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If the author's name wasn't a single word or an obvious nickname, I included the first initial of the author's first name and the author's entire last name.

More information about an author's name can often easily be found on publisher's/agent's websites, the authors' own websites and archives.

See: the zines themselves

"NA 31/5 5:35" (slash) by L. A. Pinn (Timeless 1)
“Nailed” (slash) by G. Smith (VP Chronicles 8)
"Names and Places" by Debra (Frisky Business 8)
"Narcotic Charm" (gen) by D. Sontag (Celebration)
“Nature Boys” (slash) by R. LaSalle (Tales From the Tomato)
"Nature Lovers" (slash) by L. Harding (Moonlight/Mists)
“Nature of Promises" (gen) by A. McConnell (Me and Thee 2)
“Nature of Sacrifice, The” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (That’s/What/For 8)
"Nature Study" (gen) by J. Bentley (Ten-Thirteen 1)
“Necessary Force” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Remote Control 12)
"Necklace, The" (slash) by M. Hartsell (Lifeline/Decade/Sweet Revenge)
“Need” (slash) by L. Starsky/Peruvian Gypsy (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans I)
"Nekked Time, The" (gen) by R. Roe (L.A. Vespers 1)
"Neptune's Child" (gen) by N. F. Marrow (zine?)
“Never a Bad Time” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (By My Side 3)
"Never Again" (gen) by D. C. Black (Late Night 1)
“Never Cry Wolf” (slash) by D. A. Marsh (VP Chronicles 5)
"Never Fix a Flat With Starsky" (gen) by S. Nichols (Fireside Tales)
"Never Go Drinking With Starsky" (gen) by S. Nichols (Me and Thee 2)
"Never Go Fishing With Starsky" (gen) by S. Nichols (Fireside Tales)
“New Life, A” (slash) by Helen (Still the One)
"New Year" (slash) by P. Smith (Storms 1)
"Newlygay Game, The" (slash) by P. Rose (Trace Elements)
“Next Best Place" (slash) by Ellen M. (Fix 2)
“Next Bullet, The” (slash) by Lucy (Test of Faith)
“Next Step, The” (slash) by Ea (Sharecon 2008)
"Night After the Morning Before" (gen) by B. Adams (Renascence)
“Night and Day” (slash) by L. Dhenson (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans 2)
"Night at the Movies" (gen) by B. Barr (Celebration)
“Night Before Christmas, The” (gen) by T. Davis (Fix 9)
"Night Before Christmas, The," (gen) by MRK (Bonaventure)
"Night Before Christmas" (gen) by J. Maricevic (L.A. Vespers 2)
“Night Guard” (slash) by D. A. Marsh (VP Chronicles 6)
“Night Like No Other, A” (slash) by KimberlyFDR (Dangerous Lives/Visions 4)
“Night Maze” (gen) by S. Chapman (Ten-Thirteen 2)
“Night of the Living Dead” (slash) by P. Smith (Code 7, 2) poem
"Night Out Like No Other, A" (slash) by KimberlyFDR (Dangerous Lives/Visions 4)
“Night Patrol” (slash) by Dargelos (Code 7, 3) poem
“Night Reflections” (slash) by Linda C. (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans I)
"Night with Blake, A, or, Ballad for a Crossed- over Fan" by Airelle (Plain Brown Wrapper 1) SH crossover with Blake 7
“Nightfall" (gen) by J. L. Margut (Diverse Dimensions 4)
“Nighthorse” (gen) by K. J. Stewart (Zebra Three 5)
“Nightmare” (gen) by L. Bartlett (Zebra Three 5)
“Nightmare” (slash) by K. James (Dark Fantasies 1)
"Nightmare Whispering" (slash) by L. Dhenson (Fix 20)
“Nightmares” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (That’s/What/For 2)
"Nightmares" (gen) by C. Mason (Investigation Files) poem
