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If the author's name wasn't a single word or an obvious nickname, I included the first initial of the author's first name and the author's entire last name.

More information about an author's name can often easily be found on publisher's/agent's websites, the authors' own websites and archives.

See: the zines themselves

“Dad's Day" (slash) by Candy Apple -- scroll down to: Outside Influences and link there -- (Dad’s Day, Family Affair, Family Matters) SH and Sentinel crossover
“Dahn Tu” (gen) by The Blintz (The Bond 3: To Protect and Serve)
"Dance With Me: Hutch-1981 (slash) by KimberlyFDR (Snapshots)
“Dandelion” (slash) by Anonymous (Code 7, 1)
"Dark and Stormy Night" (slash) by unknown author (Tagging Along)
"Dark Night of the Soul” (slash) by E. Lowry (Sharecon 2000, Dangerous Lives/Visions 2)
“Dark Waters” (gen) by R. C. Kwong (Better Together)
"Darkside" (slash) by J. Celliers (Dangerous Lives/Visions 4)
"Darling Buds of May" (gen) by Katherine Robertson (Dirtball Dispatch)
“David Starsky, M.D.” (slash) by Kaye Austen Michaels (VP Chronicles 7)
“Day By Day” (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Day By Day)
"Day Off" (gen) by L. Hall (That's/What/Friends 1)
“Day One, a Prequel” (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Fix 12, Wanna Share 3)
“Day One, Conclusion” (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Fix 12)
“Day/Night” (slash) by L. Cribb (Who/What/How You Know It)
"Day the Universe Changed, The” (slash) by Dawnwind (Dangerous Lives/Visions 3)
"Day by Day" (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Day by Day)
"Day the Earth Stood Still, The" (slash) by J. Paris (No Pants/Badge/Gun)
“Days and Nights” (slash) by K. L. Workman (A Love Story 2)
"Days of Magic...S till So Close to Me" (slash) by C. Trant (Sharecon 2004)
“Deadly Practice” (gen) by K. Steuer (Seasoned Timber 1)
“Deadly Substitutions” (gen) by M. Kleinsmith (Above and Beyond)
"Dear Abbie" (gen) by Cherokeegirl (Ten-Thirteen 2, Me and Thee)
“Dear Abby” (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
"Dear Diary" (slash) by C. Beurrier (Three Eleven)
“Dear Hutch” (gen) by Pat (Sharecon 2000)
“Dearly Beloved” (gen) by V. Dawson (Me and Thee 1)
"Death Angeles" (gen) by C. Faddis (Strange Justice)
"Death Before Dishonor" by Lucy (Virtual Season 7)
“Death by Water” (slash) by Dargelos (Code 7, 3)
"Death Dance" (gen) by Katherine Robertson (The Pits 1)
"Death Dream" (slash) by S. Burchfield/E. Lowry (Fix 1)
“Death's Door” (gen) by J. Maricevic (Podnahz, Dirtball Dispatch)
"Debt-Free is Death" (gen) by P. Massie (Celebration)
“Debts of Friendship” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 6, Ouch! 13)
"Decision" (slash) by E. Lowry (Sharecon 2008)
“Decision” (slash) by B. N. Fish (L. A. Nights 2)
“Deck the Balls” (slash) by S. A. Hartwick (Fix 9)
“Decked Out” (slash) by MRK/M. R. Kiesel/C. Collins (Fix 12)
"Declaration of Independence" (gen) by T. Davis/C. J. Lorane (Mind/Join Ya?)
