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If the author's name wasn't a single word or an obvious nickname, I included the first initial of the author's first name and the author's entire last name.

More information about an author's name can often easily be found on publisher's/agent's websites, the authors' own websites and archives.

See: the zines themselves

"Qualifications" (gen) by D. Barry (L.A. Vespers 1)
“Quest of the White Knight, The" (gen) by B. Howard (Me and Thee 2)
“Question of Merit, A” (slash) by C. Frost (Heart and Soul 6)
“Question” (slash) by Emily R. (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans 1)
"Questions" (slash) by Lucy (Sharcon 2000)
"Questions" (gen) by G. M. Cupp (That's/What/Friends 1)
“Questions But No Answers” (slash) by Lutra Cana (Don’t Give Up on Us, Baby)
“Quiet, The” (slash) by G. Smith (VP Chronicles 8)
“Quiet Country Weekend, A” (gen) by T. Becket and C. Power (Ten-Thirteen 2)
"Quiet Look Back, A" (slash) by A. Bradley (Hidden Secrets, Broken Hearts)
“Quiet Melody” (slash) by R. LaSalle" (Tales From the Tomato)
“Quiet Night In, A” (slash in Code, gen in Lifeline) by Anonymous/E. Mueller (Code 7, 1, Lifeline/Decade/Sweet Revenge)
"Quiet Night In" by Candy Apple (Virtual Season 5, 2)
“Quietus”" (gen) by L. LoCiero (Above and Beyond)
“Quietus" (slash) by J. Cabot (Code 7, 3) poem
"Quilt, The" (gen) by Chameleon (Renascence)
“Rain Check” (slash) by Sandra F. (Still the One)
"Rain Delay" (slash) by L. Bright (Wanna Share 2)
“Rainy Days and Mondays” (slash) by Sandra F. (Still the One)
“Rainy Days and Birthdays” (slash) by K. McChesney (Awakenings 1)
“Rainy Monday” (gen) by M. H. O' Ryan (Diverse Dimensions 4)
“Ramon’s Revenge” (slash) by T. Davis (Bonadventure, Tagging Along)
“Rap Sheet” (gen) by ? (Dynamite and a Torch)
“Rare Portraits” (slash) by Cynthia (A Little Bit of Cyn)
"Rash Moves" (slash) by S. Soliste (Vermont Avenue)
“Razor's Edge” (slash) by Fee Foley (Cold Pizza/Butterfly Bones)
“Reach Out and Touch Someone” (slash) by Anonymous (Phonebooth)
"Reaffirmation" (gen) by ? (Renascence)
"Real" (slash) by Salieri (Blood and Destiny)
“Real Break, A” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (That’s/What/Friends 8)
"Real Thing, The" (slash) by Peruvian Gypsy/L. Starsky (Starsky/Hutch Special Slash Collection, Over the Edge)
“Realignment” (gen) by Minnie K. (VP Times 4)
"Realignment" (gen) by M. Brown (Renascence)
"Realization" (slash) by Viv (Sharecon 2008)
"Reason Behind the Rhyme" (gen) by E-Pony
"Reasons" (gen) by S. A. Hartwick (Don't Give Up on Us 2)
“Reawakening” (slash) by S. Magee (Fix 9)
“Rebuttal” (slash) by E. Burke Marshall (Fix 13/14)
“Reciprocation” (gen) by L. Cribb (Half You, Half Me 1) poem
“Recompense” (slash) by Anonymous (Code 7, 1)
"Recuperation Time" (gen) by M. Millard (On the Edge 1)
“Recriminations” (gen) by J. Lindner (Zebra Three 5)
"Red Knit Cap" (slash) by R. Marracino (Don't Give Up On Us)
"Red-Letter Day" (slash) by Belle Eyre (Lifeline/Decade/Sweet Revenge)
"Red Rose Ranch" (gen) by P.Wilshe (Shining Through)
“Redemption” (slash) by Gilrain (Dark Fantasies 8)
“Redux” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 6, Compadres 23)
"Reflections” (gen) by C. Maier (Half You, Half Me 2)
“Reflections” (gen) by F. T. Garrett (Zebra Three 4)
"Reflections" (slash) by M. Ward (Three Eleven)
“Reflections of a Microbiologist” (gen) by Charlotte Frost (Heart and Soul 2)
“Reflections of the Way Life Used to Be” (slash) by Dawnwind (Reflections of the Way Life Used to Be)