“Nightmare’s Gate” (gen) by Lizzie Thorpe (Venice Place Times 3)
"Nightwatch" (slash) by J. Morgan (Fix 7)
“Nightrun” (gen) by J. Maricevic (Zebra Three 5)
"Ninety-Nine Miles from L.A: Hutch's Story" (slash) by L. Doty (Don't Give/Baby)
"Ninety-Nine Miles from L.A.: Starsky's Story (slash) by L. Doty (Don't Give/Baby)
"No Death Today" (gen) by L. Cribb (Don't Give Up on Us 1)
“No Easy Answers” (slash) by T. Beckett and C. Powers (No Easy Answers)
"No Hope for Butch" (slash) by L. McGee and E. Lowry (SHarecon
“No Man is an Island” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Comfort Zone 1)
“No More Tap Dancing” (gen) by L. Cribb (Half You, Half Me 2)
"No Place to Hide” (slash) by L. Cribb Walk (Penal Code 2)
"No Raincoat Required" (gen) by K. Wallace (Celebration)
“No Return” (gen) by K. Steuer (Signed With Their Honor)
“No Strings to Bind” (slash) by Lutra Cana (Don’t Give/Baby)
"No Words for Thanksgiving" by Lucy (Virtual Season 5, 2)
“Nocturne” (slash) by Peruvian Gypsy/Leah Starsky (Nightlight 2)
“Nocturne” (slash) by T. Beckett (Celebration)
"Nocturne 2000" (gen) by T. Beckett (SHarecon 2000)
"Nod to Regret, A” (slash) by Charlotte Frost” (VP Chronicles 2)
"Noel's Story" (slash) by K. Brown and K. New (Indigo Boys 2)
"Non Constant" (gen) by D. Barry (The Pits 2)
"Not Afraid of Bees: Starsky-1990 (slash) by KimberlyFDR (Snapshots)
"Not In a Million Years” (slash) by D. A. Marsh (VP Chronicles 1)
“Not Just on the News" (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 9, Compadres 29)
"Not Now, Not Anytime" (gen) by Karen B. (Sharecon 2008)
“Not Skin Deep” (slash) by P. Charles (Lucky/Strong)
“Not So Fragile a Thing” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 8, Compadres 27)
"Not To Yield” (gen) by Linda B. (The Bond)
“Notes on a Pillow” (slash) by K. McChesney (Awakenings 1)
“Notes to Be Pitched: Clandestine Report” (gen) by Constance Collins (Fix 7, Collected Fix)
"Nothing Like a Dame" (slash) by Dawnwind (Sharecon 2006)
“November Rain” (gen) by Kathy K. (Sharecon 2000)
“Novena” (slash) by Susan (Blood and Destiny)
“Now and Forever” (gen) by D. Doxstater (Zebra Three 6)
"Nowhere to Go" (?) by L. Doty (Sharecon 2006)
"Numbers Runner" (gen) by J. Aumerle (The Pits)
“Nuts” (slash) by Linda C. (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans 2)
"Nuttier Than a" (slash) by Merricat K. (Fix 20)
"Oasis” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (VP Times 4)
"Obeah" (Slash) by J. Chabot (Nightlight 2)
“Objects in the Rear View Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear” (slash) by Dolly Llama (Objects/Rear View Mirror)
"Obligations” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 1)
“Ocean and the Inland Sea, The” (slash) by J. Chabot (Penal Code 2)
"Octogenarian Two" (gen) by R. Roe (L.A. Vespers 2)
“Odds Against” (slash) by Tasha (Dark Fantasies 1)
"Odds Against" (slash) by Dawnwind (Sharecon 2008)
"Ode on a Cop's Ass" (slash) by V. Truet (Dangerous Lives/Visions 4)
"Ode to a Friend and Loved One" (slash) by The Pointed Stick (Sharecon 2002)
“Of Bondage and Lace” (slash) by Lutra Cana (When Lightning Strikes)
"Of the Fittest" (slash) by Constance Collins (TLC)
"Off Duty" (gen) by C. Robinson (Off Duty)
"Off-Stage Action" (gen) by R. Keampen (Zebra Three 3)
