Nightlight 1)
“White Lies” (slash) by Anonymous (Code 7, 1)
"White Lies for Lunch" (gen) by E. Morris (Shadowplay)
“White Rabbit” (slash) by M. Logan (Like Water, Like Fire)
“White Wolf” (slash) by P. Massie (Code 7, 4)
“White-Out” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (That’s/What/Friends 8)
“Who Do You Trust” (slash) by J. Hutchinson (Back to Back)
"Who Was That Masked Man?" (gen) by R. Roe (L.A. Vespers 1)
"Who's Your Daddy?" (slash) by Dara Rose/Anne S. (Dangerous Lives/Visions 4)
"Whole Lotta Love" (?) by S. Barrett (Ruff Cutz 1)
“Whom Death Could Not Part” (slash) by K. Masoner (Half You, Half Me 1)
"Whose Child Is This?" (gen) by D. Delamere (Cops, Robbers and Spies)
"Why Belle?" (slash) by L. Cribb (Moonlight and Mists)
“Why I Became a Detective…” (slash) by Hutchlover (Boys in Blue)
“Why I Live at the Best Western” (slash) by M. L. Fisher (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans 2)
"Wildfires" (slash) by Lutra Cana (VP Chronicles 1)
“Wilderness” (gen) by L. Bartlett and L. Haldeman (Zebra Three 2)
"Window of the Endless Night" (gen) by T. Smith (Window of the Endless Night)
"Winds of Change" (gen) by L. Chessum (You and I)
“Winner Takes It All, The” (slash) by Monika (Love Story 3)
“Winning” (gen) by M. Schainblatt (Better Together)
“Winter” (slash) by L. Bright (Code 7, 4)
"Winter Wonderland" (gen) by T. Davis (Tagging Along)
"Winter Wonderland" (slash) by Belle Eyre (It's Love, Cap'n, Tagging Along)
“Wisdom of Starsky” (slash) by Flamingo (Hutch/Me/Get/Whole Lot)
"Wish, The" (slash) by S. A. Hartwick (Pushin' the Odds) poem
"Wish You Were Here" (slash) by S. Stuart (Best of Enigma, Enigma 2)
“Wishing Glass” (slash) by L. Walk (Penal Code 1)
"With a Little Help From My Friends" (slash) by Mystic Whim and Hutchlover (Novella)
"With Intent" (gen) by D. Barry (L.A. Vespers 2)
“Without Regret” (slash) by Anonymous (Cucumbers/Crisco) poem
“With Someone” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 9, Ouch! 18)
“With This Ring” (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
“Without You, Who Am I?” (slash) by M. LeHand (Dangerous Lives/Visions 3)
"Woman's Touch, A" (slash) by D. L. Hicks (Lifeline/Decade/Sweet Revenge)
"Wonderful Stories" (slash) by unknown author (Tagging Along)
“Won’t You Take Me On a Sea Cruise” (slash) by D. A. Marsh (VP Chronicles 5)
“Word Game” (slash) by D.A. Marsh (Don’t Give Up On Us, Baby)
"Words" (gen) by E. Korbrin (L.A. Vespers 1)
“Words Finally Spoken and a Love Finally Shared” (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
“Words Into Action” (slash) by Shorts (Sweeter Than Honey)
“Words Left Unspoken” (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
"Words Made Flesh" (slash) by J. Sapphire (Virtual Season 5, 1)
“Words Of Love” (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
“Words We Don’t Say” (slash) by Lutra Cana (Fix 20)
"Work, Work, Work!" (gen) by Katherine Robertson (Casa Cabrillo)
“World Full of Jokers, A” (slash) by Verlaine (Blood and Destiny)
"World Series" (slash) by Anonymous (Phonebooth)
"Worlds Apart--Part One" (gen) by M. Kleinsmith (Forever Friends)
"Worlds Apart--Part Two" (gen) by M. Kleinsmith (Forever Friends)
"Worry Lines" (gen) by N. L. Rogers (That's/What/Friends 8)
“Worth Untested” (slash) by Peruvian Gypsy/L. Starsky (Indigo Stories of S/H, Indigo Boys 2)
"Would You Follow?: Hutch-1982 (slash) by KimberlyFDR (Snapshots)
"Write Me a Christmas Story, Raye" (gen) by R. Roe (L.A. Vespers 1)
"Writing on the Wall" (gen) by G. M. Cupp (That's/What/Friends 2)
"Written In the Heart" (slash) by M. R. Kiesel/MRK/C. Collings (Nightlight 2)
“Xmas Every Night” (slash) by Anonymous (Cucumbers/Crisco)
"Years and Years" (gen) by S. A. Hartwick (Just the Two of Us) poem
"Yesterday When I Was Young" (gen) by L. Starsky/Peruvian Gypsy (That/What/Friends 1)
"Yesterdays" (slash) by C. Beurrier (Three Eleven)
“You and Me” (gen) by L. Cribb (Zebra Three 6, Moonlight and Mists) poem
"You Are My Holiday" (slash) by Candy Apple (Virtual Season 5, 2)
"You Called My Mother?" (gen) by C. Kancel (That's/What/Friends 2)
“You Love Him, Too” (slash) by A. Valentine/M. Bonds (Sharecon 2002)
"You Needed Me" (slash) by unknown author (Tagging Along)
"You Promised That it Was Only for One Night" (slash) by M. L. Fisher (Sharecon 2008)
"You See Him Coming" (gen) by P. Massie (Wanna Share?)
“You Take My Breath Away” (slash) by Lucy (Dance With the Devil)
"Your Cave or Mine?" (slash) by Belle Eyre (No Pants/Badge/Gun)
“Your Eyes” (slash) by Lutra Cana (SHarecon 2000) poem
“Your Point of View” (slash) by Ioannia (Dangerous Lives/Visions 3)
“You’re in My Heart” (slash) by P. Talbott (The Lucky/Strong)
"You're Not Even a Good Kisser" (slash) by Anonymous (Cucumbers/Crisco)
"Young Blood" (gen) by L. Harding" (Intermission 2)
"Zebra Three" (gen) by G. Durrell (Don't Give Up on Us 2)


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