“Refuge” (gen) by L. S. Tucker (Zebra Three 5)
“Regrets” (gen) by TibbieB (need zine)
“Regular Renoir, A” (slash) by Ioannia (Dangerous Lives/Visions 3)
“Rehearsal” (slash) by R. Christie (Fix 11)
"Reincarnations" (slash) by J. Morgenstern ((It's Love, Cap'n)
“Release” (slash) by Belladonna (A Love Story 2)
“Remember Him” (slash) by M. Logan (Dangerous Lives/Visions 3)
“Remember Me?” (gen) by K. Steuer (Signed With Their Honor)
"Remember Me Fondly" (slash) by KimberlyFDR (Dangerous Lives/Visions 4)
"Remember My Silence" (slash) by P. Massie (Three Eleven)
"Remembering a Cop" (slash) by K. Windrain (Sharecon 2004)
“Reminders” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 7, Ouch! 15)
“Remmants” (slash) by Rosemary (Dangerous Lives/Visions 1)
“Rendevous” (gen) by L. Jones (Half You, Half Me 2)ƒ
“Renegades” (slash) by J. Wilson (Code 7, 2) poem
“Renewal” (slash) by Anonymous (Cucumbers/Crisco) poem
“Replay” (slash) by Pamela Rose (Who/What/How You Know It)
“Reprieve” (slash) by K. A. Michaels (VP Chronicles 8)
“Reprisal” (slash) by C. Maier (Penal Code 1)
"Reprise" (gen) by M. Hale (One Shot)
“Request, The” (gen) by M. Schainblatt (Seasoned Timber 2, That/What/Friends 6)
“Requiem” (slash) by Anonymous (Code 7, 1)
“Requiem” (slash) by C. Maier (Penal Code 2)
“Requiem for Vanessa” (slash) by T. Kyle (The Lucky/Strong, Wanna Share 3)
“Resignation” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (VP Times 2)
“Resolution” (gen) by T. Davis (Mind If I Join Ya?, From/Cutting/Floor, Renascence)
“Resolution” (gen) by K. Steuer (SH Special Gen 4, Ouch! 10)
"Resonance" (gen) by Dawn (SunnyD) Hansen (Seasoned Timber 1)
"Respite" (slash) by A. Botes (Fix 18)
“Responding” (gen) by C.J. Lorane/T. Davis (From/Cutting/Floor, Bonadventure)
“Responsibility, The” (gen) by C. J. Lorane/T. Davis(From/Cutting/Floor, Nightlight)
“Rest of the Iceberg, The” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 9, Ouch! 18)
“Restoration” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 1, Ouch! 2)
“Resurgences” (slash) by Rosemary (Penal Code 2)
“Retribution" (gen) by S. Burchfield/E. Lowry (Fix 5, Collected Fix)
“Retrospection” (gen) by J. Wagner (Zebra Three 6) poem
“Retrospective” (gen) by L. McGee
“Return of Clay, The” (slash) by Shorts (Sweeter Than Honey)
“Return of Mattie Coyle, The"/"Mattie Coyle's Back in Town" (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Of Dreams and Schemes 18)
"Return of the Huntress" (slash) by V. Racklyft (Indigo Boys 3)
“Return of the Killer Tomato” (slash) by K. Moonshine (Barely Legal, Sharecon 2000)
"Return of the Magnificent Two" (gen) by R. Roe (Mixed Metaphors)
"Returning" (gen) by G. M. Cupp (That's/What/Friends 2)
“Revelations” (slash) by B. N. Fish (L. A. Nights 2)
“Revelations” (slash) by MLM/M. Millard (…Turned to Fire)
“Revelations” (slash) by R. Clifford (Code 7, 3)
"Revenants" (slash) by Candy Apple (Virtual Season 5, 2)
"Revenge" (slash) by Stuartsky (Best of Enigma, Enigma 3)
“Reverse Process” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Better Together)
"Revolution" (slash) by Madelin Lee (Revolution)
“Reward Enough” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Of Dreams/Schemes 22)
"Rhapsody" (slash) by Candy Apple (Rhapsody)
“Rhythm” (slash) by E. Lowry (Wanna Share 3)
"Rich Man, Poor Man" (gen) by Constance Collins (Concupiscence)
"Riders on the Storm" (gen) by D. C. Black and J. Maricevic (Me and Thee 2)
“Riding the Loa” (slash) by Cassandra (Blood and Destiny)
“Right Beholder, The" (slash) by Rosemary (Dreamers)