"Officer Down” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Remote Control 19)
"Officer Down” (gen) by Linda B. (The Bond 3: To Protect/Serve)
“Officer Friendly” (slash) by Constance Collins (The Lucky/Strong)
"Old Eyes, New Lives: Starsky-1984 (slash) by KimberlyFDR (Snapshots)
“Old Fashioned Christmas” (slash) by Anonymous (Cucumbers/Crisco)
“Old Friends" (gen) by E. Webster (Diverse Dimensions 2)
"Old Gun, An" (gen) by K. Simon (Magnetism)
“On Any Given Sunday” (slash) by Lucy (Fix 21)
“On Stone or Plaster” (gen) by Keri T. (Seasoned Timber 3)
"On the Darkside" (gen) by R. Marracino (Don't Give Up on Us 2)
“On the Inside at Last” (gen) by C. Kancel (Better Together)
"On the Tree a Star, And" (gen) by T. Kyle (Fix 9, Collected Fix)
“On the Other Hand” (gen) by C. Newsome (Half You, Half Me 1)
"Once Bitten" (slash) by L. Bright (Nightlight 1)
“Once Partners, Always Partners” (gen) by C. Kancel (Above and Beyond)
“Once Upon a Fairy Tale" (gen) by L. Starsky/Peruvian Gypsy (Playfellows 5)
"Once Upon a Night" (gen) by Teleny (Ten-Thirteen 2)
“Once Upon a Time” (gen) by T. Wright (Zebra Three 5) poem
"Once Upon a Time" (slash) by S. Chapman (Three Eleven)
"One Bite of the Apple” (slash) by D. A. Marsh (VP Chronicles 1)
"The One And Only All-Purpose Battery-Operated Valentine Vignette Flowchart" by Paula Smith (Best Little Valentine)
"One Day Will I Have Wished?" (slash) by P. Massie (Moonlight/Mists)
“One Left Behind” (slash) by A. Rogers (Code 7, 2)
"One Left Behind, The" (gen) by S. David and V. Wells (VP Times 1)
“One Less Heaven” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Seasoned Timber 5)
"One Life to Late" (gen) by S. Passman (The Pits 2)
"One Light" (gen) by M. F. Dominiak (Forever Friends)
“One Love” (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
”One Man's Dream" (gen) by R. Kurz (One Shot)
“One More Mountain” (gen) by T. Beckett and C. Powers (One More Mountain)
“One More River” (slash) by T. Beckett and C. Powers (One More River)
“One More Time” (slash) by Lucy (Dance With the Devil)
"One More Time of Almost" (gen) by S. Wyllie (Pushin' the Odds) poem
"One Night Stand" (slash) by P. T. Barnum (Three Eleven)
"One of Those Centuries" (gen) by C. Hotaling-Lyons and J. K. Walkswithwind (D.S.V #3: Still Crazy/Years)
"One Small Corner" (gen) by C. R. Faddis (Zebra Three 3)
“One of Our Own” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Our Favorite Things 16, Small Circle/Friends 3)
“One of Those Days” (gen) by K. H. Korossy and M. Farina (SH Special Gen 2, Compadres 16)
"One on One" (slash) by Candy Apple (Virtual Season 6)
“One Side Blind” (slash) by J. Chabot (Code 7, 2) poem
“One-Sided Conversation at the Wall, A” (gen) by L. Gill (SH Special Gen 1)
“One Small Corner” (gen) by C. R. Faddis (Zebra Three 3)
"One Sunny Day in the Ford Car Lot" (gen) by N. Folsum Casad (That's/What/Friends 6)
“One Way Trip to Nowhere” (gen) by S. Passman (Partners, Padnahz)
“One Who'll Go After You, The” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Seasoned Timber 3)
"Only a Change in Worlds” (slash) by N. Harrington (Dangerous Lives/Visions 1)
"Only Child, The" (slash) by V. Dawson (Water is Wide)
"Only One, The" (gen) by D. Hutt (Pushin' the Odds)
"Only Other Thing, The" (slash) by M. Bonds (Down to Earth), song lyrics
“Only the Lonely” (slash) by R. LaSalle (Tales From the Tomato)
