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If the author's name wasn't a single word or an obvious nickname, I included the first initial of the author's first name and the author's entire last name.

More information about an author's name can often easily be found on publisher's/agent's websites, the authors' own websites and archives.

See: the zines themselves

“Game of Chess, A” (slash) by J. Sapphire (Boys in Blue)
“Game Point” (slash) by T. Kyle (…Turned to Fire)
“Game: Hutch, The” (slash) by L. Cribb (Who/What/How You Know It)
“Game: Starsky, The” (slash) by L. Cribb (Who/What/How You Know It)
"Game-a-Day" (gen) by D. Barry (L.A. Vespers 1)
“Games” (gen) by Nelleke (Seasoned Timber 5)
"Games in the Middle of the Night" (slash) by Constance Collins/MRK (Wanna Share 1)
"Games/Not Games: Clandestine Report 147" (slash) by Constance Collins (Fix 10)
“Games Partners Play” (slash) by T. Kyle (When Lightning Strikes)
“Games We Play” (slash) by Belladonna (Dangerous Lives/Visions 3)
“Gaslight” (gen) by S. David and V. Wells (Gaslight)
"Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn" (gen) by P. Dale (Ten-Thirteen 1)
“Gathering of the Clan" (slash) by C. Maier (Fix 3)
“Geez, Louise, D’ya Think I’m in Love?” (slash) by Flamingo (Fix 16)
"General, The” (slash) by C. Frost (Heart and Soul 2)
"Generation" (gen) by S. A. Hartwick (Don't Give Up on Us 1)
“Gentle Hand on the Reins” (slash) by K. Moonshine (Sharecon 2002)
"Gentlemen, Start Your Engines” (slash) by D. A. Marsh (Timeless 1)
"Get Thee Behind Me" (slash) by Britwizz (Sharecon 2006)
“Gettin’ There” (slash) by B. N. Fish (L. A. Nights 1)
“Getting a Clue" (slash) by Lady Avalon Mists and CJ (Dyad 23)
"Ghost Cries" (gen) by D. J. Ulch and D. Wilkerson (Blond Blintz Bulletin)
"Ghosts" (slash) by T. Kyle (Pocket Full of Friskys)
“Ghosts of Christmas Past” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (That’s/What/For 6)
"Giant Steps" (gen) by S. Chapman (Intermission 2)
“Gift, The” (gen) by M. Kleinsmith (Better Together)
“Gift From the Sea” (gen) by B. N. Fish (Fix 11, Collected Fix)
"Gift of Rememberance, A" (gen) by A. Zollenkopf (Renascence)
“Gifts of the (L.A.) Magi” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 1, Yule Tide 3)
"Gilded Cage" (gen) by M. Schainblatt (That's/What/Friends 3)
"Gillian" (gen) by S. Passman (Dirtball Dispatch)
"Gillian" (gen) by R. Smith (The Pits)
"Gilty (sic) as Hell" (gen) by S. Soliste (Strange Justice)
"Gimme a Bite" (slash) by S. Meek (Best of Enigma, Enigma 3)
“Gimme Shelter” (slash) by B. N. Fish (L. A. Nights 2)
"Girlfriend” (slash) by C. Frost (Heart and Soul 4)
"Glass Face in the Rain" (gen) by J. Chabot (Celebration) poem
“God Bless the Child” (slash) by Dargelos (Code 7, 3)
“...Gods Arrive, The” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 3, Ouch! 9)
“Going Fishing” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 7, Compadres 25)
“Golden Boy” (slash) by M. L. Fisher (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans I)
"Golden Man" (slash) by L. Cribb (Nightlight 1)
“Goliath” (gen) by S. Lovett (Goliath)
“Gone” (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
“Good Deal, A” (gen) by Karen B. (Boys in Blue)
"Good News" (gen) by G. M. Cupp (That's/What/Friends 1)
“Good, the Bad and the Guppy, The” (slash) by Anonymous (Cucumbers/Crisco)
"Goodbye" (gen) by R. Kurz (Casa Cabrillo, One Shot)
"Goodbye Kira" (?) by S. A. Hartwick (Side By Side)
"Goodnight" (gen) by P. Wilshe (Shining Through, VP Times 1)
“Grace Note” (slash) by J. Cabot (Penal Code 1)
"Graduation Day" (gen) by M. Schainblatt (That's/What/Friends 6)
"Graven Images" (gen) by J. Aumerle (Graven Images)
"Graven Images" (gen) by P. Smith (Ten-Thirteen 2)
""Great Crossovers That Should Have Been Made But Fortunately Weren't" (gen) by S. Cutter, C. Hotaling-Lyons, K. Ashford and A. A. Fox (D.S.V. #3: The Still Crazy/Years)
“Great Date Debate” (slash) by Cyanne (Sharecon 2002)
“Great Ending, A” (slash) by L. Bright (The Lucky/Strong)
"Greater Love, A" (gen) by D. C. Black (Blond Blintz Bulletin)
"Greek” (slash) by C. Frost (Heart and Soul 3)
"Green Tomato" (gen) by D. Hutt-Stapher (Paladin 2) SH and Incredible Hulk crossover
“Grey Panthers' (gen) by L. Haldeman (Rerun 1)
"Grey Smoke" (gen) by S. Crispin (Ten-Thirteen 2)
“Grief" (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 8, Ouch! 16)
"Grim Fairy Tale: Curlilocks and the Three Bears) (gen) by W. W. Trent (Casa Cabrillo)
"Grounds for Survival" (gen) by B. DeGabriele (zine?)