“Decompression” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (That’s/What/Friends 2)
"Deep Scratch, A" (slash) by Keri T. (Virtual Season 6)
"Deep Waters" (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Compadres 30)
“Decorated For Death” (gen) by Beano Smart/J. S. Ripley (Decorated for Death)
"Decorated for Death" Not Skin Deep" (slash) by P. Charles (The Lucky/Strong)
"Decorated for Death: the Sixth Seal" (slash) by T. Becket (The Lucky/Strong)
“Deep and Dark December, A” (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Fix 9)
"Deep Waters” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 9, Compadres 30)
“Degrees of Separation” (slash) by P. Ckua (Boys in Blue)
"Deja Vu" (gen) by J. Felton (Ten-Thirteen 1) poem
“Delayed Reaction” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (That’s/What/Friends 8)
“Delivered to Thee” (slash) by L. Starsky/Peruvian Gypsy (Code 7, 4)
“Delusions” (gen) by J. Reitz (Seasoned Timber 1)
"Demonstrated to Death" (gen) by J. L. Nye and P. Smith (Celebration)
“Descry!” (slash) by E. Lowry (It’s Love, Cap’n)
"Desert Victory" (slash) by unknown author (Tagging Along)
“Desideratum” (slash) by Anonymous (Code 7, 1) poem
"Designer Jeans" (slash) by T. Davis (Tagging Along)
“Designer Look” (gen) by T. Davis/C. J. Lorane (From/Cutting/Floor, Celebration)
“Desk Thoughts” (gen) by L. Haldeman (Me and Thee 1)
“Desperadoes" (slash) by B. Phillips (No Pants/Badge/Gun) )
“Desperate Measures” (gen) by Tibbie B. (Fix 2)
“Desperate Measures” (slash) by J. Celliers (Fix 22)
“Devil and Mr. Hutchinson” (slash) by E. Lowry (Nightlight 2)
"Devil to Pay" (slash) by Jane (Double or Nothing)
“Devil’s Food” (slash) by Animasola (Dangerous Lives/Visions 1)
“Devil’s Moon” (slash) by Rosemary (ShareCon 2000)
"Dia de los Muertos" (slash) by M. Logan (Dia de los Muertos)
"Dialog for One" (gen) by S. Passman (The Pits 2)
“Diamond Dog” (slash) by Ioannia (Dangerous Lives/Visions 1)
“Diamond Sheathed in Gold” (slash) by L. Starsky (…Turned to Fire) poem
"Diet and Excercise" (slash) by Nik/britwizz (Blood and Destiny)
"Different Fix, A" (slash) by P.R. Zed (Fix 19)
“Different Kind of Pain, A” (gen) by L. Cribb Walk (Lifeline/Decade/Sweet Revenge)
“Dinner at Eight” (gen) by M. Farina (Wanna Share 1)
"Dinner Conversation” (gen) by Dawnwind (VP Times 4)
“Dinner For Two” (gen) by Monika (Seasoned Timber 5)
"Dirge for Starsky's Tomato" (gen) by M. Garrett (The Pits 2)
“Dirtball” (gen) by T. Hamilton (Podnahz)
"Dirtball Bathtime" (gen) by D. Hutt-Stopper (Cops, Robbers/Spies)
"Dirty Stories and Dirty Underwear, or Steve Jobs is the Great Satan" (slash) by Flamingo and Ro (Sharecon 2008)
“Disconnect” (slash) by Anonymous (Phonebooth)
“Discovering Fire” (slash) by L. McGee (…Turned to Fire)
“Discovering the Truth” (slash) by Shorts (Sweeter Than Honey)
"Discovery" (slash) by M. Millard (Rodilla Project)
"Dishes on Tuesday" (slash) by P. Wilshe (Shining On)
"Disillusioned" (gen) by S. Wyllie (The Striped Tomato)
“Distant Shores” (slash) by Martha J. Bonds (Distant Shores)
"Distant Shores" (gen) by M. Lee (Mobile Ghettos 1)
"Distant Shores" (gen) by T. Davis/C. J. Lorane (Adventures/Chelonian)
“Distant Snores” (slash) by P. Smith (Fix 11)
“Do I Really Have to Wear A Tie?” (slash) by Nikki Harrington (A Love Story 2, Me ‘n Thee Times Letterzine)
“Do I Still Love You, Rosey Malone?” (slash) by Flamingo (Dangerous Lives/Visions 2)
"Do You Believe In Magic" (slash) by C. Davis (Whaddaya Mean/Kisser)
"Dobey Litany" (gen) by R. Roe (L.A. Vespers 1)
"Dobey's Dream" (gen) by C. L. Bryson (Don't Give Up on Us 2)
"Don't" (slash) by ? (Moonlight/Mists)
"Don't Cry Down My Back, Baby, You Might Rust My Spurs" (gen) by Constance Collins (Lifeline/Decade/Sweet Revenge)
"Don't Cry, Mother” (?) by L. Dhenson (Cold Pizza/Butterfly Bones)
