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12 Hours Gone (gen) by Kathy Kellenberger
Accused (gen) by Elspeth
All Night Long (slash) by Nyssa
And the Angels Smiled (gen) by Kirsty Welsh
Anniversary (gen) by Monika
Antidote (gen) by Mary Miller
Because You Loved Me (gen) by Pat Chachich
Begging For the Needle (gen) by Brit
Blindfolds (slash) by Candy Apple
Celebrating Life (gen) by Elisa Valero
Close (slash) by Morgan Logan
Coda: Season One (gen) by Teri White
Code of Honor (gen) by Karen B.
Cheryl's POV (gen) by Amye
Coffin for Starsky Afterward, A (gen) by Valerie Wells
Coffin for Starsky, A, A What If (gen) by Katherine Atkins
Coffin Unused, A (gen) by Aloysius
Counting the Sunrises (gen) by nicoltyler
Enemy Within (gen) by Karen B.
Everybody Hurts (gen) by Kathy Kellenberger
Final Time (gen) by Revhead
Five-Hour Lifeline (gen) by K. Hanna Korossy
From Sunrise to Sunset (gen) by Karen B.
Getting Even (slash) by pawpad
Good Idea at the Time, A (gen) by Rivanna Michaels
Green Sky, Blue Grass (gen) by Karen B.
Hard Day's Night, A (gen) by Dawnwind
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (gen) by Kirsty Welsh
Home (slash) by Laura McEwan
Hours Between Four and Nine (slash) by April Valentine
Hours Lost, The (slash) by Hutchlover
Hutch's Longest Day (gen) by Jane Alexander
Illusions and Secrets (gen) by Kate CMT
Isn't Time For Goodbyes (gen) by Elisa Valero
Journey, The (gen) K. Hanna Korossy
Last Man On Earth, The (gen) by Elisa Valero
Me and Thee (gen) by LovinFace
Misjudged Love (gen) by Brit
Missing Moments (gen) by Callisto
Missing Scene (gen) by Peps
Missing Scene (gen) by Milford
Missing Scene: 12 AM to 4:14 AM (gen) by HFgirl
Missing Scene: 4:01 PM to 9:03 PM (gen) by HFgirl
No Pants, No Badge, No Gun, No Dignity (slash) by Peja
Not On My Watch (gen) by LovinFace
Poison I (gen) by Mary Miller
Poison II (gen) by Mary Miller
Premonition (gen) by Elisa Valero
Roommates (gen) by Wuemsel
Safe (gen) by Brit
Same Feeling, The (gen) Wuemsel
Seemed to be a Good Idea (gen) by Sue David and Valerie Wells
Senses (gen) by Torinogirl
Sensing Hutch (gen) by Avoca
Skittish (gen) by Jojo
Small Voice, A (gen) by rsb57
Some Comfort Here (slash) by Laura McEwan
Some Other Fantasy (slash) by KimberlyFDR
Taking It Slow (slash) by Dawnwind
Ties That Bind Us, The (gen) by Karen B.
Time: Exhausted Ramblings (gen) by Linda B.
Time For Doin', A (gen) by Debby A.
Time in a Glass (gen) by SunnyD
Truth (gen) by Rebelcat
Twenty-Four Hours (gen) by Becky
Twenty-Four Hours (gen) by Provencepuss
Uncharted Wilderness (slash) by MLM
Valley, The (gen) by Elsa
Voice, The (gen) by Callisto
What If? (gen) by Katherine
Where There Is Nothing (slash) by Vedette Ciel
Wish, The (gen) by LovinFace
Without Him (gen) by Revhead
Words That I Can't Say I, The (gen) by Brit


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