"Only the Strong Survive" (slash) by Sparkle731 (Love Story 4)
“Only Time Will Tell” (slash) by M. LeFey (In Your Eyes)
“Only Truth I Know” (slash) by Anonymous (Code 7, 1)
“Only You” (slash) by M. Ward (Who/What/How You Know It)
“Open Letter to the Tenants of Venice Place” (slash) by Constance Collins (Dangerous Lives/Visions 1)
"Opened Minds" (gen) by M. F. Dominiak/Bardivoice (Opened Minds)
"Opening Night" (gen) by Another Anonymous (Ten-Thirteen 1)
“Opening the Doors” (slash) by MysticWhim and Hutchlover (With/Help/Friends)
“Opposites?”(slash) by M. Thomas (Me and Thee 1)
"Optional Fatal Charm Script" (gen) by J. Kanter (That's/What/Friends 3)
“Origins” (slash) by S. Beck (Boys in Blue)
“Ormolu” (slash) by E. Murdock (VP Chronicles 3)
“Other End of the Line” (slash) by Pamela Rose (Who/What/How You Know It)
“Other Side, The” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Closer Than a Brother)
“Other Things in Life Than Tea" (slash) by Robbie, poem (Dyad 6)
“Other Worlds” (slash) by KimberlyFDR (Test of Faith)
"Ou la Mer Recontre le Ciel: When the Sea Meets the Sky (slash) by Ioannia (Sharecon 2004)
“Out” (slash) by Lucy (Hidden Secrets, Broken Hearts)
“Out from Undercover" (slash) by J. Corday (Playfellows 7)
"Out of Love" (slash) by Yolanda (Fix 19)
“Out of the Ashes” (slash) by D. A. Marsh (VP Chronicles 8)
"Out of the Mists” (gen) by The Blintz and Brit (The Bond 2: Unbroken)
"Out of the Shadows" (slash) by unknown author (Tagging Along)
"Out on an Ocean" (gen) by S. J. Ferriday (Just the Two of Us
“Outcast” (gen) by Cynatnite (Blood and Destiny)
“Outside In” (slash) by M. Logan (VP Chronicles 7)
“Outside Influences” (slash) by Candy Apple (Outside Influences)SH and Sentinel crossover
“Outside Looking In" (gen) by S. Passman (Me and Thee 2)
"Outside Looking In" (slash) M. D. Brown (Wanna Share 2)
"Over the Line" (slash) by H. Stallings (Pushin' the Odds)
“Owls and Angels" (slash) by Robbie (Crosscurrents)
"POV" (gen) by J. Cabot (Bonaventure)
"POV: Terry... Gillian" (gen) by T. Davis/C. J. Lorane (Renascence)
“Packages" (slash) by C. Frost (Heart and Soul 2)
"Pac-Man" (slash) by S. Soliste (Vermont Avenue)
"Pahdnahs" (gen) by R. Smith (Partners, Padnahz)
“Pain Management” (slash) by Lyn (Love Story 3)
“Paint It Gray” (slash) by M. Logan (Back to Back)
“Panic Among the Pines” (slash) by Belle Eyre (Who/What/How You Know It, Tagging Along)
"Papa" (slash) by J. Clissold (Three Eleven)
"Papa Theodore" (slash) by L. Cribb (Moonlight/Mists)
“Paper Rock, A” (slash) by L. Cribb (Who/What/How You Know It)
"Part Called Earning Our Daily Bread, The" (slash) by Blue Starsky (Virtual Season 6)
“Pariah Revisited” (slash) by Nightbird/K. A. Marsh (VP Chronicles 3)
"Part Called Earning Our Daily Bread, The" (slash) by Blue Starsky (Virtual Season 6)
“Partner Thing, A” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Of Dreams/Schemes 21)
“Partner” (slash) by R. Kurz (Who/What/How You Know It)
"Partner, A" (gen) by P. Massie (Celebration)
"Partner... Lover" (gen) by J. Chabot (Double Play)
“Partners” (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
"Partners" (slash) by M. Carlton (Partners in Crime)
"Partners" (gen) by B. Kelsey (Celebration)
“Partners Again” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (That’s/What/Friends 1)
“Partners and Wives” (gen) by Sparkle731 (Boys in Blue)