"Don't DO That!" (slash) by L. Fish (Pushin' the Odds) poem
“Don’t Sing Tam Lin” (slash) by Jat Sapphire (When Lightning Strikes)
"Doors” (slash) by E. Lowry (Fix 20)
"Double Dip" (slash) by M. Decker (Whaddaya Mean/Kisser)
"Double Dutch" (gen) by R. Rogow (Pushin' the Odds)
“Double Feature” (slash) by Sarah Problem (Cross the Line)
"Double Image" (gen) by S. J. Ferriday (Just the Two of Us, Double Image)
“Double Take” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Forever Friends)
"Double Vision" (slash) by J. Chabot (Moonlight/Mists)
“Doubts” (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
"Down a Dark Hall" (gen) by E. Busch/Striped Tomato (Down a Dark Hall)
“Down on My Knees” (slash) by E. Anderson (Interludes)
“Down Roads Long Past” (slash) by J. K. Walkswithwind (Dark Fantasies 4)
"Down to the Wire" (slash) by I. Ortiz (Fix 16)
“Downer” (gen) by M. Carson (Zebra Three 5) poem
“Downtime” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (That’s/What/Friends 1)
“Draw the Line” (slash) by Kassidy (Blood and Destiny)
"Dr. Hutchinson, Variation on a Theme" (slash) by Barrie (Sharecon 2008)
"Dragon" (slash) by Lutra Cana (VP Chronicles 1)
“Dream a Little Dream” (slash) by E. Levin (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans 2)
“Dream on Tuna" (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Wild Cards 1, Fix 18)
“Dreamcatcher” (slash) by Cynthia (A Love Story 2)
"Dreamer" (gen) by Teleny (Ten-Thirteen 2)
“Dreaming in Color” (slash) by Inoannia (Dangerous Lives/Visions 1)
"Dreams" (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (No Pants/Badge/Gun)
“Dreams and Hopes” (slash) by E. Lowry (…Turned to Fire)
“Dreams of Thee” (slash) by Shorts (Sweeter Than Honey)
“Dreamscapes” (slash) by I. Ortiz (Cold Pizza/Butterfly Bones)
"Dreary Saturday Morning, A" (slash) by Candy Apple (Virtual Season 6)
“Drive a Mile in my Torino” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 3, Small Circle/Friends 5)
“Drive My Car” (gen) by L. Bartlett (Zebra Three 5)
"Driving Me Wild" (slash) by James (Timeless 1)
“Drop Seat” (slash) by Anonymous (Phonebooth)
“Drought” (slash) by P.F.L. (Cold Pizza/Butterfly Bones)
“Drug of Choice” (gen) by M. Schainblatt (That’s/What/Friends 7, Forever Friends)
“Dum Vivimus, Vivamus 1” (slash) by J. Morgan (Fix 11)
“Dum Vivimus, Vivamus 2” (slash) by J. Morgan (Fix 12)
“Durniak’s Ride” (gen) by C.J. Lorane/T. Davis (From/Cutting/Floor)
“Dust in the Wind” (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Penal Code 1, Fix 18)
“Eagle's Flight” (gen) by Brit (Seasoned Timber 3)
"Early to Freedom" (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Fix 15)
"Eastward, Look the Land is Bright" (gen) by Belle Eyre (Bonaventure)
“Easy Riding” (slash) by Silver Chipmunk (Boys in Blue)
“Ebb and Flow” (slash) by S. Burchfield/E. Lowry (Penal Code 2)
“Ebb Tide” (slash) by S. Ferguson (Code 7, 3)
"Echoes, Part One of Three" (gen) by N. S. Hopson (Pushin' the Odds)
“Echoes of Fear” (slash) by L. Pfeffer (The Lucky/Strong)
”Echoes of the Past” by Candy Apple (Virtual Season 5, 1)
“Eclipse" (slash) by Rosemary (Crystal Blue Persuasion)
"Edelweiss” (slash) by E. Lowry (Sharecon 2002)
“El Monte Blues” (gen) by Katherine Robertson (Zebra Three 4)
"Electricity" (slash) by A. Valentine (Sharecon 2008)
"Elemental Forces" by S. Problem (Virtual Season 5, 2)
“Elevator, The” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Serendipity)
"Ellison Wonderland" (gen) by P. Smith (Strange Justice) poem
"Elsewhere Our Dreams Began" (gen) by J. Mancinelli (Bonaventure)
"Emergency" (slash) by A. Talley (Moonlight/Mists)
“Emergency Call” (slash) by Anonymous (Phonebooth)
“Empathy” (gen) by C.J. Lorane/T. Davis (From/Cutting/Floor)
"Enchanted Evening" (gen) by T. Davis/C. J. Lorane (Mind/Join Ya?)