"Right Between the Eyes" (slash) by C. A. Rine (circuit story, version of the Brass Bed story)
“Right of Passage” (gen) by T. White (Blond Blintz Bulletin)
“Right to Touch, The” (slash) by MLM/Mary M. Millard (Lucky/Strong)
"Ring in the New" (slash) by T. Kyle (Fix 15)
“Riptide” (slash) by M. Logan (Sharecon 2004)
“Risk" (slash) by L. MaGee (Nightlight 1, Risk)
"Risk" (slash) by L. Starsky/Peruvian Gypsy (Moonlight and Mists)
“Risk” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 2, Ouch! 7, Our Favorite Things 17)
"Rite of Passage" (gen) by T. White (Blond Blintz)
"Rites of Passage" (gen) by E. Busch/Striped Tomato (Rites of Passage)
"Ritual" (gen) by P. Massie (Shadowplay) poem
“Rivulets After the Rain” (slash) by L. Dhenson (Cross the Line)
"Road Less Traveled, The" (gen) by L. McGee (Shadowplay)
“Road to Damascus” (slash) by J. Chabot (Moonlight/Mists)
“Road Trip” (slash) by Audrey (Blood and Destiny)
"Rock, The" (gen) by J. Ashby (Ten-Thirteen 2)
“Romeo and Juliet” (slash) by C. Frost (Heart and Soul 3)
“Rookie” (gen) by Katherine Robertson (Fix 7, Collected Fix)
“Rose, The” (slash) by L. Dhenson (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans I)
"Roses" (gen) by M. J. Bonds (Bonaventure)
“Rosebud” (slash) by T. Kyle (Fix 13/14)
“Rubber Room” (slash) by L. Skywriter (Still the One)
“Rue With a Difference” (slash) by T. Beckett and C. Power (Who/What/How You Know IT)
“Ruffled Emotions” (slash) by Angelise (Horizontal Mosaic 12)
“Ruins” (slash) by D. C. Black (Me and Thee 1)
“Rules of Engagement” (slash) by Susan (Blood and Destiny)
“Rumor, The” (gen) by M. Hale (Podnahz, Dirtball Dispatch)
“Rumors and Guesses and Innuendo" (gen) by A. Wilson (Everything But the Kitchen Sink 5)
"Rx" (slash) by Constance Collins (TLC)
"S&H and B&D" by Anonymous (circuit story)
“Sabotage!” (slash) by K. A. Michaels (VP Chronicles 8)
“Sacred Place” (slash) by Charlotte Frost (Heart and Soul 1)
“Sacrifice” (gen) by Annie (Seasoned Timber 4)
“Safe Places” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (By My Side 1, Our Favorite Things 15)
“Safety Net” (gen) by Peruvian Gypsy/L. Starsky (Bonaventure)
“Safeway Compromise, The" (slash) by L. Starsky/Peruvian Gypsy (Fruit Cocktail 4)
“Salt Point, The” (slash) by I. Ortiz (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans 2)
“Same Language, The” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 6, Ouch! 14)
“Sanctuary” (gen) by J. Reitz (Closer Than a Brother)
“Sanctuary” (gen) by S. Burchfield/E. Lowry (Penal Code 1)
“Sanctuary” (slash) by C. Frost (Heart and Soul 5)
“Sanctuary” (slash) by Shorts (Sweeter Than Honey, A Love Story 2)
"Sand in the Hourglass" (slash) by unknown author (Tagging Along)
“Sands of Time” (slash) by L. Starsky/Peruvian Gypsy (Fix 11)
“Satin Sheets” (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
“Saucy” (slash) by A. Rogers (Collected/Alexis Rogers, Cucumbers/Crisco)
“Say That Again” (gen) by M. Farina (Above and Beyond)
"Scales of Justice" (gen) by Katherine Robertson (Scales of Justice)
“Scales of Just-As-Good” (slash) by P. Smith and J. Nye (Code 7, 4)
"Scar Tissue" (slash) by T. Davis (Tagging Along, Wanna Share 2)
"Scarlett Ribbons" (slash) by E. Dudley (No Pants/Badge/Gun)
“Scene” (slash) by M. Heddy (Fix 20)
“Scenic Route” (slash) by Aramis (Cold Pizza/Butterfly Bones)
"Scoresheet" (slash) by S. Soliste (Celebration, Tagging Along)
"Scrambled Eggs" (gen) by S. A. Hartwick (Don't Give Up on Us 2)
“Sea Games” (gen) by D. Skyler (Better Together)