“Growing Up” (gen) by M. Schainblatt (Closer Than a Brother)
"Guardian” (slash) by E. Lowry (When Lightning Strikes)
“Guardians” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (The Eyes Have It 8)
“Guilty Secrets, Secret Pleasures" (slash) M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Fix 4, Flame Trilogy)
“Gunsong” (gen) by J. Chabot (Half You, Half Me 2)
"Gunther's Revenge" (?) by S. Soliste (Gunther's Revenge)
"Gypsy Fires" (slash) by Lutra Cana (VP Chronicles 1)
"Haiku" (gen) by J. Felton (Ten-Thirteen 1) poem
“Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here” (gen) by C. Maier and L. Cribb (The Conspiracy)
"Half the Way" (slash) by D. Lloyd (Daily Reports 1) poem
“Handful of Sand, A” (slash) by A. Rogers (Collected/Alexis Rogers, Daily Reports 2)
“Handicapped Access” (slash) by K. Windrain (VP Chronicles 5)
“Hands On Experience" (gen by E. Kay (Playfellows 9)
"Hanged for a Lamb" (slash) by E. Rose (Nightlight 1)
“Happily Ever After” (slash) by Jenn/J. M. Holland (Dance With the Devil, Lifeline/Decade/Sweet Revenge)
"Happy Birthday" (gen) by V. Wells (VP Chronicles 4)
"Happy Birthday, Starsk” (gen) by K. Atkins (VP Times 4)
“Happy Birthday to You” (slash) by Flamingo (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans 2)
"Happy New Year, Hutch!" (gen) by ? (Ruff Cutz 2)
“Hard Day’s Night” (slash) by L. Starsky/Peruvian Gypsy (Fix 8)
"Hard Day's Night, A" (slash) by Dawnwind (Sharecon 2004)
"Hard Lesson (slash) by M. Logan (Sharecon 2006)
"Hard to Say I'm Sorry” (slash) by N. Harrington (A Love Story 2)
“Harold C.” (slash) by A. Rogers (Collected/Alexis Rogers)
"Harold's Dilemna" (slash) by K. Windrain (Sharecon 2004)
"Harvest Time" (slash) by V. Racklyft (Fix 17)
“Hatred of a Minute" (slash) by R. LaSalle (Wild Cards 4)
“Haunting, The” (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
"Have a Happy" (gen) by L. Bartlett (Me and Thee 2)
“Haven” by S. Lovett (Dangerous Lives/Visions 1)
"Haven, a Work in Process" (slash) by D. A. Marsh (Sharecon 2004)
"Hazy Shade of Winter" (slash) by P. Wilshe (Shining On) )
"He Ain't Heavy, He's My City" (gen) by Doughnyn (L.A. Vespers 2)
“He Said, He Said” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Frienz, Black Bean Soup)
“Healing” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Forever Friends)
"Healing Motions" by Candy Apple (Virtual Season 5, 2)
“Healing Time” (gen) by S. Burchfield (Partners, Padnahz)
"Heart of My Heart" (slash) by Barb (Best Little Valentine)
"Hello Stranger" (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Zoned Out)
"Heroes" (gen) by L. Hall (That's/What/Friends 1)
“Heart Can’t Lie” (slash) by J. Taylor (Cross the Line)
"Heart Knows, The” (slash) by C. Frost (Heart and Soul 4)
"Heart of the Matter" (gen) by S. Crispin (Celebration)
"Heart of the Sunrise" (slash) by E. Morris (Waddya Mean/Kisser)
“Heartbeat” (slash) by T. Kyle (…Turned to Fire)
"Heartfelt Thanks" (slash) by pepcidDC (Virtual Season 6)
“Hearts and Flowers” (slash) by T. Kyle (Fix 12)
“Heat” (gen) by Black Wingedbird (Blood and Destiny)
"Heat" (slash) by Jane (Double or Nothing 3)
"Heatwave" (slash) by S. Ferguson (Heatwave)
“Heaven Can Wait, Can’t It?” (gen) by Katherine Robertson (L.A. Vespers 2)
“Heaven of Hell, A” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (VP Times 4)