“Enchanter’s Nightshade” (slash) by T. Beckett (Code 7, 3)
“Encore” (gen) by S. Lovett (Celebration)
"Encore" (slash) by S. Soliste (Strokes)
“Encounter With a Librarian" (gen) by C.J. Lorane/T. Davis (From/Cutting/Floor)
“End, The” (slash) by C. Maier (Who/What/How You Know It)
"End, The" (gen) by J. Lindner and J. Lindner Hendricks (Syndizine)
“End of It All, The” (slash) by S. A. Hartwick (Fix 7)
“End of the Line” (slash) by Rosemary (…Turned to Fire)
“Endgame” (slash) by S. A. Hartwick (Fix 10)
"Endless Knight, The" (gen) by Brit (The Bond)
"Endless Knight, The: Honor Restored” (gen) by Brit (The Bond 1)
“Enter McCoy” (gen) by T. Davis/C. J. Lorane (Celebration, From/Cutting/Floor, Adventures/Chelonian)
“Eperdu” (slash) by Anonymous (Code 7, 1)
"Epilogue" (gen) by D. Barry (L.A. Vespers 1)
"Epithalamion" (slash) by V. Dawson (Water is Wide)
“Epitaph” (slash) by M. Christian (The Lucky/Strong)
“Equal Measure” (slash) by E. Morris (Penal Code 1)
“Equilateral” (gen) by C.D. Rice (Zebra Three 6)
"Equinox" (slash) by R. Alderson (Three Eleven) poem
“Eroded Trust” (gen) by S. David (VP Times 2)
"Errand Day" by Keri T. (Virtual Season 5, 1)
“Escapade” (gen) by C.J. Lorane/T. Davis (From/Cutting/Floor)
“Even Tighter Closet, An” (slash) by Rosemary (Cross the Line)
“Every Cloud” (gen) by D. C. Black (Partners)
“Every Little Kiss” (slash) by Cyanne (Leave/Light/Me)
"Every Mother's Son" (gen) by G. M. Cupp (That's/What/Friends 6)
“Every Now and Then” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (The Scene Zine)
“Everybody Hurts” (slash) by M. Christian (Blue Eyes/Blue Jeans 1)
“Evidence for Life" (slash) by E. Morris (Fix 5)
"Evils of Science" by S. Problem (Virtual Season 5, 1)
“Evolution 1” (slash) by D. A. Marsh (Evolution 1)
“Evolution 2” (slash) by D. A. Marsh (Evolution 2)
“Ex Post Facto” (gen) by Katherine Robertson (The Pits 2)
"Exactly Like You" (gen) by PJDR Ford (Compadres 13)
"Exactly the Contents of One" (slash) by Dorian (Blood and Destiny)
"Except for You" (gen) by P. Massie (L.A. Vespers 2)
"Exceptions" (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 3, Ouch! 10)
“Exclusive” (slash) by N. Harrington (Sharecon 2000, A Love Story 2)
“Exile to Freedom, Part 1” (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Fix 8)
“Exile to Freedom, Part 2” (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Fix 10)
“Exile to Freedom, Part 3” (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Fix 11)
“Exile to Freedom, Part 4” (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Fix 13)
“Exile to Freedom, Part 5” (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Fix 15)
“Eye of the Storm” (slash) by T. Kyle (Penal Code 2, It's Love, Cap'n)
“Face in the Headlights” (slash) by L. Starsky (Fix 13)
"Face in the Mirror" (slash) by M. Bonds (Down to Earth) song lyrics
"Failure to Communicate, A” (slash) by D. A. Marsh (Hidden Secrets, Broken Hearts)
"Fair Trade, A” (gen) by TibbieB (The Bond 3: To Protect/Serve)
"Faith and Hope" (gen) by Linda B. (The Bond)