"Searching the Darkness for Stars" (slash) by Dawnwind (Sharecon 2008)
"Season" (?) by ? (Ruff Cutz 1)
"Season for Living" (gen) by S. Passman (Me and Thee 2)
“Season of Magic” (gen) by L. Pfeffer (SH Special Gen 1) poem
“Season of Miracles” (gen) by L. Pfeffer (SH Special Gen 1, Compadres 4)
"Season of Miracles” (slash, gen online) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
"Seasons" (slash) by an unknown author (Seasons)
“Season's Greeting" (gen) by R. Webster (Diverse Dimensions 2)
“Second Chance” (gen) by J. Maricevic (Zebra Three 1)
“Second Chance” (slash) by Annie (Love Story 3)
“Second Chances” (slash) by L. Doty (Don’t Give Up On Us 1)
"Second Chances" (gen) by C. J. Hayes (Renascence)
“Second Sight" (slash) by S. A. Hartwick (Fix 2)
"Second Time Around, The" (gen) by V. Dawson (The Pits)
"Second Time Around, The" (slash) by Daemen (unknown zine) Pros/SH crossover
“Second Time Lucky” (gen) by K. Steuer (Seasoned Timber 2)
“Second Tries” (slash) by L. Doty (Don’t Give Up On Us, Baby)
“Secret Admirer” (slash) by Shorts (Sweeter Than Honey)
“Secret Ingredient” (slash) by S. Soliste (Code 7, 2)
“Secrets" (slash) by S. A. Hartwick (Fix 1)
“Secrets” (gen) by B. N. Fish (L. A. Nights 1)
"Secrets" (gen) by R. Trillian (Secrets)
“Secrets” (slash) by M. Carlton (Partners in Crime)
“Secrets” (slash) by T. Beckett (Code 7, 2)
"Secrets in a Dark Wood: Clandestine Report 29" (slash) by Constance Collins (Fix 16)
"Secrets, Lies and Other Virtues" (slash) by Lutra Cana (Double or Nothing 3)
“Seduction” (slash) by Lilith Faire (Love Story 1)
“See Reverse for Care” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Remote Control 21)
“See Rock City” (gen) by K. Wallace (Half You, Half Me 2)
“Self-Destruct” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 9, Compadres 31)
"Semper Constance" (slash) by R. Alderson (Three Eleven)poem
“Send Me No Roses” (gen) by E. B. Marshall (Fix 10, Fix Collected)
“Sense of Duty” (gen) by T. White (L.A. Vespers 1)
"Sentinel, The" (slash) by E. Morris (Waddaya Mean/Kisser)
“Separate Lives" (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Nightlight 2, Flame Trilogy)
“September Song” (gen) by C. J. Lorane/T. Davis (From/Cutting/Floor, Shadowplay)
“Seraph's Gaze” (slash) by R. LaSalle (Tales From the Tomato)
“Serve and Protect” (slash) by Lucy (Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions 2)
"Serve and Protect" (gen) by S. Ferguson (Strange Justice) poem
“Set and Match” (slash) by Candy Apple (Love Story 1)
"Seven Days" (gen) by Deb SP (Cabrillo Con 2005)
"Severance" (gen) by J. Birch (Intermission 2)
“Sexperts” (slash) by C. Frost (Heart and Soul 6)
"SH: 103" (gen) by M. Hartsell (Wanna Share 3) poem
“Shadow Boxer” (slash) by Jane (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans I)
"Shadow Man" (gen) by J. Aumerle (The Pits 2)
“Shadow of a Dream” (slash) by CC (VP Chronicles 6)
“Shadowland” (slash) by J. Cabot (Who/What/How You Know It)
“Shadowplay” (slash) by M. J. Bonds (Shadowplay) poem
“Shadows” (slash) by L. Starsky/Peruvian Gypsy (The Lucky/Strong)
"Shaman" (gen) by P. Massie (Lifeline/Decade/Sweet Revenge) poem
"Shared Sunday" (gen) by Just Me (Wanna Share 1)
"Sharing” (gen) by M. L. Millard (SH Special Gen 1, Compadres 4)
“Shattered: Clandestine Report 105” (slash) by Constance Collins (Fix 13)
“Shelter of Your Arms” (slash) by M. Hartsell (Fix 7)
“Shibboleth” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 9, Compadres 28)
"Shield Series" (gen) by T. Davis (Mind if I Join Ya?)