“Hell on Wheels” (gen) by L. Bartlett (Partners, Padnahz)
“Hello Again, My Friend” (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
"Hell's Afire" by pepcidDC and Firefly (Virtual Season 7)
"Hello, Stranger" (slash) by Cherokee Girl (Zoned Out) SH and Sentinel crossover
“Helping Hand, A” (slash) by E. Anderson (Interludes)
"Helping Hands" (gen) by M. M. Millard (That's/What/Friends 1)
“Hemorrhage” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (VP Times 2)
"Herstory of SHarecon" by M. J. Bonds (SHarecon 2000)
“Here and Now” (slash) by M. LeFey (Fix 21)
"Hero” (slash) by C. Frost (Heart and Soul 1)
“Hey, Starsk!” (slash) by J. Chabot (In Your Eyes)
"Hiatus" (gen) by A. Penn (Bonaventure)
"Hiatus" (slash) by T. Kyle (Fix 17)
"Hideaway for Starsky" (gen) by E. Batterby (Of Other and Such 2)
"Hiding" (slash) by M. Logan (Dangerous Lives/Visions 4)
"His Brother's Keeper" (gen) by S. Passman (Blond Blintz Bulletin)
"His Old House" (gen) by C. Robinson (That's/What/Friends 2)
"Hit Man, The" (slash) by E. Morris (Fix 2)
“Hold Me, Tease Me, Kiss Me, Please Me” (slash) by Glow/G. Sandy (Fix 15)
“Hold On” (slash) by P. Massie (Test of Faith)
“Holding On” (gen) by Annie (Seasoned Timber 5)
"Holding On" (gen) by S. Crispin (Ten-Thirteen 1)
“Home” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 6, Compadres 21)
"Home" (slash) by R. Kurz/Anonymous (Phonebooth)
"Home (First Interlude)" (slash) by V. Dawson (Water is Wide)
“Home Again” (slash) by Kathy (Leave/Light on For/Me)
"Home Comforts" (gen) by T. Davis (Mind/Join Ya?)
“Home Folks" (slash) by G. S. Delapenia (Dyad: Vampire Stories 3)
“Home for the Holidays” (slash) by M. L. Millard (Fix 13)
"Home for the Holidays" (gen) by E. Busch/Striped Tomato (Home/Holidays)
“Home Front” (slash) by Rosemary (Nightlight 2)
"Home is Where the Heart Is” (slash) by D. A. Marsh (Hidden Secrets, Broken Hearts)
“Home is Where the Heart Is” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 5, Ouch! 11, Three Eleven)
“Home Movies” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Remote Control 13)
"Home Repairs" (slash) by L. McGee (Nightlight 2)
"Home Team” (gen) by D. Skyler/Brit (Closer Than a Brother)
"Homecoming”(gen) by L. Cribb and C. Maier (Half You, Half Me 1)
"Homecoming" (gen) by M. Lee (Homecoming, Mobile Ghettos 2)
"Homecoming" (slash) by Betsy (Frisky Business 2)
"Homecoming" (slash) by S. Soliste (Vermont Avenue)
“Homesick” (gen) by S. David and V. Wells (VP Times 4)
"Honey and the Moon" (slash) by Cyanne (Sharecon 2004)
"Honeymoon" (gen) by Ima Fool (Shadowplay)
“Honesty” (slash) by K. Windrain (VP Chronicles 2)
"Honor Thy Father" (gen) by J. Aumerle (L.A. Vespers 2)
“Honor Thy Father” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 2, A Small Circle/Friends 4)
"Honor Thy Father” (slash) by K. Windrain (Dangerous Lives/Visions 1)
“Honor-Bound” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Small Circle/Friends 8)
“Hoosegow” (slash) by K. Windrain (Hidden Secrets, Broken Hearts)
“Hop on Cop” (slash) Not the Berenstains (Penal Code, 3)
"Hope" (gen) by P. Massie (Bonadventure)
“Hopeless Ways of Fools" (slash) by Rosemary (Indigo Stories)
“Hopscotch” (gen) by T. White (Hopscotch)
"Horsemaster, The” (slash) by C. Frost (Timeless 1)