"Partners in Adversity or What Fresh Hell is This?" (slash) by Flamingo and CrowRow (Sharecon 2004)
"Partners in Grime" (slash) by P. Wilshe (Shining On) )
"Partnership" by M. L. Millard (Plain Brown Wrapper 1)
“Partnerships” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 5, Compadres 20)
“Passages” (slash) by Suze777 (A Fairy Tale Life)
“Past Imperfect” (slash) by S. Chapman (Three Eleven, Indigo Boys 6)
“Past Tense, Future Perfect" (gen) by L. Pfeffer (Everything/Kitchen Sink)
"Pastorale" (slash) by Emily Rose (Nightlight 1)
"Payment in Kind" (gen) by V. Dawson (L.A. Vespers 2)
“Paying Dues” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Above and Beyond)
“Peace of Mind” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Seasoned Timber 1)
“Pearls Beyond Price” (slash) by C. Bell (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans 2)
“Perchance to Dream" (slash) by S. Burchfield/E. Lowry (Fix 2)
“Perchance to Dream” (slash) by T. Kyle (Cross the Line)
“Perchance to Sleep” (gen) by L. Peterson (Zebra Three 5)
“Perfect Christmas Gifts, The" (slash) by N. Harrington (Deck the Halls)
"Perfect Way to Spend a Rainy Sunday" by K. McChesney (Indigo Boys 5)
"Perfumes of Arabia" (slash) by T. Davis (Tagging Along, Wanna Share 1)
“Persepctive” (gen) by A. Wilson (Better Together)
"Personal Space" by S. Problem (Virtual Season 5, 1)
“Perspective” (slash) by L. Cribb (Who/What/How You Know It)
"Phantasms" (slash) by T. DeVaux (Waddaya Mean/Kisser)
“Phantoms” (slash) by Ch. Frost (Phantoms)
“Phone Call, The” (gen) by L. Haldeman (Zebra Three 5)
"Phoenix" (slash) by S. A. Hartwick (Moonlight/Mists)
“Phony Tip” (slash) by Anonymous (Phonebooth)
“Photograph" (slash) by E. Morris (Fix 3)
“Pick Up” (slash) by C. Collins/MRK (Penal Code 2)
"Pickin' Up the Pieces" (gen) by M. Athens (Mobile Ghettos 2)
“Picking Up the Pieces” (gen) by TibbieB (The Bond)
“Picking Up the Pieces” (slash) by Annie (Love Story 3)
“Picture Perfect”(gen) by L. Pfeffer (SH Special Gen 1)
“Pina Coladas or Margaritas” (slash) by R. LaSalle (Tales From the Tomato)
"Pigs in Space" (slash) by M. Logan (Pigs in Space, Timeless 2)
“Place in the Sun, Part 1” (slash) by L. Bright (Fix 11)
“Place in the Sun, Part 2” (slash) by L. Bright (Fix 12)
“Place to Hide, A” (slash) by L. Bright (Who/What/How You Know It)
"Place to Hide, A" (slash) by M. Bonds (Down to Earth) song lyrics
“Place Together, A” (slash) by N. Harrington (A Place Together)
"Plague" (slash) by C. Power (Three Eleven) poem
"Plaguing Perspectives" (gen) by P. Wilshe (Shining Through)
“Plain Brown Wrapper I" (slash) by L. Starsky/Peruvian Gypsy (Plain Brown Wrapper 1)
“Planes, Trains and Torinos” (slash) by Tiger Tyger (Barely Legal)
“Plaque, The” (gen) by M. Raunch (Zebra Three 3)
“Play Dead For Me” (gen) by C. R. Faddis (Zebra Three 4)
"Playboy Island Missing Scene" (gen) by M. Patrick (Dirtball Dispatch)
"Players of the Game" (slash) by E. L. Marion (Paladin's Affair 1)
“Playing Clarence” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Closer Than a Brother)
"Playing the Odds" (?) by T. Librande (Daily Reports)
"Pledges" (slash) by S. Soliste (Vermont Avenue)
"Plots" (slash) by B. L. Barr (No Pants/Badge/Gun)
“Podnahs" (slash) by Julian (Wild Cards 3) poem
"Point of View" (gen) by Shelmfair (Mind if I Join Ya?)