“Ships Without Sails” (gen) by Lin P. (VP Times 3)
"Should Have Known” (gen) by Linda B. (The Bond 3: To Protect and Serve)
"Shot in the Dark: Clandestine Report 172" (slash) by Constance Collins (Fix 15)
“Show and Tell” (slash) by I. Ortiz (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans 2)
“Show Must Go On, The” (gen) by S. Davies (Above and Beyond)
“Side Effects” (gen) by M. Kleinsmith (That's/What/Friends 6)
"Sidewalk Valentine" (slash) by S. Soliste (Vermont Avenue)
“Sigh of Relief, A” (gen) by S. Davies (Above and Beyond)
"Sign of Reassurance" (gen) by L. J. Ouellette (That's/What/Friends 6)
“Sight Restored” (gen) by S. D. Davies (Better Together)
“Sign of the Scarlet Cross” (gen) by N. L. Rogers (That’s/What/Friends 5)
"Silence Remembered" (slash) by J. Wagner (Three Eleven) poem
"Silent Praise" (slash) by L. Cribb (Moonlight and Mists)
“Silver Bells” (slash) by K. L. Workman (Back to Back)
"Silver Lady" (slash) by P. Rose (Trace Elements)
“Silver Lining” (slash) by D. A. Marsh (VP Chronicles 8)
"Simon Says" (slash) by Salieri (Blood and Destiny)
"Simone's Dream" (slash) by E. Morris (TLC)
“Sin and Prejudice” (slash) by C. Frost (Heart and Soul 5)
“Since Sliced Bread” (slash) by D. A. Marsh (VP Chronicles 6)
“Since You Asked” (slash) by Animasola (Fix 21)
"Sing a Song of Gladness and Cheer" (slash) by T. Kyle (Virtual Season 8)
“Singularity” (gen) by S. Burchfield (Partners, Padnahz)
"Sink or Swim” (slash) by C. Frost (Heart and Soul 4)
“Sins of the Father” (gen) by L. Bartlett (Sins of the Father, The Pits)
"Siren" (gen) by J. Aumerle (One Shot) poem
“Sirocco” (slash) by Anonymous (Code 7, 1)
"Six Lives and Counting" (slash) by F. Hyatt (Three Eleven)
“Sixth Seal, The” (slash) by Terri B. (Lucky/Strong)
"Six-Year Itch" (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 2, Compadres 14, Ouch! 12)
"Skeleton" (gen) by T. Ruggles (VP Times 1)
“Sketch Pad” (gen) by M. Farina (Closer Than a Brother)
“Skin Deep” (slash) by E. Lowry (Still the One)
"Sky Blue and Black" (slash) by S. Bond (Red Hot Lovers)
"Skybound Blues" (gen) by M. J. Bonds (Celebration)
“Sleeping Arrangements" (slash) by J. Holland (Fix 4)
“Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate” (gen) by L. Brown (Zebra Three 5)
"Slice of Heaven, A" (slash) by Blue Starsky (Fix 21)
"Slings and Arrows" (gen) by K. H. Korrosy (Brotherhood 5)
"Slip-Sliding Away" (gen) by C. Bryson (Celebration)
“Smallest Sound, The” (slash) by Rae (Like Water, Like Fire)
"Smokescreen" (gen) by J. Chabot (Double Play)
“Snap Decision” (slash) by C. Stewart (Code 7, 2)
“Snapshots” (slash) by M. Dawn ( Concupiscence 4)
“Snapshots” (slash) by KimberlyFDR (Snapshots)
"Snarl-Up on Wilshire" (gen version) T. Davis (Bonadventure)
"Snarl-Up on Wilshire" (slash version) by T. Davis (Tagging Along)
“Sniper” (gen) M. Schainblatt (That’s/Friends/For 6)
"Snow Dreams" (gen) by S. Barrett (Don't Give Up on Us 2)
"Snowman" (slash) by R. Duncan/J. Chabot (Ten-Thirteen 2)