"Faithful to Thee, Cynara” by J. Sapphire (Virtual Season 5, 1)
“Fairy Tale, A” (slash) by Alley Cat (Sharecon 2000)
"Fairy Tales" (gen) by S. Wyllie (L.A. Vespers 2)
“Faith, Hope and Love” (gen) by Linda B. (The Bond 1)
"Fall Into the Gap" (slash) by M. D. Brown (Whaddaya Mean/Kisser)
"Fall With Lucifer" (slash) by J. M. Butkis (Pushin' the Odds)
"Falling" (slash) by T. Kyle (Wanna Share 2)
"Familiar Demons (slash) by Jane (Double or Nothing 2)
"Familiar Stranger" (gen) by L. Starsky (Don't Give Up on Us 2)
“Family Affair” (slash) by Candy Apple -- scroll down to: Outside Influences and link there -- (Dad’s Day, Family Affairs, Family Matters) SH and Sentinel crossover
"Family Favorites' (slash) by Jane (Double or Nothing)
"Family Matter, A" (gen) by S. David (VP Times 1)
“Family Matters” (slash) by Suze777 (A Fairy Tale Life)
"Family Ties" (slash) by P. Wilshe (Shining On, Virtual Season 5, 1)
“Family Values” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Remote Control 13)
"Fantasy Friday” (slash) by Keri (VP Chronicles 6)
"Fantasy Fulfilled" (slash) by A. Valentine (No Pants/Badge/Gun)
“Far From Home” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Compadres 18)
“Fata Obstant” (slash) by L. Harding (Code 7, 4)
“Fatal Charm” (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine(Fix 21, Shadowplay)
“Fatal Flaw” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (That’s/What/Friends 3)
“Fate Smiles" (gen) by S. Hunter (Playfellows 3)
“Fate’s Hand” (slash) by L. Starsky/Peruvian Gypsy (Fix 10)
“Fate’s Happenstance” (gen) by Minnie K. (VP Times 4)
"Favor" (slash) by S. A. Hartwick (It's Love, Cap'n)
“Fax, Ma’am, The” (gen) by R. Smith (Zebra Three 4)
“February 2nd” (slash) by A. Rogers (Collected/Alexis Rogers)
“Feelin’ Lucky” (slash) by Shorts (Sweeter Than Honey)
"Feeling Big" (slash) by M. Logan (Blood and Destiny)
"Feelings Apart" (gen) by V. Wells (VP Times 1)
"Ferryman's Fee, The" (gen) by F. Moore-Kyle (Pushin' the Odds) poem
"Festival of Lights" (gen) by B. Barr (Celebration)
"Few Surprises, A” (gen) by Linda B. (Seasoned Timber 3)
"Fever Pitch: Clandestine Report 104" (slash) by Constance Collins (It's Love, Cap'n)
“Fiend, The” (gen) by C. Rancourt (Better Together)
“Fifty-Five Cents” (slash) by A. Rogers (Collected/Alexis Rogers)
"Fiery Red Torino" (gen) by E. Mueller (Bonaventure)
"Fifth Season Preview" (gen) by Cool Han Luke (The Pits)
“Fight at the Ford, The" (slash) by J. Morgan (Fix 5)
“Fighter Still Remains, The” (slash) by Anonymous/Dargelos (Code 7, 1)
“Final Encounter” (gen) by A. Wilson (SH Special Gen 1, Compadres 1)
"Final Rest" (slash) by L. Cribb (Moonlight/Mists)
“Fine Madness” (slash) by R. Alderson (Code 7, 2) poem
“Fine Resolution” (slash) by Cynthia (A Little Bit of Cyn)
“Fine Storm, A” (slash) by S. Lovett (Code 7, 4, No Pants/Badge/Gun)
“Finis: A Fourth Season Foursome” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (That’s/What/Friends 2)
"Fire Keeper" (gen) by P. Massie (Shadowplay) poem
"Fireflight" (slash) by K. Esselman (Firesigns/Other Stories)?