"Hostage" (slash) by G. Sandy/Glow (Fix 16)
"Hostage" (slash) by AMW (Firesigns/Other Stories, Full Circle 5)
“Hostage Heart, The" (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (It's Love, Cap'n)
“Hostages to Fortune” (slash) by Suze777 (A Fairy Tale Life)
“Hot Honky-Tonk Sex” (slash) by Dosflores (Hutch/Me/Whole Lot)
“Hot Nuts” (slash) by A. Bradley (Dance With the Devil)
“Hour Before Dawn, The” (slash) by Anonymous (Code 7, 1, Collected Stories/Alexis Rogers)
“Hour Before Midnight, The” (gen) by C. Bryson (Half You, Half Me 2)
“Hour of Separation” (slash) by S. Bond (Heart and Soul 1)
“Hours Between Four and Nine, The" (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (No Pants, No Badge, No Gun)
"House Full of Memories, A” (slash) by Kimberly FDR (In Your Eyes)
“House of Cards” (slash) by D. A. Marsh (VP Chronicles 7)
“House of Cards” (slash) by T. Beckett (Code 7, 4)
"House of Mirrors" (slash) by Hutchrules3 (Virtual Season 6)
"How Come There Aren't Any Women Here? (slash) by Blue Starsky (FIx 21)
“How Hutch Saved the World As We Know It” (slash) by Rosemary (Hutch/Me/Whole Lot)
“How I Spent My Summer Vacation” (slash) by M. L. Fisher (Still the One)
“How Many Times” (gen) by S. Burchfield (Zebra Three 5)
“How to Write an S/H Story” (slash) by Anonymous (Cucumbers/Crisco)
"Howzat!" (gen) by S. Crispin (Ten-Thirteen 1)
"Huggy at the Bar" (gen) by S. Wyllie (The Pits 2)
"Huggy Under Fire” (gen) by Amye (Seasoned Timber 3)
“Huggy’s Dark Secret” (slash) by Alley Cat (Sharecon 2002)
"Hugging Bear" (gen) by L. Hall (Renascence)
"Hung With Velvet" (gen) by The Mink (L.A. Vespers 2)
“Hunger, Part 1" (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Fix 1)
“Hunger, Part 2" (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Fix 2)
“Hunger, Part 3" (slash) by M. J. Bonds/L. S. Bu
tler/A. Valentine (Fix 3)
“Hunt, The” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Of Dreams and Schemes 14)
"Huntington Beach" (slash) by C. Davis (Nightlight 1)
“Huntingdon Chronicles, The" (slash) by C. Davis and M. Decker (Fix 4)
"Hurt/Comfort" (gen) by L. Harding (Ten-Thirteen 2)
"Hurt/Comfort" (slash) by Shere Con Carne (Variations)
“Hutch” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Seasoned Timber 3)
“Hutch and Me Get It On a Whole Lot: the Kitchen” (slash) by jat sapphire (Hutch/Me/Get/Whole Lot)
"Husky and Starch: an Epic" (gen) by M. Raunch (The Pits 2)
“Hutch Fever” (slash) by T. Kyle (Fix 10)
"Hutch in Black" (slash) by S. Cameron (Playfellows 9) poem
“Hutch Meets Bobby” (slash) by K. Windrain (Sharecon 2002)
"Hutch's Lament" (gen) by R. Roe (L.A. Vespers 2)
“Hutch’s Puppy”(slash) by M. Lee (Code 7, 2)
"Hutchinson School Rejection Letter" (gen) by L. Haldeman (One Shot)
”I Am Man” (slash) by Keri T. (Sharecon 2004)
“I Called Your Name" (gen) by K. Steuer (House Blend 1)
"I Can Show You the Future" (slash) by SuzTM (Sharecon 2006)
“I Can't Tell You Why” (slash) by J. Dayton (Who/What/How You Know It)
"I Come to You in Gentle Need" (slash) by J. Wagoner (Strokes)
“I Don’t Take Sugar in My Songs” (slash) by A. Rogers (Collected/Alexis Rogers)
“I Feel the Music: Four Vignettes” (slash) by Peruvian Gypsy/L. Starsky (Renascence)
“I Hear Music” (slash) by Katherine Robertson (Waddaya Mean/Kisser)
“I Know What You’re Thinking” (slash) by Blue Starsky (Fix 21)