“Snow Wars” (gen) by B. Patton (Half You, Half Me 1)
"Snowbound" (gen) by J. J. Linder (The Pits 2)
“Snowstorm" (gen) by T. Kyle (Playfellows 1)
“So It Goes On, And” (gen) by R. C. Kwong (Better Together)
“So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done” (slash) by A. Hall (Code 7, 3)
"So, Who's Dead?" (gen) by R. Roe (L.A. Vespers 1)
“Soft as Fine Leather, Smooth as Silk” (gen) by S. Burchfield/E. Lowry (Fix 8, Fix Collected)
“Solar Eclipse” (slash) by Lutra Cana (In Your Eyes)
“Solitaire” (gen) by C. R. Faddis (Zebra Three 4)
“Solitary” (gen) by M. Kleinsmith (Seasoned Timber 3)
"Solitary Man” (slash) by J. Celliers (Dangerous Lives/Visions 1)
"Solomon's Ring" (gen) by E. Roy (Strange Justice)
"Some Days the Dragon Wins" (gen in Strange Justice, slash in other locales) by A. Rogers/K. Hunter (Strange Justice, Collected/Alexis Rogers)
“Some Kind of Friend” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Of Dreams and Schemes 15)
"Some Kind of Justice” (gen) by Linda B. (The Bond)
"Some Kind of Love" (slash) by L. Scott Butler (No Pants/Badge/Gun)
“Some Other Fantasy” (slash) by Kimberly FDR
“Some Things Can’t Be Fixed” (slash) by Hutchrules3 (Some Things Can’t Be Fixed)
“Somebody Up There” (gen) by T. Beckett and C. Powers (Ten-Thirteen 1)
"Someone To Watch Over Me" (gen) by M. Hartsell (Wanna Share 1)
"Something Left to Lose" (slash) by R. Duncan (Ten Thirteen 2)
"Something Left to Lose" (gen) by J. Chabot (Ten-Thirteen 2)
"Something to Go On" (gen) by P. Massie (Celebration)
“Something to Talk About” (slash) by Blue Starsky (Dreamers)
“Sometime Never” (gen) by J. Aumerle (Zebra Three 3) poem
“Sometimes the Winds Are Gentle” (slash) by E. MacIntosh/Sidhewolf (Fix 19)
“Sometimes You Just Gotta Do” (slash) by Blue Starsky (Sharecon 2002)
“Somewhere in Tahoe” (slash) by Flamingo (Test of Faith)
“Somewhere in the Night" (slash) by J. Chabot (Adult Situations 2, Code 7, 4)
"Songbird" (gen) by D. Hutt (Ten-Thirteen 2)
"Soulcraft" (slash) by J.Chabot (Nightlight 1)
“Sound of Distant Drums” (gen) by T. White (Podnahz, Dirtball Dispatch)
“Sound of Silence, The” (gen version) by T. Davis (Celebration, From/Cutting/Floor)
"Sound of Silence" (slash version) by T. Davis (Tagging Along)
"Southern Comfort" (gen) by C. Bixler (Forever Friends)
“Souvenirs” (slash) by Anonymous/V. Dawson (Code 7, 1, Water is Wide)
"Space" (slash) by M. J. Bonds (No Pants/Badge/Gun)
“Spaghetti Murder One" (gen) by J. Maricevic (Me and Thee 1)
“Spaghetti Murder Two” (gen) by D. C. Black (Me and Thee 2)
“Spanish Gold” (slash) by Tasha (Dark Fantasies 4)
"Special Chemistry" (gen) by M. Hale and H. P. Benedict (Blond Blintz Bulletin)
“Specialist Effects” (slash) by L.A. Pinn (Still the One)
"Spiderwalk" (slash) by J.Chabot (Nightlight 1)
"Spirit of Me and Thee" (gen) by L. J. Oullette (That's/What/Friends 6)
“Split Second” (gen) by Gretchen M. Cupp (Above and Beyond)
“Spoils of War” (slash) by Ch. Frost (Heart and Soul 3)
“Springtime” (slash) by C. Frost (VP Chronicles 3)