“Fireside Interlude" (slash) by Rosemary (Indigo Stories, Indigo Boys 2)
"Firesigns" (slash) by Jane (Firesigns/Other Stories, Full Circle 4)
“Firestorm” (slash) by MLM (Crystal Blue Persuasion)
"First, The" (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (Whaddaya Mean/Kisser)
"First, Do No Harm" (gen) by The Blintz (Cabrillo Con 2005)
“First Day of the Rest of Your Life” (gen) by T. Davis/C. J. Lorane (From/Cutting/Floor, Bonadventure)
“First Impressions” (gen) by C. Newsome (Zebra Three 5)
"First Jeopardy" (slash) by M. Bonds/A. Valentine (TLC)
“First Kiss” (slash) by Cherokeegirl (Me and Thee)
"First Kiss" (slash) by Ima Fool (Whaddaya Mean/Kisser)
“First Person Plural” (gen) by K. Steuer (Seasoned Timber 2)
"First Time" (gen) by S. A. Hartwick (Dynamite and a Torch)
"First Time" (slash) by M. Bonds (Down to Earth) song lyrics
“First Time, The” (slash) J. Walker (Leave/Light/Me)
“First Time, Last Time” (slash) by L. Walk and C. Maier (Penal Code 1)
"First Words" (gen) by C. Kancel (That's/What/Friends 2)
"Firsts" (slash) by J. Hall (Firesigns and Other Stories, SHarecon 2000, Firsts)
“Fish Story” (gen) by M.. Hale (Partners, Padnahz)
"Five" (gen) by T. Librande (Ten-Thirteen 1)
“Five-Hour Lifetime” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (That’s/What/Friends 6)
"Fix #1, Fix #2" (gen) by G. M. Cupp (That's/What/Friends 8)
“Fix Remixed” (slash) by M. Butterfly (Back to Back)
“Flamingo’s Police Complaint” (slash) by Flamingo (Indigo Boys)
“Flashback” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (By My Side 2)
"Flashback" (slash) by TLR (VP Chronicles 1)
"Flashpoint" (slash) by Jane (Flashpoint, Full Circle 3)
“Flickering Out” (gen) by S. Cameron (Cold Pizza/Butterfly Bones)
"Flight to Redemption" (gen) by TibbieB (Cabrillo Con 2007)
“Flood, The” (gen) by A. M. Walker (Lions/Tigers/Zines 6)
“Flying Lessons” (slash) by Susan (Boys in Blue)
"Foolish Dreams, Futile Hopes” (slash) by E. Lowry (…Turned to Fire, Fix 11)
"Fools and Kings" (slash) by jat sapphire (VP Chronicles 1)
"For a Crying Child" (slash) by K. Maier (Moonlight/Mists)
"For a Dead Lady: 3 A.M. (gen) by J. Aumerle (The Pits 2)
“For All One's Worth” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (Remote Control 16, Uncharted Waters)
“For Better or For Worse” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (SH Special Gen 3, Compadres 17)
"For Better or Verse" (slash) by Ima Fool (No Pants/Badge/Gun)
"For David" (gen) by L. Merryweather (Just the Two of Us) poem
“For Official Departmental Use Only” (slash) by (slash) by Constance Collins/MRK (…Turned to Fire)
“For the Bulges in Tandem" (slash) by M. D. Brown (Fix 2)
"For the Man on the Merry-Go-Round" (gen) by N. L. Rogers (That's/What/Friends 6)
“Forever” (slash) by L. McGee (The Lucky/Strong)