“I Remember L.A.” (slash) by TigerTyger (When Lightning Strikes)
“I Saw You” (slash) by Barrie/MASHFanficChick (Sharecon 2008)
“I Think I'll Keep My Day Job” (gen) by B. K. Jackson (Above and Beyond)
“I Tought I Taw A Puddy Tat” (slash) by Ioannia and Jat Sapphire (Dangerous Lives/Visions 3)
“I Was Out of Line” (gen) by S. David (Venice Place Times 4)
“I Wear My Sunglasses at Night” (slash) by J. Sapphire (Don’t Give/Baby)
“I Wish I Was Homeward Bound” (slash) by J. Sapphire (Dangerous Lives/Visions 1)
"I Write the Songs" (slash) by T.M. (Best Little Valentine)
"ICU" (gen) by T. Beckett (Celebration)
“I.O.U.” (slash) by Constance Collins (Fix 13)
“I’ll See You In My Dreams” (slash) by K. Wallace (Code 7, 3)
"I’m Not Junior Anymore” (gen) by L. Cribb (Half You, Half Me 1)
"Ice Cream Cone" (slash) by J. Paris (No Pants/Badge/Gun)
“Ice Cream Dreams” (slash) by Lutra Cana (Partners in Crime)
“Ides of August-1986, The” (slash) by S. Williston (…Turned to Fire)
“Ides of August-1987, The” (slash) by S. Williston (…Turned to Fire)
“If At That Moment, And” (gen) by P. Massie (Half You, Half Me 2)
“If Choose I Must” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Wizard's Cauldron 1)
"If I Ever Doubted" (gen) by P. Massie (Ruff Cutz 2)
"If I Were a Carpenter" (gen) by K. MeElvain (L.A. Vespers 2)
“If Love is Real: Addiction” (slash) by Flamingo (If Love is Real: Addiction)
“If Love is Real: Colby” (slash) by Flamingo (Fix 17)
"If Love is Real: Helen" (slash) by Flamingo (Cross the Line)
“If Love is Real: Starsky” (slash) by Flamingo (Cross the Line, Fix 18)
“If Love is Real: Vanessa” (slash) by Flamingo (Indigo Boys 4, Indigo Stories of Starsky and Hutch)
"If Only" (gen) by D. Warner (Celebration)
"If Pigs Had Wings" (gen) by Kira (zine?)
“If You Have to Ask” (gen) by G. M. Cupp (Seasoned Timber 3)
"Ilium" (gen) by C. D. Rice (L.A. Vespers 2)
“Illumination” (slash) by L. Dhenson (Dreamers)
"Illusions" (gen) by ? (Ruff Cutz 2)
"Illusions Lost" (slash) by L. Dhenson (Fix 16)
“Immortals Happen” (gen) by Toshua (Seasoned Timber 2)
“Impositions” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Of Dreams and Schemes 19)
"I'm Not Junior Anymore" (slash) by L. Cribb (Half You, Half Me 1)
"I'm Still Here" (gen) by Brit (The Bond)
“Impressions on an Early Morn” (gen) by T. W. Karle (Half You, Half Me 1)
"In a Strange Land" (slash) by P. Dale (Best of Enigma, Enigma 1)
“In Black and White” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 7, Compadres 24)
"In Defense of Vanessa, or Was It Nancy? (gen) by M. Raunch (L.A. Vespers 2)
"In Fire and Blood" (slash) by Kaye (Blood and Destiny)
"In Her Eyes" (slash) by L. McEwan (Constricted by Plot 2009)
"In Living Everyday" (gen) by D. Barry (L.A. Vespers 1)
"In My Partner's Eyes" (gen) by Linda B. (Cabrillo Con 2005)
“In Search of Pleasure” (slash) by M. L. Millard (Starsky/Hutch Special Slash Collection, Strictly an Indulgence)
"In Shades of Love" (gen) by K. McElvain (L.A. Vespers 1)
"In the Calm" (slash) by L. Dhenson (Fix 15)
“In the Dark Places of the Soul” (slash) by J. Celliers (Sharecon 2000)
"In the Dying Light” (gen) by Kassidy (Like Water, Like Fire)
“In the Midst of Life” (slash) by L. A. Pinn (When Lightning Strikes)
“In the Ruins” (slash) by Gilrain (Me and Thee 1, Don’t Give/Baby)