“Squadroom Bulletins” (gen) by Various Unscrupulous People (Zebra Three 3)
"Stage Fright" (gen) by S. J. Ferriday (You and I)
“Stake Out" (gen) by D. C. Black (Podnahz, Dirtball Dispatch)
“Stake Out” (gen) by G. K. C. Shelby (Zebra Three 1)
"Stake-Out" (gen) by S. Passman (Blond Blintz Bulletin) poem
"Stakeout" (slash) by Melodi R. (Hutch/Me/Get/Whole Lot) poem
“Stakeout” (slash) by Anonymous (Who/What/How You Know It)
"Standing by the Wall" (slash) J. Aumerle (Three Eleven)
"Stans Misuss" (slash) by Monika
"Staples" (gen) by P. Wilshe (Shining Through)
"Starsky and Hutch Reunion" (?) by P. Blackwell (S + H Reunion)
“Starsky and Hutch vs. Death Blimp” (gen) by Cool Han Luke (Zebra Three 1)
“Starsky and Hutchinson are Dead” (slash) by Constance Collins (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans I)
“Starsky Connection, The” (slash) by Anonymous (Phonebooth)
“Starsky Replaces Ann Landers” (slash) by Flamingo (Hutch and Me Get It On a Whole Lot)
“Starsky: Book of Revelations” (slash) by Chameleon (Code 7, 4)
“Starsky’s Fantasy” (slash) by Donna S. (Dark Fantasies 1)
“Starsky’s Girl” (slash) by K. A. Michaels (VP Chronicles 6)
"Starsky's Language" (slash) by E. Morris (Fix 6)
“Starsky’s Law” (slash) by A. Rogers (Collected/Alexis Rogers)
"Starsky's Song" (slash) by M. L. Millard (Fruit Cocktail Again)
"Starsky's Stalker" (slash) by V. Racklyft (Fix 14)
"Starsky's Story Notes"(slash) by E. Lowry (Hutch and Me Get It On a Whole Lot)
“Starsky’s Turn” (slash) by B. N. Fish (L. A. Nights 2)
“Starsky's Words of Wisdom" (slash) by R. LaSalle (Wild Cards 1)
“Starting Over” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 5, Compadres 19, Remote Control 12)
"Starving in Plenty" (slash) by M. Logan (Dangerous Lives/Visions 4)
"Statue for Starsky, A" (gen) by J. Bentley (Ten-Thirteen 1) poem
"Status Post" (gen) by P. Wilshe (Shining Through)
"Status Quo" (slash) by Teleny (Moonlight and Mists)
"Stereotypes" (gen) by M. Schainblatt (That's/What/Friends 2)
"Still the Same" (gen) by V. Dawson (Casa Cabrillo)
"Stillness" (slash) by L. Dhenson (Fix 19)
“Stopping Places” (slash) by Lutra Cana (Fix 21)
“Storm, The” (gen) by Brit (The Bond)
“Storm, The” (slash) by Anonymous (Code 7, 1)
"Strange Justice" (gen) by V. Dawson (Strange Justice)
"Strange Justice/Sweet Healing" (gen) by E. Farris (Dynamite and a Torch)
“Stranger, The” (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
"Stranger, The" (slash) by Candy Apple (Virtual Season 6)
"Stress Relief" (slash) by Lucy (Virtual Season 5, 1)
"Striking a Balance" (gen) by C. Newsome (Casa Cabrillo) poem
"Stuff of Heroes, The" (slash) by T. Kyle (Fix 16)
"Submission" (slash) by E. Lowry (Dangerous Lives/Visions 4)
"Substitute" (gen) by S. A. Hartwick (Mobile Ghettos 1)
“Success” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (House Blend 2)
"Sugar Free" (slash) by Anonymous (Cucumbers/Crisco)
“Summer Days” (slash) by J.K. Walkswithwind (Dark Fantasies 4)