“Forever Blue” (slash) by R. LaSalle (Tales From the Tomato)
“Forever Friends” (gen) by Peruvian Gypsy/L. Starsky (Don’t Give Up on Us)
"Forever My Love" (slash) by KimberlyFDR (Dangerous Lives/Visions 4)
“Forgive Our Trespasses” (gen) by C. Rancourt (Better Together)
"Foreshadowing" by K. McChesney, poem? (Awakenings 2)
"Forgotten Dances: Hutch- 1993 (slash) by KimberlyFDR (Snapshots)
“Forty Squares From the Elevator to the Wall” (slash) by L. Doty (Don’t Give/Baby)
“Foster Child of Silence and Slow Time” (slash) by S. Lovett (Code 7, 4)
"Fountain of Sorrow" (slash) by E. Roy (Pushin' the Odds)
"Four Days" (gen) by C. Beurrier (Renascence)
"Four Out of Five" (slash) by M. LeFey (Four Out of Five)
"Four Strong Winds" (gen) by J. Mancinellli (Renascence)
"Four-Thirty-Five AM" (slash) by L. Dhenson (Fix 17)
"Fractured Heart" (slash) by unknown author (Tagging Along)
“Freeze” (gen) by C.J. Hayes (Cold Pizza/Butterfly Bones)
"Freeze-Frame" by Candy Apple (Virtual Season 7)
“French Winters” (slash) by Ioannia (Fix 21)
“Frenzy” (gen) by L. Cribb (Half You, Half Me 1) poem
“Friend, A" (gen) by S. Hunter (Diverse Dimensions 3)
“Friend and Lover” (slash) by Jean Chabot (Code 7, 4) poem
“Friend in Need, A” (gen) by K. H. Korossy (That’s/What/Friends 1)
“Friend Removed, A" (gen) by M. Kleinsmith (Dealer's Choice 2)
“Friends and Partners” (slash) by MysticWhim and Hutchlover (With/Help/Friends)
"Friends or Foes" (gen) by P. Franklin (Airwaves 3, Airwaves Multimedia Special 2)
"Friendship" (gen) by ? (Dynamite and a Torch)
"Fringe Benefits" (slash) by S. Problem (Virtual Season 6)
“Frisco Fantasy” (slash) by D. A. Marsh (VP Chronicles 8)
“Frog and Toad are Friends” (slash) by S. Bond (VP Chronicles 8)
"From the Cutting Room Floor" by T. Davis (Renascence)
"From the Heart” (slash) by M. L. Millard/MLM (SH Special, Compadres 4)
"Fruity Memories" (slash) by Robbie (Fruit Cocktail 1)
"Fudge and Fury" (gen) by P. Smith (Shadowplay)
“Full Circle” (gen) by Judith (Fix 19)
“Full Circle” (slash) by Helen (Still the One) poem
"Full Circle" (slash) by C. Maier (Moonlight/Mists)
"Full Circle" (slash) by B. Hilleman (Fix 19)
"Full Circle" (slash) by A. Flegg (Best of Enigma, Enigma 3)
“Full Moon” (gen) by C. Jenkins (Half You, Half Me 2)
“Full of You” (slash) by L. Cribb (Who/What/How You Know It)
"Futile Dreams, Foolish Hopes” (slash) by E.Lowry (…Turned to Fire)
"Future Can Wait One More Day, The" (slash) by AMW (Double or Nothing 2)
"Future Perfect" (slash) by unknown author (Tagging Along)
“Future Retold, A” (slash) by Lutra Cana (A Future Retold)
“Future Shock" (slash) by S. A. Hartwick (Fix 5, Dark Fantasies 8)
"Future Tense" (gen) by D. and K. Ny (Mind/Join Ya?)


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