“Poker Night” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Our Favorite Things 17)
“Polyphony” (gen) by S. Burchfield (Zebra Three 5) poem
“Pompeii Chili and a Six Pack of Beer” (slash) by Linda C. (Hutch/Me/Get It On)
“Portent” (gen) by Katherine Robertson (L.A. Vespers 2)
"Possession” (slash) by Lasha (Fix 19)
"Post Game" (gen) by P. Wilshe (Shining Through)
“Post Restante” (slash) by T. Beckett (Shadowplay)
"Postcards from Azerbaijan" (gen) by M. E. Cooper (VP Times 1)
“Postscript” (gen) by Rebelcat (Postscript)
“Power of Love, The” (gen) by K. H. Korossy
“Precious Things” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 6, Small Circle/Friends 9)
“Pre-Dawn Pain” (slash) by L. Cribb (Who/What/How You Know It)
“Prelude” (gen) by T. White (Pits 2)
“Preordained” (slash) by Lutra Cana (Bedroom Eyes)
"Prescience Perfect" (slash) by M. Athens (Prescience Perfect)
"Present Company" (gen) by D. Barry (L.A. Vespers 1)
“Presentation” (gen) by B. N. Fish (L.A. Nights 1, Good Guys Wear Fangs 5)
“Presents Under the Tree” (slash) by “(slash) by T. Wells (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans 2)
“Price, The” (slash) by M. Logan (VP Chronicles 6)
"Price of a Life, The”> (gen) by Brit (The Bond 3: To Protect/Serve)
“Price of Cars in '77, The" (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Brotherhood 21)
“Prima Facie” (gen) by T. Beckett and C. Power (Lifeline/Decade/Sweet Revenge)
"Primary Subject" (slash) by Candy Apple (Primary Subject) SH and Sentinel crossover
“Prince of Thieves” (slash) by J. Wilson (Code 7, 2) poem
“Priorities" (gen) by M. Decker (Fix 3, Collected Fix)
“Prisoners” (gen) by N. L. Rogers (That’s/What/Friends 4)
“Private Agendas” (slash) by C. Frost (Private Agendas)
"Private Party" (gen) by S. Passman (Partners)
"Private Party" (slash) by Constance Collins (Variations)
“Private Party in 209” (slash) by Anonymous (Cucumbers/Crisco)
“Process” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Better Together)
"Proff" (gen) by K. Steuer (Seasoned Timber 1)
"Progression" (gen) by S. Burchfield (Lifeline/Decade/Sweet Revenge)
"Prometheus Unchained" (gen) by C. Rancourt (PI3 #7: the Mountain Cabin Issue)
"Prophesy, The" (slash) by Jatona P. Walker (Awakenings 5)
"Promises" (gen) by N. Folsom Casad (That's/What/Friends 8)
“Promises Kept” (slash) by C. Frost (Heart and Soul 3)
"Promises of Tomorrow" (gen) by L. Starsky/Peruvian Gypsy (Dynamite and a Torch)
“Promises, Promises” (slash) by L. Cribb (Who/What/How You Know It)
“Promises to Keep” (gen) by T. White (Promises to Keep)
“Proof” (gen) by K. Steuer (Seasoned Timber 1)
“Prophecy, The” (slash) by J. P. Walker (Awakenings 5)
“Pros 'n Cons” (slash) by R. LaSalle (Tales From the Tomato)
“Protect and Serve" (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Nightlight 1)
"Proving Time, The" (slash) by E. Morris (Nightlight 2)
“Public Utilities” (slash) by Anonymous (Phonebooth)
“Pump It Up” (slash) by K. A. Michaels (Sharecon 2006)
“Pushing” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 2, Ouch! 4)
“Pussywillows, Cat Tails” (slash) by Dargelos (Code 7, 2)
“Puzzle Box” (slash) by M. Logan (Test of Faith)


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