“Summer Hiatus” (slash) by D. A. Marsh (Dangerous Lives/Visions 2)
“Summer of '71” (slash) by KimberlyFDR (Boys in Blue, Timeless 2)
“Summer’61/Winter ’82” (slash) by L. Harding (Code 7, 4) poem
"Summer's End" (gen) by J. Mancinelli (L.A. Vespers 2)
“Summer’s Rain” (slash) by L.Starsky/Peruvian Gypsy (…Turned to Fire)
“Summons” (gen) by B. N. Fish (L. A. Nights 1)
"Sundance and Butch" (gen) by Constance Collins (Bonadventure)
"Sunrise" (slash) by L. Cribb (Moonlight and Mists)
"Sunshine Dreams: Clandestine Reprt 28" (slash) by Constance Collins (Fix 6)
"Superman" (slash) by Anonymous (Phonebooth)
“Support System” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 2, Compadres 15, Our Favorite Things 16)
“Surprise, Surprise” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Above and Beyond)
"Surrender" (slash) by P. Smith (Strokes)
"Surrogate" (slash) by L. Cribb (Moonlight and Mists)
"Survival" (gen) by L. S. Tucker (Me and Thee 2)
"Survival" (slash) by R. Burns (TLC)
"Survival" (gen) by C. Power (Ten-Thirteen 1) poem
“Survival of the Fittest” (slash) by K. A. Michaels (Survival of the Fittest)
"Survival With Mel" (slash) by Polly Esther (Fix 18)
"Surviving" (gen) by M. Kleinsmith (zine?)
"Surviving Heirs of Russian Czars" (slash) T. Davis (Tagging Along, Wanna Share 2)
“Surviving the Life" (gen) by P. M. White (Me and Thee 2)
“Surviving the Titanic (slash) by Dawnwind (Boys in Blue)
“Survivor" (gen) by L. S. Tucker (Me and Thee 2, gen)
“Survivors” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Seasoned Timber 1)
“Sustenance” (gen) by G. M. Cupp (Closer Than a Brother)
“Swan’s Road” (slash) by J. Morgan (Fix 8)
"Swear to Thee" (slash) by J. Walkswithwind (A Frisky to Remember)
“Sweet Afterthought” (gen) by B. Greenwood (Zebra Three 5)
"Sweet Comfort" (slash) by M. J. Bonds (Lifeline/Decade/Sweet Revenge)
“Sweet Dreams” (gen) by S. Burchfield/E. Lowry (Half You, Half Me 2)
"Sweet Dreams, Rosie Malone" (gen) by B. Barr (Bonaventure)
“Sweet Obsession” (slash) by Tam. K (VP Chronicles 3)
"Sweet Refrain" (gen) by M. J. Bonds (Lifeline/Decade/Sweet Revenge)
“Sweet Revenge" (slash) by Robbie (Dyad 7)
"Sweet Revenge" (slash) by M. Bonds (Down to Earth) song lyrics
"Sweet Revenge” (slash) by SuzTM (Like Water, Like Fire)
“Sweet Revenge, Act 1: Addendum” (gen) by T. W. Karle (Half You, Half Me 2)
"Sweet Revenge Quartet" (gen) by P. Massie (Pushin' the Odds) poem
“Sweeter By Far Than Honey” (slash) by Shorts (Sweeter Than Honey)
“Sweetest Revenge, The” (slash) by L. McGee (In Your Eyes)
"Sweet Revenge, Two Scenes" (gen) by M. Farina (Lifeline/Decade/Sweet Revenge)
“Sweetest Taboo, The” (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Code 7, 4)
"Swine Song" (gen) by Miss Piggy (One Shot)
"Switchhitters" (slash) by K. A. Marsh (Timeless 2)
Symbiosis” (gen) by C. J. Lorane/T. Davis (From/Cutting/Floor)
"Symbiosis" (slash) by Belle Eyre (Moonlight and Mists)
“Synthesis” (slash) by L. Cribb (The Conspiracy)


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