“In the Shade of the Linden Tree” (slash) by MysticWhim (With/Help/Friends)
“In the Shadow of Death” (slash) by Candy Apple (Love Story 1)
“In the Shelter of Your Arms” (slash) by T. Kyle (In Your Eyes)
“In Times of Darkness” (slash) by Lutra Cana (SHarecon 2002)
"In Vino Veritas" (gen) by T. Becket (Strange Justice) poem
"In Whom We Trust" (gen) by K. Simon (Magnetism)
“In Your Eyes” (slash) by L. McGee
"Incarnations" (not applicable) by J. Morgan (Fix 5)
“Incarnations 2, by the Rivers of Babylon (slash) by J. Morgan and the Huggy (Fix 6)
"Incident Report" (gen) by Cathy B. (Enigma 5)
"Incubus" (slash) by Kassidy (Sharecon 2006)
“Incorruptibles” (slash) by Anonymous (Phonebooth)
"Indigo Eyes" (slash) by Constance Collins (Fix 13/14)
“Inheritance” (slash) by R. Alderson (Code 7, 2) poem
“Innocence Lost” (gen) by S. David and V. Wells (VP Times 2)
"Inquiring Minds Want to Know" (gen) by Gretchen M. Cupp (That's/What/Friends 2)
“Inside Looking Out" (gen) by S. Passman (Me and Thee 2)
“Inside the Perimeter Tape” (gen) by S. David and V. Wells (Seasoned Timber 3)
"Instant of Death, A" (slash) by A. Rogers (Collected Stories/Alexis Rogers)
“Instincts” (gen) by B.N. Fish (L.A. Nights 1, Good Guys Wear Fangs 1)
“Insurance Noire” (slash) by E. B. Marshall & L. E. Lawrence (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans 2)
“Intercourse” (slash) by L. Dhenson (Cross the Line)
"Interlude at Itasca" (slash) by P. Massie (Nightlight 1)
“Interludes” (slash) by E. Anderson (Interludes)
“Intermezzo” (gen) by S. Burchfield (Zebra Three 5)
“Interview, The” (slash) by Toshua (Full Circle 6)
"Interview, The" (slash) by AMW (Double or Nothing 2)
“Into the Sunset” (slash) by Constance Collins (The Lucky/Strong)
“Into Your Hands” (slash) by Anonymous (Code 7, 1)
“Invictus” (gen) by T. Beckett (Three Eleven, Enigma 1)
“Invictus” (gen) by V. Wells (VP Times 3, Three Eleven)
"Is Love” (slash) by Jennifer C. (Sharecon 2004)
“Island” (gen) by P Massie (Penal Code 1)
“It Ain't Me, Babe” (gen) by J. Mancinelli (Zebra Three 6)
“It Ain’t What You Do” (slash) by T. Davis (Tagging Along)
“It Could Happen” (slash) by Cyanne (Sharecon 2002)
“It Doesn’t Take a Psychic” (slash) by Lucy (Fix 20)
"It Takes All Kinds" (gen) by L. Starsky/Peruvian Gypsy (Celebration)
"It Takes Two to Tangle" (slash) by Robbie (Son of Frisky Business)
“It Was a Dark and Stormy Night” (slash) by S. Lovett (Code 7, 4)
"It Was a Very Good Ear" (slash) by Robbie (Son of Frisky Business)
“It's a Dog's Life” (slash) by A. Rogers (Who/What/How You Know It, Collected/Alexis Rogers)
"It’s a Wonderful Life?” (slash) by D. A. Marsh (Sharecon 2002)
“It’s All in a Name” (gen) by M. Kleinsmith (That’s/What/For 1)
“It’s All in the Game” (slash) by M. L. Fisher (Back to Back)
"It's Always Toughest" (slash) by A. Hall (Three Eleven)
“It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” (gen) Constance Collins (Fix 9, Collected Fix)
“It’s Hard to Love a Cop” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Seasoned Timber 5)
“It’s in the Soup” (slash) by Shorts (Sweeter Than Honey)
“It’s No Fun Dating a Cop When…” (gen) by C. Dubois (Zebra Three 3)
"It's the Thought That Counts" (slash) by J. Elliot (Whaddaya Mean/Kisser)


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